NEVS takes over New Long Ma

Like a few months ago announced have NEVS and Beijing State Research Information Technology Co.Ltd. in the past week the majority took over at New Long Ma. Both companies together hold 65% of the shares and thus exercise control over the manufacturer. The remaining 35% is held by the previous owners, the Fujian Motor Industry Group and the city of Longyan.

NEVS takes over New Long Ma. Photo Credit: NEVS
NEVS takes over New Long Ma. Photo Credit: NEVS

New Long Ma is a minivan and MPV supplier in China. The company exclusively produces “New Energy Vehicles”, environmentally friendly electric vehicles as a transport solution for the megacities. NEVS now has an additional plant in the south of the country with a capacity of 150.000 vehicles per year. New Long Ma employs 1.200 people, and the young company is expected to break even in 2017 for the first time.

New Long Ma will continue to focus exclusively on the Chinese market in the future; an export of the minivans and MPVs to other countries is not planned. A contract for the delivery of 35.000 electric vehicles was also signed between New Long Ma and Panda New Energy on Thursday. The delivery of the vehicles begins in October.

NEVS is on the way

As a reader, you may rub your eyes in amazement. Where was NEVS a year ago and where is the company today? Things are evolving, and they are doing so at a breakneck pace, as is the case with Chinese industrial projects. We Europeans still have to get used to this speed. With immediate effect, NEVS and its shareholders control a manufacturer of commercial vehicles with electric drive in southern China.

New Long Ma will remain a brand only for China; there will be no export of the vehicles to Europe. But it is good to have a commercial vehicle specialist in-house. The future model range of NEVS could benefit from this. For us as a blog, New Long Ma is nothing more than a kind of pleasant side note, the interest is in Sweden and the Trollhättan location. Interesting news comes from there too, which is worth an article. Tomorrow more !

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    Congratulations; NEVS is something that is not possible here in Europe at all.
    No car built yet, only invested, and already a huge company bought. You have to have deep pockets.Be curious what comes out of it but am more and more convinced that we will like it.

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    Ove would continue to drive SAAB. Volvo also has white shirts, same situation.

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    There they are again in the picture, these white shirts. I think Ove would be forced to drive Volvo today.

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