Saab Seasonal Benefits 2016 / 2017

First the useful things and then the little Saab niceties? Or would it be better the other way around? To make it simple, let's start with the usefulnesses almost everyone needs, and then move on to the niceties - which probably all readers will want.

Saab Seasonal Benefits
Saab Seasonal Benefits

Saab Seasonal Benefits 2016 / 17, the new action of Orio Deutschland GmbH, is geared towards the cold, dark season. There are original Saab floor mats, Saab and Exide batteries and wiper blades in the package with windshield frost protection. All this, of course, at a particularly advantageous price and with the proven 3 years warranty promise.

Saab 9-3 ambiance lighting at a special price

The ambient lighting for the Saab 9-3 II is offered in the new promotion at a significantly reduced price. We already had it last December tested and found to be very recommendable. The offers should be reason enough to visit the authorized Saab partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Limited! Saab collector cups.
Limited! Saab collector cups.

But there are also one - or rather two - Saab niceties. Orio Germany has commissioned limited collector's cups for members of the Saab Service Club. These show the model history of the brand, starting with the Ursaab up to the models of the year 2011. The detailed designed cups are available from all participating dealers. From a workshop or parts invoice of 50,00 € (Switzerland 60,00 CHF) you get a collector's mug as a gift, from 90,00 € (Switzerland 100,00 CHF) you get the complete set.

The collection cups are limited and only available at participating bases. A unique opportunity for all fans! The list of partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is available on the national websites, as are more details of the Saab seasonal benefits 2016/17.

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  • Still do not know why ORIO only supplies dealers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In Belgium you have to buy spare parts for the 9-5 NG which are very expensive and certain parts can be found for the half at GM. For bodywork man is obliged to order in Sweden and that takes and is also very expensive. Can ORIO GmbH not contact all Saab dealers who are in Europe?

  • Nice things

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