Weekly Review. Tesla hack. Saab 900. Exit Saxony.

In today's weekly review, we briefly digress from the actual Saab topic, because there was an interesting topic beyond our brand this week. The Chinese company Ken Security Lab has managed to completely hack the Model S. Not a specific Tesla problem in itself, but something that affects every car with internet access.

Warehouse clearance at Wedde
Warehouse clearance at Wedde

Tesla hacked

It is strongly recommended to install the latest firmware - Tesla communicated this this week. Quite frankly, I was just waiting for a report of this kind! Mobile computers are the future. A future full of updates and security patches. The Ken Security Lab staff did it, they hacked through the Model S.

They open doors, sunroofs and play with the vehicle quite impressively. You manipulate the brakes and can intervene in the steering. It was just a matter of time before a Tesla would be hijacked remotely, that was clear. Ken Security Lab immediately reported all errors to Tesla, where they were fixed in cooperation with the Chinese security experts.

Does anyone have a bad feeling about these prospects? Maybe you think you're better off in one of those old, analogue Saabs, as long as you're allowed to drive with them and not considered environmentally incompatible. Then perhaps you should keep the next weekend free to secure spare parts for his antique cult-mobile.

Stock clearance at Wedde Car Service

Wedde Car Service has been a household name in the Saab world for many years. Not only in Hamburg, but also far beyond. The stock of classic Saab 900 is downright legend. If you were looking for your dream classic, you could find it here.

Fans of the cult cars from Sweden will have the opportunity to purchase rare parts on October 01st. Wedde car service Takes the Parts Storage for Saab 900 to Year 1993.

The warehouse clearing takes place from 10.00 a.m. to 18 p.m. Registration is desired. Anyone who wants to purchase a parts carrier, gearbox or engine or possibly take over the entire warehouse is invited to make an appointment in advance. Contact: 00 - 04191 87 33 or by email: info@wedde-car-service.de.

Saab exit Saxony

The autumn trip of the Saab Friends of Saxony is coming up. Under the motto “The mountain calls”, the tour takes you through the Ore Mountains. The start is on October 16 in Bad Zwönitz. The route leads via Schwarzenberg to the Hotel Fichtelbergshaus.

From there, after lunch, we continue via Bärenstein to the train hotel Selva, where a coffee break is planned. So far, 15 vehicles have been registered. The complete program is available as a Download available, participation via the Facebook group to book the Saab friends.

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    since when is Zwönitz a bath ??

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    Traffic will never take place without risk. However, when I see how many serious accidents happen today because drivers are distracted by SMS, mobile phones and Pokemon, I wonder if self-driving vehicles are not safer despite the hacking risk.

    Then people can devote themselves to their core competencies ......

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    These vehicles or technologies did not trigger any requests from me. Certainly not. You really can not imagine that. But with appropriate security precautions against hacker attacks can certainly make good money .........

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      Security technology is a booming market. Who now invests in the right companies ...

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    Hacking cars - you don't even want to think about possible consequences and scenarios ...

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      TESLA plays its updates OTA. Over the air. So overnight, without cables ohne these cars are constantly connected to the Internet ... you just have to confirm this. Other features are also transmitted in this way. There is a recall campaign and / or workshop appointment for hacked cars from other manufacturers (actually all others). This is not the future but now.
      And TESLA deals with such actions openly; I think that's very positive.

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