Saab Talladega Edition

During the 2016 summer break, we came up with the idea for an extra large serving of Saab Talladega. Why? Because, with a distance of 30 years, the events in Alabama seem particularly brave and freaky.

Saaby craziness. Talladega Edition.
Saaby craziness. Talladega Edition.

Certainly also because such events would no longer exist today. Burning 27.000 liters of gasoline just to let cars fly over a high-speed oval would no longer be daring today. And then this advertisement! The flaming turbo exhaust jet as an advertising medium. 3 decades later an absurdity ...

Saab Talladega Edition. The crazy 80er.

That's what made Talladega so authentic. At that time things were different, one dared something. No observers tested in advance for possible acceptance, no legal department made the thing waterproof. But something could go wrong. Mercedes and Audi were also brave. But they suffered shipwreck at the Talladega Superspeedway before Saab. Some gathered the last remaining 190er and quickly disappeared to Stuttgart, the others left with their turbochargers exhausted.

To revive Talladega and the crazy era, we have completed our summer collection. With collecting cups for the Long Run, with a special edition of the well-known parking discs. And with Turbo Lanyards, of course with the flaming exhaust jet. Because it is so beautiful the relaxed style of the 80 years and reminds us of a big event that took place tomorrow before 30 years ago.

Our Talladega Edition is available, partly in limited edition, in our Fan Shop.

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