Autonomous driving. Autonomous NEVS EV.

Autonomous driving is one of the big topics of the future. Until the latest 2025 the vollautonomous wave roll, all manufacturers are doing research in this direction. Semi-autonomous vehicles can already be bought today, but the responsibility is still borne by the driver. That NEVS wants to be there with the first new generation of vehicles, which should be fully networked, is not really a surprise.

Active bike helmet by Anna Haupt. Develop autonomous driving at NEVS now
Active bike helmet by Anna Haupt. Develop autonomous driving at NEVS now

But, in the tradition of Trollhättan vehicles, there is a story behind it. What made a Saab in the past? It was always the little idiosyncrasies that made a Saab better and different. There was the driver-oriented cockpit - at a time when other manufacturers were still building dashboards in the literal sense. The asymmetrical speedometer, the ingenious nightpanel, the automatic seat heating, the active headrest. Small innovations that made life with a Saab special and could put a smile on the face of its owner.

People: Anna Haupt develops the self-propelled electric car at NEVS

NEVS could enter this tradition of peculiarities. The Swede Anna Haupt will strengthen the development team in the future and will work in the field of self-propelled electric cars. The industrial designer has the potential for special creativity and maybe even the lunatic factor, as Saab once said.

Together with Terese Alstin she developed the invisible bicycle helmet and founded the startup hövding, The invisible helmet functions like an airbag, deployed by two sensors controlled in the event of a fall or rollover, and protects the head more completely than a conventional helmet. The neck / neck area and the back of the head are also protected by Anna Haupt's innovation.

As in a black box, the Hövding helmet stores the data immediately before and during the impact. The evaluation of the accident data at the headquarters in Malmö refines product development and improves protection. The innovation from southern Sweden has already been nominated as a finalist for the European Inventor Award 2014 and for other prizes.

Anna Haupt's commitment to NEVS is more than just a personality, and she's curious about products from Trollhättan. Creativity, designing other and better solutions has been part of the DNA of Stallbacka engineers in the past. It seems that NEVS wants to continue this tradition with Anna Haupt. But until we can see the first result, time will pass. NEVS is (still) a small newcomer, the way to the first finished product will be a challenge. Anna Haupt expects 5 years of development.

People: Jörgen Schribe CFO at NEVS

From a personal point of view, there is still a message from Trollhättan. Another new addition was published last week by NEVS. Jörgen Schribe becomes new CFO at NEVS and succeeds Ove Eriksson, who will lead the Chinese business as CFO in the future. NEVS is thus hiring another top manager, who previously worked for Volvo Trucks and Volvo Cars.

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  • Nice story! It would be nice if something of SAAB survives. And if it's just the way you can shape things differently. But an electric car will never come into my house, at least not if I can somehow and somewhere get a nice SAAB

  • Autonomous driving is similar to driving by train - I would not like it!

    • In the Frankfurt Rush Hour I would already need it. Otherwise not necessarily. Where already an adaptive cruise control is a fine toy ...

  • That may have been late, many companies have already implemented it already.

  • They can build what they want. But with us there will be no Nevs. We continue our SAAB "S until absolutely no longer works.

  • Vehicle manufacturers should rather search for alternative or environmentally friendly drives ...

  • So I'm meanwhile so far to say that a pure combustor is no longer in the house, is somehow from yesterday ... .so the horse as a means of transport. (Although the latter still has its uses
    Autonomous driving certainly has its meaning because most accidents happen by carelessness, it just can not be carelessness promoted.
    The first automobiles next to the carriages of his time certainly looked like getting used to and were not that reliable ... let's talk further in a few years.

    • No, the first "automobiles", on the contrary, looked almost exactly like carriages and were initially technically based on them. They were also often referred to as such (motor coaches).

      On the other hand, the name "automobile" should have been saved for a good 100 years, because the Greek self-propelled engine is only now - namely for autonomous vehicles - fully correct ...

      It seems to me that the step also and especially culturally from today's car to an autonomous to be significantly larger than that of a coach to the first motor coaches.

      The reins completely out of hand - that's a completely different number and will not be for everyone.

      • Yes, the reigns out of hand and primal trust in technology ... (where man is often a "control freak" ...)
        And, let's not fool ourselves: if people no longer have to worry about driving and traffic, they are looking after something else ... mobile games, shopping lists, leisure planning, etc.

        • That's the way it is. The promise of salvation of autonomous driving - to be an increase in time, quality of life and freedom - will be largely absorbed by pointless hectic busyness ...

          The joke here is that legally this will probably not be allowed for a long time at all because the legislature wants to see a captain with duties on the bridge. Someone who at Havarie (as rare as she may be) has his head to hold.

          In addition (aside from the traffic jam), many people find car driving almost meditative. Alone in the car. An undemanding activity where you can let your mind run wild. Valuable moments between family and work. Do I really want to let that take me? Do I really want to stick to total networking every minute of the day and everywhere in the communication and media mill?

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