Weekly Review. Talladega celebration. Ausgeträumt. Copy deadline.

Today, 30 years ago, on 7. October 1986, Alabama launched the legendary Talladega Long Run of Saab. Of course, this must be appreciated. In Trollhättan, the capital of all fans, this invites you Saab Museum on Saturday from 11.00 to 16.00 pm to the celebration.

Saab Talladega number 3. Image: Saab Automobile AB
Saab Talladega number 3. Image: Saab Automobile AB

The then project manager Olle Granlund and many other Saab Turbo pioneers are also there. Granlund tells about the wild and exciting years of the brand in the movie theater at 12.00 noon and 14.00 p.m. Fans traveling in Västragötland would therefore have an extra reason to go to Trollhättan.

And not only we are in Talladega fever. On too Schnewittchensaab is there a worth reading article.

The dream is?

In the last Weekly Review it was about the possible revival of the Saab brand by Geely. A Swedish journalist had this option. But apparently these dreams are now over. Geely wants to present a new, rather mysterious brand. The working title “L” became Lynk & Co. There is already one Websitebut there are more questions than answers. Or actually there are no answers.

The appearance of the new label is more reminiscent of a company for fashion or watches ... or urban lifestyle. Perhaps this is exactly where Geeely and Volvo want to position themselves with an additional brand in order to open up a young, urban audience with tailor-made mobility solutions. At NEVS, the clocks tick similarly. The premiere of the new brand, which is said to show an SUV as the first product, is to take place in parallel in Gothenburg and Berlin. Mark and I will be in Sweden on October 20th, maybe something will come of interest.

Editorial deadline at Orio

Orio, our original Saab replacement parts supplier, is preparing for the next edition of Saab Inside. As with the previous numbers, we were also invited to participate this time. This week was deadline and waiting for the fall issue will be worthwhile.

Older issues of Saab Inside can be read online, and as always, members of the Saab Service Club will receive the new issue first. Registration is free.

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  • blank

    Has anyone from the SAAB community actually had any experience with such car sharing offerings? I ask myself the question of how practically so simple things like cleanliness and care are regulated. It is inevitable in wet weather to carry dirt in the car. How often do I forget the coffee mug in my SAAB? But then it is my coffee mug and I may annoy myself when I next get into the car. For example, it would be annoying to find coffee mugs from the previous driver. If the cars are not maintained, they are downed in no time. How well does it work with the previous providers?

    • blank

      Can not answer, but the reference to his own coffee mug I notice how much you set up as an owner in his car and how many items you permanently deposited there.

      Such as sunglasses and cream, cough drops, flashlights and towels, child seats, neck pillows, toys, the plastic box for purchases, ratchet and lashing straps for roof transport, a blanket, etc.

      It is also comfortable to be able to put things into your car at any time. Around the morning (or even the evening before) the empty boxes of soda, to exchange them for full on the way home after work.

      • blank

        I agree! If you have your own car, you use it like an extension of your home. When you use car sharing, it's about transportation as a service in itself. The whole thing is emotionless, even if you try to retain customers through extra services in the future. What use is the best cloud service that saves my favorite seat setting and display color and activates it when the car is littered or worn out? And the carsharing cars are sure to wear out quickly because customers have no emotional connection to them. It doesn't matter - the next time they'll get another car anyway.
        Somehow I'm not ready for car sharing

        • blank

          Tja Olaf, that's why the industry wants to introduce the customers very carefully to the topic. A not so easy story. Or to put it better, an offer hits a barely existent market. At least not on the scale as you would imagine. This is going to be exciting.

        • blank

          You do not have to join every crap. Buying, caring, driving forever analog car (SAAB). Maybe put another spare parts carrier away. Well, then they can book me out with their flat rates and car sharing times as a customer.

  • blank

    Hopefully now it will be interesting with regard to the so-called hardware at NEVS - is there actually a visible and tangible spirit of the former SAAB?

    I think that a later agreement on trademark rights between NEVS and SAAB AB should not be completely ruled out - maybe something will come about after all.

  • blank

    It was a pity I had hoped a little that the Volvo SAAB would revive. But if you want to reach a young hipster audience (pure speculation due to the Lynk & Co website) it might not be any other way. In the meantime, I suspect that Volvo will simply found another car sharing provider and not another car brand. BMW did the same with DriveNow or VW with car2go. The step is logical!

    • blank

      An urban hipster audience ...

      I am getting clearer about the car sharing model.

      That's how automakers can produce a few more cars and push them into inner cities, to a place where there's really no room left. And you open up consumers who would not buy a car and probably could not afford it. Sharing but already.

      This may change in the distant future, but for now, the ramblings of the automotive industry to work on new mobility are just window dressing.

      It's about producing more, not less. What else should it be?

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