Blogger on the way to Trollhättan

The suitcases are packed, hotel and ferry booked. Mark and I are traveling north today, and via Kiel we take the Stena Line to Gothenburg and then on to Trollhättan. We actually wanted to travel to Sweden with Paul, our project Saab.

On the way to Trollhättan
On the way to Trollhättan

After 18 years he was supposed to go back to his homeland, to the museum and the former factory. He was supposed to meet one of his fathers and we wanted to start our project with the logbook. But, as is the case with projects with cars that have a certain history, the plan didn't work. The station wagon was declared unfit to travel and is now in the workshop. The season is over for Paul, he won't really be able to take off until next spring. A detailed report on an unwelcome surprise will follow soon. Instead of the 9-5 station wagon, the 9-5 NG is now allowed on the track, which is really not the worst alternative.

Visit to the former Saab factory

In Trollhättan we have appointments at the Saab Museum and we have an appointment at the old Saab factory. It is the first visit since the Saab lettering can no longer be found at the main entrance, and we are more than curious about the impressions at NEVS. Our appointment planner has been very full in the last few days, exciting days are waiting. Current pictures from our visit to the home of all Saabs are in our Facebook group.

The blog is also worth a visit during our absence. We're leaving the word to Saab fans and readers this week. And because Saab is Saab and anything but ordinary, every day there is a readable article with Saab Spirit from our readers.

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  • The real problems I see more in the lack of progress on the batteries. Apart from Tesla for 100000 Euro or so there are in my opinion currently no competitive electric cars, and even at Tesla, the range is only about one third of that for combustion engines.

    Difficult in the self-obsessed and fast-moving Europe.

  • Very good overlaps. But this thing remains internally at Nevs. You should be patient until at least 2020 in theory. I don't think Europe drove in Nevs. You need Trollhattan for the business plan in china.

  • Probably low-level flight on the highway. No problem with the 95NG

  • A good trip also from me! Too bad that Paul is not allowed to go home. But the dreamlike 95NG will certainly be happy too

  • It would be nice if the blog operator could publish more detailed information about the new models - it would be interesting to me whether there will actually only be electric versions in the coming years or whether there will also be vehicles with so-called range extensions (additional conventional turbo Motor next to the electric motor).

    In addition, design drafts for the successor to the last 9-3 would be extremely interesting. This will probably not be the final alignment. But studies would also show in which direction it is going - for example, is a hatchback and a new convertible planned?

  • They come with a saab automobile not a saab aircraft.

  • Too bad that Paul is not. What I don't think is able to travel. The acceptance papers were there. Another pity that this car should be frozen in winter. Good trip with your 95 xwd safety first.

  • Good flight and see you tomorrow. Greetings from Trollhattan.

  • Join me Wolfgang

    PS .: Mark, but read the blog

  • Wish you both a good trip, interesting encounters and above all a lot of new things around Saab or NEVS. We are waiting for your information, comments and pictures.

  • Have a good trip and enjoyable impressions ... a trip to S is always worth a report! I'm full of anticipation 🙂
    And Paul “get well soon”!

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