Pictures of Paul

Unfortunately, the planned photo session with Paul was canceled because the weather wasn't really compatible with our plans. Nevertheless we bring some impressions of our project saab on the blog. We hope that there will be good pictures in Sweden - when the golden, Swedish autumn is in favor of us.

Our projectaab stuck.
Our projectaab stuck.

With one or two labels of the sponsors, the position must be corrected, which will happen in the next few days. Currently, Paul is at Saab Service Frankfurt, where some minor problems should be cured. Clear that a car that we have saved from the junkyard will not be perfect right away. But we feel in good hands with the team of Gerard Ratzmann.

We document Paul`s life.

What is still missing so that we can start is the Saab's logbook. We want to document “Paul's life” in the coming months with an instant camera in the good, old, analogue way. If the 9-5 encounters personalities who have something to do with Saab and the history of the brand or their environment, we ask them for a photo for the logbook and an autograph. Trollhättan, as Saab's home, will be a good place to start this project.

If we auction or give away the Saab in the coming year in favor of our charity project, then the logbook with many memories and pictures changes to the new owner. So the plan! Further updates to the Paul project follow.

9 thoughts on "Pictures of Paul"

  • The pictures speak for themselves without words.

  • The ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan. Class. Hope Paul is on the autumn trip to Saxony on 16.10. there.

  • Cool Saab! The rims are a really good choice for the 9-5! The car stands casually and is as clean as a fresh baby's bottom. The stickers are very noticeable (yes, they should be) but the monochrome design takes the whole back something.
    Very nicely done!

  • Paul is really, really tasty. If you see the first pictures, just madness! We are in the raffle!

  • An 1A advertising medium! A pity, my Berlin dealer is not there. He's probably going to be angry now.

  • Wonderful project brought to reality. public Nevs does the same with the 93 EV ..

  • Just great the result. Respect for all involved and good time.

  • Our Paul looks really great! Well done!

  • Unobtrusive looks different. I really like Paul !!!!!

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