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Who still remembers the Pictures from February? Paul, our project team, looked really bad when we first met. I didn't really want him, and I suspect no one else would have wanted Paul in this condition either. Now we want to put the Saab 9-5 sports suit on the road, but first it had to be taken to a conditioner.

... and also the leather seats have become attractive.
... and the leather seats have also become attractive.

Admittedly, the paint is really no longer good in some places, but at least the Saab is already 17 years old and life has not always been kind to him. The best dresser can't do magic, but Paul already looks pretty good.

The stubborn dirt inside and outside of the last few years has disappeared, the leather feels valuable and supple, and you now feel comfortable inside. For the look, we decided to have the windows from the B-pillar tinted with foil. The appearance has become more modern and sporty, especially in connection with the cool 18 ″ Inka rims.

Our project saab goes to Sweden ...

The next step is to paste the lettering from Paul's godparents. In the coming week the time has come and then - finally - the Saab station wagon gets its approval. And it's time for an interim financial report. As always with projects like this, everything was more expensive than planned, but the question is whether the result is right. We will provide the answers on Monday.

Paul will be with us until summer 2017, then we are looking for a new owner and are planning to raffle off the station wagon for a good cause. But first we are drawn to Sweden. In autumn Mark and I drive north with Paul, we visit Trollhättan, the former Saab factory, the museum. A return after 17 years, just barely escaped the recycler. What a Saab story…

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  • Fine, now only fix the pixel errors (yes does not have to be bought new, cost of repair manageable) and above all: please, donated Paul still a reasonable, matching chrome exhaust panel, please not round, but oval. This naked pipe does not work and does not live up to its otherwise successful appearance.

    • Of course, there is still some work left. The pixel errors are on the list, a new shift knob would also be necessary. The aperture is a good idea. There is enough time in winter.

  • Cool looks and the rims fit very well to my taste !!

  • Very beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!

  • You did a great job, it just looks good

  • A dream car! The action has definitely paid off, bearing in mind that this car should actually land at the recycler ... Respect for the performance! I'm looking forward to the final bill ... which was probably a bit higher than imagined by the perfection of the execution - but even the tinted windows are excellent for the 9-5 ... Thumbs up!

  • that is good

  • Became very chic! I had the same one with an automatic and a 2,3 liter engine. - The foil has become a little too dark for my taste. Still, thumbs up!

  • Nice thing!

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