Paul in the final sprint

Things are moving. Yesterday we fetched Paul, our projectaab, from the foil. The godparents who made this adventure possible are now present on the Swedish tin. All this looks very distinguished, because the pasting was done in a dull, slightly silvery gray tone.

Paul in the final sprint ...
Paul in the final sprint ...

In combination with the black paint, Paul is a real eye-catcher without being intrusive. There was already an exclusive first glimpse yesterday in our Facebook group. What's next with Paul? Today the Saab 9-5 station wagon is finally approved for road traffic. And if the weather cooperates, there is a short photo session. Paul's picture gallery will be posted on the blog tomorrow at the latest. Curious; excited?

On Wednesday it goes on to Saab Service Frankfurt. One last “health check” is due before Paul can go on the long haul. Because in October it should go on a big tour. We start towards Sweden, visit the home of all Saabs. The Sweden ferry and the hotel have already been booked, appointments at the Saab Museum and NEVS have been made. For the Saab it will be a homecoming after just over 17 years. In the spring, when the project started, the Saab was still close to scrapping. Now he can go to Sweden. A crazy Saab story ...

Final spurt at Saab Summertime

Also ours Saab Summertime Aktion, supported by Orio Germany, is entering the final sprint. The opportunity to send in Saab stories is only available until Friday. The clock is running - Saab literature as a small incentive is waiting for the authors.

No idea? Writer's block? Lack of time? No problem! Because in winter, so much we already tell, we start the next action. Under completely different circumstances, with an original, very exclusive, Saabian idea.

11 thoughts on "Paul in the final sprint"

  • The 1000 mark is very tough ... There is (of course) an idea!

  • Unfortunately, no. We start the day after to Sweden. Both professionally and privately Trollhättan plus exit in Saxony can not be realized.

  • Not today until tomorrow.

  • Schick looks Paul! Now he can return to the streets with new splendor. I like to agree with Florian's question! Can we see him live at the exit in Saxony?

  • This all sounds very good.
    And slowly Tom, we steer safely to the 1000 subscribers.
    There should be something special!

  • A very touching story for me. My uncle Paul passed away just today and it is a little comfort that your Paul got approval. Just like the last exit with the SAAB convertible three weeks ago, the first time my uncle drove in a convertible.
    In this sense: always good drive, a good guardian angel is certain!

  • Yes and also in this Paul drive.

  • Will Paul also come to the exit to Saxony?

  • Binn eager to see the pictures of tomorrow. It looks like there would be very nice weather

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