The Saab 9000 saga

Do you still remember your first Saab? My first car from Trollhättan was a Saab 900S, but the very first Saab in my life was a 9000. A freshly made 9000 CS, which I was allowed to drive as a rental car for a few weeks in 1992 until my 900 was delivered.

Saab 9000. This is what my very first Saab looked like.
Saab 9000. This is what my very first Saab looked like.

Actually, the CS was not particularly exciting. He was red with depressionsgrauemem fabric, and as engine there was not even a turbo. The 2.3 liter engine with 145 PS was then enough for confident and relaxed driving. And I liked to drive it, although I had an official car with the four rings as an alternative.

The 9000 somehow got stuck in my head. Even later, after 3 Saab 900 and countless other vehicles from Ingolstadt. At some point our ways separated, the brand with the rings never found its way into my carport, but the Saabs stayed. And there were more and more. A whole pack of 9000 has accumulated over the years. One 89er 9000 CC, one 92er CS, two Anniversarys. The culprit is probably the one 9k from 1992.

How important was the 9k for Saab?

For Saab, the 9000 was an important car. Perhaps the most innovative in the company's history. We just forgot how important the 9k was over the years. In the past few weeks I've been reviewing Saab literature, reading old press releases and tests, talking to Saab people. I am immersed in the old, sometimes crazy times when the turbos learned to fly from one of the smallest manufacturers. The 30th anniversary of the Talladega Long Run was the reason to deal intensively with the 80s and 90s - the time of the Saab 9000, its history and its role for the brand and Saab DNA. And with its charisma far beyond the end of production in 1998.

October will be all about the Saab 9000 saga. A series of articles will take us back in time over 30 years ago. While I am writing about the past, Thorsten goes on a trip to Trollhättan. With his beautiful 9000 CC Turbo, which he has made flying with a lot of passion over the past few months. From the Rhine-Main area via Denmark it goes to Sweden. Back to the birthplace of his Saab, and he will report on his trip from Wednesday.

Mark and I will then head north in two weeks, visit the museum, meet Thorsten, and have dates with some Saab personalities.

Is it getting boring on the blog? Are we becoming one-sided? No! Of course, we provide the necessary variety for all readers who can't do that much with Swedish steel that is no longer so young. Some of the stories of our Saab Summertime campaign have not yet been published, and Paul, our project Saab, will continue to play a role. The future at NEVS, the prospects of the former Saab factory, will also occupy us. October will be very exciting from an automotive point of view. The blog team promises a lot of reading fun.

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  • Take a look around here in the blog under the keyword Youngtimer or go to a forum of your choice, in which the owners and screwdrivers write about almost all Saabs from 95/96 and Sonett up to the last 9-5. Although I know one, I don't want to mention it here for advertising reasons….

  • Hello Franconian troll, I have sworn eternal loyalty to my 9000 CD (1st hand), since May 95 my CD FPT and I have been living in familiar company with ever different companions, currently these are a 9000 CD 2,3 i from 90 and a 9,5, Combined 00 from 95. Since my XNUMX CD never changed the holder, it is in very nice condition. I will guard it like the apple of my eye and at some point pass it on to my grandson (Saabinfinziert). Until then I hope for more relaxed kilometers with the "Schwatten"

  • The 9000er was already my dream car during my studies, I could always see it standing around the corner from the Saab dealer - unfortunately much too expensive back then…. For three years I finally have a 96 CSE, black, leather ... and every day I am happy that I have fulfilled this dream .... the 9000 is a very special car, somehow very sovereign and completely decelerating although it is not slow.
    I look forward to more reports and maybe a few tips on maintenance, spare parts and value retention!

  • For me, the SAAB 9000 is still the reference model of the upper middle bank. The reasons written by thylmuc have moved us to 1996 to buy the 9000er and not the newer 9-5. The 9000 is still in our possession and is waiting for its reorganization

  • My first SAAB was also a 9000 year 1991 with 145 PS. In between I was allowed to drive an 88 9000 Turbo and from then on I didn't want an injector anymore 🙂. Under ADAC? When I resigned from this club, a representative asked me why and which car I would drive. back then it was a 95 900 SE. He then said, ah, a SAAB, my son drives too. Then you really don't need an ADAC anymore. And my 9-5s have often been viewed as “still relatively” new 😉 - My current 9-5 Aero with 275 PS / 400 Nm was so much fun for me on the trip to DK last week, and I will definitely be for a long time to come drive …

  • I think the Saab with the tailgate was in front of the SUV. The models with or without was a mistake. The flaps from the CC were not waterproof for the first few years.

  • I've been a Saab driver for around 10 months. During this time, I have come to appreciate my 9000 CC very much, even if it has to do without turbo. After a decent service and some visual refurbishment, it is a lot of driving fun - and was recently stopped at the gas station for a new Saab car ... that would be nice ...

    So of course I am very happy about the "Saab 9000 saga"!

  • The Audi 100 2.8E was my last Audi. At less than 1000 kilometers on the counter he drove on the towing in the workshop. Bursted vacuum pump, oil in the yard. The 2.8er was lame, sluggish, and used up a lot of oil. The 9000 was in direct comparison a sports car.

  • Horny box. What was I disappointed when the boring 9-5 appeared. Smaller interior, not faster, no tailgate.

  • I still remember an ADAC issue with a 9000 AERO in the test.
    There was much fabled about the alleged enormous size of the turbo lag and its Durchgangsschwäche.

    In the same issue was a comparison test MB 300E vs.. Audi 100 2,8E. The Audi was much praised and arrived at eye level. Both engines inspired the testers.

    It was really funny ...

    ... to scroll back and forth between the two tests and compare the measured values ​​of the three vehicles. The AERO clearly undercut the two Germans in consumption and from 0 to 100!
    In the move he played in a completely different league. Weakness? Ha ha ha ...

    Funny? No, to be honest, I was pretty annoyed by the stupid magazine.

  • Friends always say they should never have sold their 9k. He was the best car SAAB built. I'm looking forward to the stories!

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