Fewer jobs for Trollhattan. More for China.

Setback in the stablebacka. NEVS adjusts the production strategy, which will have a direct impact on future employment at the former Saab factory. After the summer break, the hiring of 200 was planned for additional employees and the start of the press shop and the paint shop. It will not come to that.

NEVS logo
NEVS logo

The plan was to build a clean assembly plant in Tianjin, which would be supplied from Sweden with painted and partially pre-assembled bodies. The final expansion to a full-fledged factory should take place over a longer period of time.

Today, the Sweden radio reports P4 Väst a change of plans. NEVS will build a complete plant, not just an assembly plant in China. For Trollhättan, the changed strategy means fewer new jobs and less production. In this context, the schedule changes; The first NEVS electric cars based on the Saab 9-3 are not included in the 2. Quarter 2017 run off the line. There is no information on the duration of the delay and on the additional investments.

Tightened conditions in China

As a background, the changed conditions in China since the beginning of the year can apply. In order to obtain one of the coveted production licenses, the administration no longer needs the construction of an assembly plant. Volvo, as a foreign company, also had start-up problems and it took more than 1 of years to get the approval.

Targets corrected downwards

But it seems that the conditions in China have additionally aggravated for startups. The administration wants to stem the flood of new providers for electric cars and therefore screws up the technical requirements. According to this Bloomberg report, only a very small percentage of 200's new companies will have the chance to even hit the market.

At the same time, sales of electric cars are not developing as well as expected. Although the market is growing dynamically, also due to massive subsidies. But 700.00's "New Energy Vehicles" annual target for 2016 will probably not last. The China Association of Automobile Manfacturers last Friday corrected the number on 400.000 units.

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  • Mhh ... hopefully the location TH will be preserved. Not that you get the idea to ship the machines to China.

    Or you change the plan and produce vehicles for Europe / North America ... how about it?

    • In Trollhättan first the bodies for China, later new vehicles for Europe were to be manufactured. At least the second point has not yet been cashed. But the first NEVS EV should first come to 2019, until then, urgently needed new jobs are missing. Unemployment among former production workers is still higher than average.

  • That is hard. I'm just waiting for the comments of those who have always wanted to know.

  • Well, one does not have to "always have known" to have such a development in view. China is fiercely contested and is no longer a light market. But maybe others also have 9000Cd's thoughts? I keep my fingers crossed for an e-mobile with the spirit of SAAB and a production in Sweden.

  • In Trollhättan you will not break anything. When was the last investment in the plant? Probably 2007 / 08 or something. Since March 2011 it is quiet, you can see from the 300 9-3 from the NEVS has built. These are 5 years without investment!
    More likely you will eventually separate completely, because if 2020 irgedwas to be built must be invested again before vigorously. Besides, if NEVS fails in China, then the story is one way or the other.

  • That was it again. In the end Trollhättan will become a pure development site.
    Although Nevs has not presented anything in this direction, which makes me feel like buying a car from this company someday.

  • Let's see if there will be more than one NEVS mailbox in Trollhättan in one year. Sad but predictable.

  • I've always been skeptical about NEVS.
    Especially now that the big car manufacturers such as VW or BMW in the field of electromobility are researching and investing, I see no chance for NEVS.
    The big automakers have much better conditions to promote the development of electromobility.
    Add to that the years of unprofessional appearance of NEVS.
    NEVS should disappear completely from Trollhättan, then would be a reasonably modern car plant
    to have again and also the brand name SAAB.
    I hope so ...

    • It is exactly like that!

    • The brand name is the key asset / it must be hailed like a treasure

  • Why not make EVs for the rest of the world instead? Forget China and produce cars for your loyal customers !!!!!

    • Actually, you are completely right; develop an EV for Europe and USA and produce these cars in THT. But there is still a lot of water to flow before this can become true. Development !!!!!

  • Unfortunately, this event in Trollhättan does not surprise me at all.
    I've been in Trollhättan this summer.
    The Saabwerk is just a sad sight, I think there will never be a car built !?

  • The Trollhättan region can thank the incompetent Swedish policy (regarding SAAB / NEVS) - there has not been much support from the start of the rollercoaster ride. Likewise with the SAAB AB - why should NEVS in Sweden put in the stuff, if one does not even get the naming rights?

    For NEVS, I hope, after all this effort, that China will become a flourishing business. The course was set accordingly and the complete production of vehicles will be much cheaper there than in Sweden anyway. From a global perspective, the Swedish framework is not really conducive - as an entrepreneur, you will probably only accept this as an entrepreneur if, on the other hand, you also receive benefits and support (example: name rights) for your cause.

    You can do it the way you want it - the cause of this dilemma is not NEVS alone.

  • It was hoped that it will not happen but somehow it was still seen before. Will soon be the next name change due. NEVS becomes NEVC

  • What else is left in THT? Tesla is also going to China.

    • As long as Tom does not go to China I can live with it

      • I agree!!!

  • Pity! Apart from the jobs, NEVS loses time it does not actually have. Investments in China for press shop, body shop and paint shop must be brought forward. A lot of money and time has to be invested. Too bad - because in Trollhättan everything is there what it needs. So you have to digest the company only once.
    Many trained professionals are still in Trollhättan on the ground to know how to get the whole thing going.
    The big famous brands do not sleep. The time window and the lead that may be there melts. I hope NEVS packs it anyway.

    • As you said. The facilities are here! Only in the wrong location.
      Maybe not soon either

      • Precisely. 200000 coaching to China with train was insanity. Selling should be nevs, better for work. Saab Trollhattan is a still up to date carplant.

        • Is not madness. BMW does not do it differently. And not only to China!

          • We are talking about "car body in white", which means that. We do not know exactly what tht wants to transport properly. What we know is that this project is still.

  • Hopefully not! When NEVS starts disassembling the stallbacka, it's over.

  • It was good that the SAAB AB has denied the further use of the naming rights for NEVS!

  • ... quote: Since the beginning of the amended framework conditions in China apply.
    As soon as the "special Chinese politics" has their hands on the game, it gets "complicated" ...
    The NEVS house of cards could collapse faster than expected ... For the people in Trollhättan a new bad news, if the scenario described above becomes reality.

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