One and a half years Saab 9-5 NG TTiD - Lots of light, but also shadow

Flashback to the year 2009, IAA in Frankfurt: There it stands, the new big Saab. I have nothing to look for but spend most of my time at the fair at the Saab booth. Put me in x times. Games with things like the head-up display, I'm back and forth from the formal language and think euphoric: "With the car drives Saab out of the crisis".

To realize only in Scandinavia: average consumption of under 6 liters
To realize only in Scandinavia: average consumption of under 6 liters

My then girlfriend secretly orders the brochure "The new Saab 9-5 sedan" and is thirsty about my enthusiasm, as I fish it from the mailbox. But it is also clear: An 9-5 NG is at that time nothing for my budget. He remains an object that I shudder from a distance. The short leaflet I leaf up and down again and again. In addition: From dissatisfaction over my bitchy 9-3 I had swung just before and had bought me a used Volvo V50, with which I drove highly satisfied through the country.

With sadness, I perceived the demise of my favorite brand. In response, I bought 2012 a classic 900 convertible, built 1992, the Volvo gave way to a faceless company car Golf Variant. However, it quickly became clear to me, living in the VW heartland, to want to stand out again from the monotony on the streets in the east of Lower Saxony. At some point I came across the Saab blog and began to search the relevant used car forums on the Internet for a 9-5 NG. Now that Saab was down, I wanted to seriously consider buying one of the last big Saabs.

A Saab 9 5 NG. Laserrot.

Based on my annual mileage, I thought of a diesel and found one in the Saab center in Kiel that I liked very much about the equipment, but came in bright laser red. And with such a large limousine? I didn't really know ...

Then in the fall 2014 Tom brought on the Saab blog a test report for an exit with just that laser-red 9-5 TTiD of the Saab center Kiel, Despite Tom's rather cautious enthusiasm for motorization, my interest was fueled by the report. It was to be February 2015 when I landed on the night ferry from Oslo in the Kiel, coming from a winter holiday in the north on a Monday morning. I had previously told my former girlfriend that this would inevitably lead to a visit to the Kiel Saab center.

After a test round and detailed Schnack with Markus Lafrentz I reached the same evening, arrived back home, to the phone to make the deal clear. Seeing the car in Natura in his laser red cast any concerns over whether the eye-catching paint job was overboard. The color is very good for the 9-5.

He is a Vector, built in 2011, has the Hyper Strut landing gear, sat nav, color display, xenon headlights, the large glass roof. The Saab Zentrum Kiel has given him the fine leather interior with memory function for the driver's seat in beige. His first years were spent in his native Sweden. The only downer: the missing head-up display. So far, I could not bring myself to let it be retrofitted, which is certainly synonymous with the fact that I'm not completely convinced of the engine and the chassis. A reversing camera, however, I left with the Saab connoisseurs of Car dealership Stephan install later in Vienenburg.

Saab 9-5 NG. Light & shadow.

Unfortunately, I have to put a few shadows on a Saab for the gentle readership. The fact that the engine is noticeable as loud loud grumpy diesel, I think alright. I like the meaty sound. Disturbing, however, is a certain clumsiness, which I would not have suspected in 190 PS. In the lower speed range of the car is slow, especially when starting. The attempt to overcome this with a brave kick on the accelerator, he acknowledges with spinning front tires. He runs upwards and it is a real pleasure how easy he can gain even at high speeds. Excitement in everyday life, I do not do that, because he is thirsty. Even with moderate driving he is hardly under 8 liter to get, the factory specification of 6,1 liters is absolutely utopian. The chassis is slippery, on wet roads I find the road situation not very convincing.

Three times already in one and a half years he made me with abrupt drop in performance to create. From the sports sedan to the truck in a fraction of a second, so to speak. At first it was the solenoid valves for controlling the turbocharger. The second time the performance drop was within a few moments as fast as it came, the reading of the fault diagnosis brought no result. The third time, this summer, I was actually forced to turn off the 9-5 on the hard shoulder of the A7 in the Hessian highlands. The charge pressure hose was porous. Now and then he pleases me with nice information in the display like "steering wheel lock wait", without that there would be a defect. Well, with Elmar Valentin of Car dealership Stephan to have someone tangible, who always has an open ear and good ideas.

"There is no more beautiful car"

Still, I've never sat in a car that makes me feel good, with a sense of being in Abraham's lap. From the outside as well as from the inside, I can not get enough. For hours I could stand in front of the car and just look at it. From the formal language there is nothing comparable in my opinion. Even my uncle, a die-hard VW driver for decades, says: "You can not sell it again. There is no better car. "And if I let him run on the slopes, then a permanent grin spreads in my face.

Maybe it's like this: Saab is always a little bizarre, a bit quirky. Maybe that's why we like Saab so much because of the rough edges, because Saab just is not so mainstream smooth and contourless. I would buy again a 9-5 NG. Probably with a different engine, maybe not diesel, I did not have enough time to compare. But I do not think about a change, because the joy clearly outweighs the quirks.

Thanks to Laurenz for his Saab Summertime Story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab belongs to the automotive life ...

Whatever it is, write us. We thank you Saab literature and saabigen little things for each published article!

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    Nice read!
    Do your own fuel consumption calculation! I've got an TTiD xwd, according on bord computer, it needs 7,4-8,0 for 100 km. But in reality, it's lower, more like 6,3-6,9

  • blank

    Thanks for the nice article! I can only agree with you - I love my fat one (9-5 Aero 2.0T Hirsch Bj. 2010) but it's the small and big quirks that annoy me and in my opinion also show that this wonderful car is under cost pressure and a lack of quality awareness.
    I've just got the issue of the steering wheel lock behind me - expensive, waiting time for a spare part ...
    Loss of oil - new seal - done, now the lightbar only shines - a known, expensive ailment ...
    But also little things such as peeling labels on control buttons, foils / paint on the cockpit, splinters on the indicator inserts of the exterior mirrors ...
    Not tragic but annoying!
    I have been driving SAAB since 1990 and have had almost all models from the 900, 9000, 9000CS to 9-5 and 9-3 or still at the start (currently 9-5 nG 2010, 9-3 Lim. 2007, 9-3 SC Aero TTid , 2010 and 9-3 Aero Cabrio 2002) - the processing when thick is the worst ...
    But - I love him dearly and will cherish and care for him, (summer vehicle)

    • blank

      I'm sorry for you - but I don't know any of the problems mentioned, even the lightbar still shines reliably.
      Maybe because of MJ 2010 on 2011 ne schippe improved quality.
      By the way 91t km on the clock.

      • blank

        The later produced, the better the vehicles. Despite the dramatic circumstances at that time.

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    BTW: At the point where the 9-5 got stuck, not too long ago I was able to detach a very close-up M5 by a few hundred meters after a vehicle with a very similar griffin emblem (but with V8 and the matching "straight pipes") has reeved to the right. 😉

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    Very colored SAAB! OK then! Color on the streets! White, silver, black, how boring!
    My TTID made me happy until 6 months ago: draft "without end" and that at a moderate maximum of 6 liters / 100 km! But now the wiring harness is becoming brittle ... and the RPT is no longer activated 🙁. Who knows where to find a replacement wiring harness ???

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    Since 03/2011 I have “only stunted the TiD4 with 160PS to 180PS, but apart from the cited sluggishness when starting up, I cannot complain. Consumption over several years is around 7 liters.
    I also had the power loss 1x 2013, since the EGR valve was closed, but never came up after the exchange.
    The fact that the suspension is a bit poltrig tuned, true, but I've got used to it now and at higher speeds and some payload that is no longer an issue, on the contrary: with 245 / 40 R19 is the thickness as the said Brett on the road.
    “Wait for the steering wheel lock” also occurred once, after consulting my workshop in Bamberg, the correct safety was pulled (No. 1 behind the steering wheel), and I got back quickly and after the software update it was no longer an issue.
    Since then, except 1x new battery after 4 1 / 2 years and driver's seat heating no defects.

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      The hackneyed 180 PS version is, in my opinion, the more harmonious and the performance increase is definitely recommended. Our 2.0 Biopower has the sport suspension, which is tough, but at high speeds, the 9-5 is really full on the road.

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    Very nice story about a very nice car. I feel the same way with my 9-3 SC Aero TTID. The consumption sometimes seems a bit (too) high to me and one or the other little quirk is easily annoying, but I still hope that it will stay with me "forever".
    Good trip and a nice weekend.

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    Color needs the land, looks fantastic from the car!

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