Field report: Skandinav Gothenburg R navigation system

Guest article by Felix Buchholz. Looking for alternatives to the rather expensive Kenwood® Navi kit at Saab Partner, I came across familiarity with the small company Skandinavian® in Süderholz. After a few e-mails I received the offer for a Skandinav® Göteborg R navigation system incl. Vehicle-specific kit and conversion of the lighting to the Saab typical green for slightly more than 1 / 3 of the price of the Kenwood derivative.

Built-in navigation system with adapted background.
Built-in navigation system with adapted background.

Here is the manufacturer's description (excerpt):

We stand for a fresh and clear line.

With the razor-sharp Skandinav® Gothenburg R, you can keep track even in difficult navigation maneuvers.

  • Modern Flat Interface
  • Swedish Skandinav® design
  • Quality at unbeatable price
  • Android 4.4 (update to 5.1 is up to date)
  • Android M 6.0 support by Skandinav Easylink
  • High speed 6 core / quad core processor 4 x 1,6 Ghz and 2x 1,2 Ghz Extra power
  • DSP NXP radio tuner
  • Intuitive user interface in more than 10 different languages
  • 6,2 inch touch HD display
  • RDS tuner
  • DSP audio processor
  • DAB + tuner
  • Surround sound
  • Subwoofer output
  • DSP equalizer
  • 4 x 65W amplifier
  • NXP radio tuner
  • 1080P HD playback
  • 4 years warranty incl. Premium navigation software "Sygic® incl. Europe HD map material". ** Navigon, TomTom, Copilot etc. on request. (Current maps 2016)
  • Free map updates on live time
  • TMC Real Live Traffic - Traffic jam bypass in real time
  • Two ways MIRRORLINK FUNCTION - Skandinav Easy Link
  • Easylink for iPhone / iPad
  • Airplay function
  • iPhone / iPod direct control (iPod: all generations / iPhone: 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6S)
  • 16 GB Highspeed NAND Memory - Internal Memory -

Use your car as usual *: Info display, steering wheel control, climate indicator
(Climacontrol), parking distance information (PDC), parking assistance (OPS) and reversing camera system

For individual functions CAN is required.
* if available, can be read and processed

Special features: Key illumination adapted to green. Support of active and original sound systems.


2 x USB port
2 x Micro SDHC
2 x video outputs
1 x subwoofer output
1 x front output L / R
1 x Rear output L / R
1 x A / V input
1 x DVR input
1 x video input for camera


1 x Skandinav® Gothenburg R Series
1 x connection cable
1 x GPS antenna
1 x navigation software "Sygic (current version) on 8GB Micro SDHC" incl. License
1 x Navigation Guide (PDF) Go Green Edition

1x CAN bus module

1x Microphone

1x aperture

In addition, I've still decided on a camera for the front and the rear area. This was available for about 15 € per piece on Ebay (No Name).

Now for installation:

As known from the WIS, once the original radio or the head unit, in my case, the infotainment 150 with 7 speakers and standard amplifier, in the trunk must be removed.
It followed now the laying of the video cables of the camera. The Navi harness comes already adapted from Scandinavia, here only mating is required.

Since I was one of the first with the system in the Saab 9-3, something had to be adjusted here, but this was not a problem due to the very fast support.

Here are a few pictures:
Installation of microphone and GPS antenna.
Installation of microphone and GPS antenna.

Installation of microphone and GPS antenna. Simply pry the cover off and thread the cables through the dashboard.

Position of the reversing camera in the rear bar.
Position of the reversing camera in the rear bar.
Ready built-in rear view camera.
Ready built-in rear view camera.
Connection and commissioning of the navigation system.
Connection and commissioning of the navigation system.
Built-in navigation system with adapted background.
Built-in navigation system with adapted background.
My review:

Basically, the device is very easy to use, which is not least due to the tablet-like Android 5.0 operating system. Unfortunately, this is also the problem occasionally. Android turns out to be partially prone to error.

Apps and programs sometimes crash or can not start cleanly. Here then a restart of the entire navie unit is necessary. At the moment I notice that the device is stuck with all 5-10 launches at boot-up. Here then either patience or a manual restart is required.

A small criticism is the random playback of the music player. But this can be solved by taking advantage of the Android platform, the Google Market and the variety of available apps. The phone function and music playback via Bluetooth, tested with iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note, works perfectly. It is also very pleasant that the steering wheel remote control works without restrictions and can even be programmed freely. Thus, even the phone buttons are available when the car has no factory-side phone module.


The navigation system works very comfortably, included in the delivery is a lifetime license from Sygic including daily updates included.
This offers the complete map of Europe with intuitive route guidance.
If an Internet connection (naviceiver owns WLAN) is available, even live data on construction sites / traffic jams / accidents are integrated.


The radio reception corresponds to the infotainment and is also very variabelbar by the many apps. Interesting for the sound fetishists among us is that the standard amplifier is addressed as usual. In addition, it is now possible to connect a power amplifier including subwoofer clean and also to control.

Via Bluetooth OBD2 dongle and matching app even error codes and live data can be read from the car and displayed.

All in all, the Saab is greatly enhanced by the Skandinav Gothenburg R and there are many new opportunities.

Producer Page: SKANDINÁV.

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  • 3. October 2016 at 12: 38 PM

    Hi Felix,

    very interesting. I had also thought about buying something new on my previous 9³. But then I came before a newer 9³ before, in which the built-in navigation system works perfectly. However, a question about your new sat nav. Does the nightpanel work there, too? I do not suppose, but if so, it would be a fantastic alternative.

    Greetings from Lusatia.

  • 3. October 2016 at 11: 06 PM

    Thanks for the report!

    • 4. October 2016 at 4: 38 PM

      Good training of the equipment and everything fits into your Saab. My compliments ..

  • 4. October 2016 at 7: 22 PM

    Thanks for the good report. Phone keys can not be a Kenwood. Does the system also transmit the time to the Saab-Canbus system? (important for the heater, Kenwood can not)

  • 7. October 2016 at 11: 57 AM

    Hello Felix, this is a really very interesting contribution for me, because I have long been the desire me so a plant for my 9-3
    Convertible to lay, because my built-in radio is really grottig. Such a facility, as described in the report, would greatly enhance my vehicle. Could I contact you for more details.

    Best Regards

  • 19. October 2016 at 3: 30 PM

    I also had the idea to buy one. Then no one from Scandinav came to my e-mail request. The devices are apparently synonymous not in regular trading to refer, if only then eBay (Practical: No customer reviews ...).

    Then I continued to research and found some customers who were very disappointed and were also abandoned by the support. Unfortunately, do not find the link.

    But would rather keep away from it and buy a decent device from Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony & Co. At least you have guaranteed warranty, software updates etc.

  • 19. October 2016 at 6: 32 PM

    Unfortunately, I can not share your opinion. The settlement was processed within 2 days. The whole process took me about 1 week. Built-in and finally back up to date. For the ridiculous price, I like to buy it again. Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony & Co. I prefer to show the bird and the outrageous prices.

    • 22. October 2016 at 8: 58 AM

      What did the set and the installation cost?
      I'm getting skeptical of companies that do not even have a decent website and only sell on eBay

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