Where are the other SAABs going? On the way to Sweden

On the daily way to work on the A3 from Idstein to Wiesbaden (at 110 km / h on the right and maximum middle lane) I was looking for them already.

Other SAAB.

No matter which model. But they were not there. None. No matter what time I slipped down the A3 to the south or north and saw the Passats and the AUDI A6 station wagons flying by. No other SAAB.

Saab 9000 with Öresund bridge
Saab 9000 with Öresund bridge

All right, so I thought. Let's make a survey on the way to Sweden.

On the 03. October 2016, on the A7 direction Hamburg. Three SAAB

In Hamburg (St. Pauli): Two SAAB

On the way to Copenhagen: Four SAAB

In Copenhagen: Five SAAB

Not that we lose ourselves in statistics, but as a short digression into younger vehicle startups, a comparison to Tesla's (Model S) in Copenhagen alone: ​​more than ten, then I stopped counting.

Bruce Hornsby - The way it is

Back to the journey, on the way to Trollhättan.

The 9000 runs like a clockwork. Nothing twinkles or scrambles at the old mill as we cozy up at the 03. October started north.

The many suitcases and bags and other accessories such as rubber boots and binoculars (in addition to the Long Run is also the train of cranes to the south on the program) disappear effortlessly into the trunk. He has always been a space saver.

The rigid axle in the back comes playing with the payload clear, it almost seems as if the 9000 that he may now finally start heading north.

The rear, left footwell is intended exclusively for spare parts and any emergencies (a small tribute to the brothers of the 9000 who started their tests in Alabama 30 years ago).

In our forthcoming journey, these will probably serve more to comfort the conscience than the hopeless need to be needed. The author's skills in self-diagnosis and repair on the 9000 are extremely limited. But, as the thinking goes, once we are in Sweden, there will already be someone on site, who can fix the case in case of a defect with the "imported" parts.

Emergency kit.

The junk yards on the route to Trollhättan are marked, but again, the amount of 9000 dispenser vehicles available is one in one hand, even in Sweden.

Shortly stressful it is only in Copenhagen, the cobblestones and the many cyclists drive the driver's beads of sweat on the forehead and the 9000 bucks and rattles.

07.10.1986 - The Long Run begins

07.10.2016 - Transfer from Copenhagen to Helsingborg


Hollow Talk - Choir of Young Believers

The Öresund Bridge is behind us. Done. The 9000 is on mainland Sweden. And is happy to see so many other SAABs. Directly behind the Öresund Bridge is the first 9-5 station wagon of the Swedish police.

Saab 9-5 chrome frame. Swedish police.

Driving a car in Sweden is something wonderful. Cruise in, cuddle comfortably in the seat and watch the landscape or the other SAAB. The density of 9-3 and 9-5 increases dramatically. All equipment variants are represented, as well as all conservation conditions.

I think of the first lines of Fred Astaire - Cheek to cheek:

“Heaven, I'm in Heaven, / And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak; And I seem to find the happiness I seek ”

Scandinavian Skies - Billy Joel

Great that we are here now. Feel good. The vast country, the generous street architecture of Sweden, whose condition is almost everywhere enviably outstanding. The big parking everywhere.

All over?

No, because at the end of yesterday, there is another terrifying second in the underground car park of our Cityvandrarhemmet. Going forward into the parking bay, I prefer to park again and park in the direction of escape. The reverse does not want to go all the way round. Only after repeated sorting of the gears it finally works. The 9000 is already quite angry and acknowledges that with felt, endless running of the fan, even though we only have 14 ° degrees in the underground garage. No matter. We have arrived.

Closing the doors sounds wonderful in the echo of the almost empty underground car park. Full and carved from the full. It's hard to imagine that thirty years or more at SAAB some sound designer worked out what it sounds like when the doors slam shut. The Kiekert locks (Made in West Germany) still work as they did on the first day. The functional check of the alarm system (as a US version, this was an approval requirement as early as 1991) is particularly impressive in an underground car park. The LED headlight battery in the 9000 CSE, which was parked in front of the local IKEA, was also impressive. Unfortunately the driver was not present for a demonstration. The 9000 and I want something like that too.

Certainly, more of this kind will follow during the journey.


The first Laddöl at sunset on the Helsingborg pier is already calling. Tomorrow we will take the ferry back to Denmark, a day trip in terms of culture or history or something like that. (Compulsory program for the co-pilot).

Whatever it is, the main thing is driving 9000.

(Sittin 'On) The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding

It continues in the coming week, then from the interior, on to Trollhättan.

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  • It is also noticeable to me now that one rarely encounters a Saab on German motorways.
    Only three weeks ago I drove close to Geneva (about 900 Km) and saw only one Saab on the round trip!
    But that was an identical twin of my black 9-5 Aero SC.

  • I am of the opinion that life will come again in the THT plans with Ev cars with batteries and later hydrogen a la die Hindenburg Zeppelin The Saab logo Also ..

  • I believe that the MA Rossa (RED) Ferrari drivers always drive. You calculate your destiny was we still stay at Customs Sten Sten. And all eyes and obey are on the Ferrari. Dixit Peage France.

  • Am still pretty much on the way with my 9-5 NG and agree with you; In Germany you can see less Saabs on the way. But in Holland, Belgium and Poland you can still see Saabs very often.
    But the tours of Saab Clubs in Germany are still very good. Are not German Saab drivers very worried about their cars so that they drive these great Saabs just who it is for fun? I am happy to consider that Ferrari drivers only come out who have nice weather :).

  • Thanks for the readable lines!
    The photo with the SAAB 9000 in front of the Öresund Bridge is fantastic! Worth a calendar sheet ...

  • The density of SAAB's of all years and models is very high here in Switzerland in the Zurich region. Especially newer 93 convertibles are very common.

  • Hello Thorsten,
    a great report!

    The 9.5 station wagon is the police vehicle of the 2000 years in Sweden. Since I had two Saab, may I write something here?

    By the way, with my Volvo 960 station wagon first series, I'm even more lonely on the way! The knocked-out 700er and 940er station wagons do not count, nor the (dark leather) 960er of the second series (badly distorted front!)

    How many 900 Saabs are still driving around? You know my tragic relationship to these strange constructions. However, the windshield is heavenly! Just bring one for me. Sunroof, climate are welcome. Automatic? (3-step Borg-Warner) - I'd rather not think so!

    I look forward to your (personal) report.

    Nice days to you - and fat booty!

  • Nee, Lichterfelde, which borders directly on Zehlendorf. I think there are too many people driving there and if you regularly get a new car, it can not be Saab anymore.

  • I am definitely also for the old Hellascheinwerfer model “Varta Volkssturm”, but I allow myself to report doubts as to whether the ladies and gentlemen from the Technical Monitoring Association will agree with me when we have our next date in two years. Here in Sweden this is as normal as additional engine preheating. If someone has a tip on where to buy, whether in Sweden or in their Hessian homeland, thank you in advance. The next, upgraded SAAB I will try to stop and ask what the Swedish car accessories supplier is called his trust. The following applies until further notice: the main headlights and fog lights must always be switched on while the vehicle is in motion. Greetings,

  • This is not a travel report, although I have made very nice trips with this car, my SAAB 2.2TID from 2004, and have now landed at 299 tkm, but a big question: the repairs are accumulating and increasing. A spare part (hydraulic line) could only be saved by a smart craftsman because this part no longer exists. Something else is pending. First rust spots. After touching a guardrail in the construction site area at 80 km / h, the left side was torn open and repaired with “old age parts”. Dents and scratches remain. It is now annoying that the air regulation of the diesel fails about 3 to 4 times a year until it has lost propulsion in the last three years. Diesel specific? So the thoughts are terrible: I really just want to hand over the car with heavy hearts (I'm 75 now). But not to a junkyard, but to a Saab friend with a love for either cannibalizing him or renovating it. So if you are interested, please contact me at 0151 24 25 62 60. By the way, he's black. And in our small town there are still about 3-4 SAABs. The Americans were here once and bought a lot of SAAB, according to the former SAAB workshop.
    I would be happy to receive your feedback.

  • But then only Hella.

  • LED auxiliary lights on the 9000, please do not. Otherwise nice report.

  • We were in Usedom on July. I have never seen so many Saabs of different types as there. They came from all over Germany. Then we were still in Feldberg, at the Feldberg Lake District. There even the host of the fish restaurant had an 9.3. SportCombi.
    Immediately conversation was available.
    What has been noticed, not all Saabfahrer reciprocate the greeting.

  • Zehlendorf?

    I also noticed that the density is higher there.

  • Nice travel report. yes, I always feel that way when I'm in Sweden with the car - SAAB of course - on the road. This is how driving a car works! And if you want to be happy about the SAAB density, then come to Berlin. Where I live, in the southwest of Berlin, the world is still fine. There are at least 2-3 standing around on every street, most of them convertibles, but also many 93s and a few individual 95s.

  • Where are the others? was in Russia on a cultural tour in August: Moscow, three days Golden Ring and St Petersburg: almost every day a Saab, 9000 or 900, after all.
    In September we went hiking in North Devon and Cornwall, on the South West Coast Path. There is more and more modern Saab culture. There is a neat 9-5, polished in the open garage, an hour later a light blue convertible with light leather is turning the bend. Every day at least two to three beautiful Saab slid by. Now in October, in “Cillento” south of Naples, the little Italians are present. Saab once, this was already deliberately treated, you can see that when the driver gets out, locks up and throws a look back at his car. consciously saabige greetings

  • So I don't like the LEDs on the 9000 ...

    The first 9000ers are already getting H license plates. Now it is important to pay close attention to what was contemporary in his time.

    Other accessories and other tags prohibit. Otherwise, the beautiful cars fall into the category and lost in value.

    It would be a shame because they are actually on the rise ...

    If auxiliary lights, then with hot light - classic moose evaporator even! ! !

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