Saab 9-5 sports combination 1999 project. Interim settlement.

We just wanted to know! Getting a Saab from the scrap is a crazy idea, even if you get the Saab as a present. Or what? With our Saab 9-5 sports suit from the year 1999, the Paul Project, we have so captured all the problems that can have an older Saab. Today is the hour of truth and time for a first interim bill. Let's see how much money has gone into the project.

Power plant. Optically as fresh from the tape.
Power plant. Optically as fresh from the tape.

The condition of the 9-5 was pitiful, for he had actually been put away to go to the recycler. Markus Lafrentz, always involved with Saab Mischief on the blog, gave us the station wagon. An initial spark for the project, and his team was to bring the Saab back to life.

New turbocharger, new clutch

The first Parts Installation in March was just the tip of the iceberg. We had to buy a new turbocharger as a prelude, Skandix paid Paul a lot of small parts as a godfather, and already stood as if by magic 1.900,00 Euro on the bill.

It did not remain, because hardly ran the Saab again, the clutch reported as broken. A new clutch kit thus also moved to the bill. This was followed by the large inspection with all liquids, a partial painting, many small and wearing parts. A new wrench set was ordered from Orio, because the original key with chunky vintage remote control from the year 1999 seemed more a case for a historical collection, and the spare key was missing.

Added to this was the workshop bill for the disassembly of the oil pan, the renewal of the engine ventilation. Plus the installation of clutch, turbocharger, all new brakes and pads back and front. New bushes on trailing arm and front frame ... also the chassis was an open construction site. Like the suspension bushings, springs and dampers were at the end. Skandix delivered us Sachs shock absorbers, with Eibach sport springs a subtle lowering for sporty optics was realized.

Meanwhile, we had Paul at the preparer, the windows were foiled. As a nice touch, the company took over part of the cost and became another of Paul's godparents. However, the bill was still way above 6.000,00 €, and still we had not talked about new rims and tires.

18 "Inca rims for a sporty look

Fortunately, the Inca rims in the 18 format were added this spring Orio to the particularly favorable course, which was just to be forced into the budget. The choice of tires, with austerity, fell on the Kumho Ecsta SPT in the format 225 / 40 R18. Normally, I am an avowed Michelin fan, all my Saabs roll on tires of this brand. But for under 80,00 € per tire, there is no Michelin, so we test the Kumhos. The first impression is good, much better than expected. What the tires are good, everyday life will show with Paul.

What have we invested so far?

Attention: Do not read further in circulatory weakness and heart problems!

On the bill are currently 7.157,83 €, so the Projektaab has completely used up our budget. As a consolation for it is technically retreaded, optically acceptable, but still not pasted, insured or approved ....

Is it madness to get an old Saab out of the junk?

The question is in the room, how crazy the project actually is? The amount invested will never be redeemable, the value of the 17 years old station wagon is much lower. But we never did.

The Paul project was about keeping an early 9-5 on the road. And to show that you can turn an old, rotten Saab back into a useful everyday car. Assuming that you can now use the station wagon for more years as a good family car, without investing outside the usual maintenance much, then the action was not expensive.

Assuming that you do not have to drive the entire program at every old Saab, turbocharger, suspension, clutch, brakes, rust prevention, partial painting and so on, then an 9-5 is a cheap way, a stylish and individual car back to bring to life.

Early Saab 9-5 stands for little money for sale on the gravel fields of the Republic. They are unloved, tough grandfather clocks, no fast-moving. Miles away from the classics, as modern cars too modern, they have a modest prognosis for the future. But if you get a good, well-kept car for little money (no Paul please!), That does not go wrong. Because these old, underrated and underrated cars are pleasant and timeless friends for everyday life.

An early Saab 9-5 can be a bargain.

There are many consumer cars offered that are better ignored, but again and again drops of garage gold from 1. or 2. Hand on the market. Regularly maintained, mostly chauffeured by older people. They are cheap, the situation is similar to that of the Saab 9000 a few years ago, even if the offer on the 9-5 is much thinner. Orio has repeatedly adjusted the prices of spare parts to the market in recent years, the supply is good, gaps are also closed by third parties and parts nachproduziert.

Paul will be able to show how fun and style factor will be in everyday life in the next few months. For Mark and me, the project is a lesson with an ever-increasing learning curve. Because it brought us personally and financially to the limits and has significantly delayed. The blog is not a professional event, but only hobby of two incorrigible Saab people.

The Saab 9-5 sports squad will therefore be with us longer than planned, we will drive Paul into the summer of 2017 ... so that we have plenty of time to visit Paul's godparents, go to Saab with Paul and fans to be able to move Paul himself.

It is also clear that a vehicle that has been standing for so long will have unpleasant surprises in store. The first one is already hinting, Paul will soon visit the team of Saab Service Frankfurt.

If there is another question about the interim billing:

Have we regretted launching this madness - the Paul Project?


Sequel follows…

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  • Wow! But there is a lot of SAAB Spirit in it. Hats off, going through such a project already requires a lot!

  • Looking forward to seeing Paul at a meeting!

  • Paul has become a cool car! Congratulations to the team!

  • The list of completed work as well as the sum put into it still brings back some memories of the repair of my "old lady" ...
    With the small, but subtle difference that I got back a certain equivalent, as it would have been the case with the 9k.

    BTW: How do you get the nickname "Paul" ???
    Would not "Adam" (named after the founder of a large German sewing machine, bicycle and cucumber factory) have been more suitable?

    • The first contact with the 9-5 took place on Paul`s Day (name calendar) ... is a kind of Saab tradition to take over the names

      We also had memories of similar projects with older Saabs, including our 9k. There is now really a countervalue. Paul is just too young for it, but it's still fun!

  • I can confirm that with the favorable way of moving on. In the years 2013 - 2016 (after repayment of the loan), the kilometer cost for my old 9-5er was 25 cents per kilometer. That is cheap…

    What shocks me: 7 For years, the Klopper of remote control ruined my pants pockets and dented, and there is an alternative?!?

    • Yes, the "knocker" can be replaced with Orio against a FB later model years. Just as he was with the 9-3 I series. Is much better for every trouser pocket!

  • I think it's an investment in the future and I would do the same with mine

  • I spent more on maintenance and repair in the last 12 months, but I think :-(. Bj 2009, TiD.

    The dynamo at 245000 is just out of date (after tires, brakes, turbo, dual-mass flywheel, clutch). and he makes several funny sounds that will definitely cost 1000-2000 again.

  • Is it madness, an old ...

    Yes, but you can not get a new SAAB!

    Today I saw an unusually large number on the way to the office. 5 SAAB, what a feast. Including a well-groomed twin brother of Paul. Beautiful sight. Otherwise, an early 9-3 SC and 3 flowbacks (9-3 I or 900 II).

    The newest and 6. SAAB on my way was chrome and at the same time the one I saw from the inside. He, too, needs more and more attention and I find myself increasingly thinking about its cost-effectiveness ...

    Yes, it is definitely amazing! But was not that already at SAAB's best times and with new SAABs like that? Does that mean that SAAB drivers have not always achieved something whose value has not been unlocked by the entire neighborhood, but only by the initiates?

    It may be (economic) madness, but also always noble Scandinavian understatement to drive a SAAB. The older and more needy they become, the more!

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