Saab license plate holder. Talladega Turbo Edition.

In October we celebrate 30 years Talladega Long Run. A great historical event and an important date in the development history of turbo engines. And because we write about Saab every day, talk and drive the cars, we always have Saab ideas.

Saab Talladega Turbo Edition license plate holder
Saab Talladega Turbo Edition license plate holder

Our in-house print shop usually has a lot of understanding for Saab crazy things, even if not everything can be implemented. But most of the time you are enthusiastic about it, because we enrich everyday work, because Saab is always something very special there too - even if none of the employees drives Saab. But we're working on that.

Saab is turbo

The latest idea are the license plate holders of the Talladega Turbo Edition. The starting point was the turbo sign with the exhaust gas jet - somehow awesome in the style of the 80s and so typical of that time. And because Saab is turbo, the turbo badge had to be placed on the license plate holder, as was the Talladega Long Run, which presumably only insiders can interpret.

Our Saab 9000 Anna project is very good for the new holders. The Saab Turbo logo with the exhaust jet is a real eye-catcher. The number plate holder is available in a set in our fan shop, consisting of 2 holders for German EU license plates. The edition is limited and we hope our latest idea is fun and enjoyable!

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  • What was going on in Talladega? With the turbo mororen. Can 24 drive for hours with the very first turbo dare. As everybody knows, when they have a turbo dare, there is music for 10 minutes. They are subject to high thermal loads. I celebrated the north loop with my viggen wonderfully but ceramic brake should i have burned my ware out.

  • Hooray ! Have just ordered the license plate holder. Really a nice idea.

  • ah that was already in the article on the subject the other day

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