Skanimport: Parts for the Saab 900 Cabriolet

Blog Supporters Skanimport supplies a wide range of exhaust, brake and inspection parts as well as chassis and engine components for many different vehicle brands and models. These include Saab, Volvo and Opel as well as BMW, VW, Audi and others.

Saab 900 Cabriolet. Image: Saab Automobile AB
Saab 900 Cabriolet. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab spare parts for many assemblies from own production

SKANIMPORT is an authorized Saab Parts Center; In addition, the specialists have chosen to Saab factory spare parts spare parts in small series and offer. An example of this is the Saab 900 series, for which the Wuppertal produce, among other things tank tapes, horn buttons and position sensors, but also suspension bushings and offer at reasonable prices. For example, with regard to a pending main inspection or acceptance test for old-timer approval, enthusiasts can faithfully repair their automobile with the appropriate new parts.

SKANIMPORT parts especially for the Saab 900 convertible

The Saab 900 Cabriolet is not only in terms of lover status, but also the design side something special - because beyond the usual weaknesses of this model addition, is the owners due to material wear or other damage sooner or later, a roof replacement on the program. For this purpose, Skanimport offers cover strips from its own production for the Saab 900 I of the construction year 1986-1994.

Another specific spare part is the attachment eye of the hydraulic cylinder for models up to and including 1994. Thus, the otherwise usual complete replacement of the cylinder can be avoided, which brings a significant cost savings. Detailed information about these and other self - produced parts can be found on the SKANIMPORT Website.

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  • Hydraulic lines can also be obtained from specialist companies for hydraulics, which also manufacture / assemble them for trucks, excavators, etc. Also steel braided lines instead of the original brake lines. There are also specialist companies that put them together and deliver them precisely for cars. Any automotive workshop can install hydraulic lines such as steel braided lines.

  • There are still some parts that are no longer available: I needed a new hydraulic line for my 9-5, 2.2 TID sports trolley. She was smelled / rust. Nowhere to be found. From Holland I got a completely wrong part. However, after four weeks a resourceful screw has been able to repair the old pipe with a new intermediate piece. Thank God.

  • You mean the pictured? It depends on what parts you are looking for. Hood, taillights, etc. are identical as in Schrägschnautzer. If you are looking for SW, you have to look for the CC model in the USA or here in Europe (except GB, right-hand drive!).

  • the best supplier in terms of Saab parts ... for years ... ..good ,,, and SAAB know

  • and for the normal steep ice?

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