You have reached your destination. The 9000 in Trollhättan

The 9000 and our journey through Östra Götaland were and are under a good star. The SAAB, the passenger and the driver arrived in Trollhättan yesterday, relaxed and good.img_20161016_140935_417

On the way we visited a 9000er cemetery in Tun as well as the nearby air force base and the Rastplats Viggen.

Saab 9000 CC and Viggen

The brief consideration of making the 9000 look pretty again and sending it through the car wash was thrown overboard when it started raining last night. And, since in addition to the pilgrimage to Trollhättan and the visit to the Long Run exhibition, moose observation was and is on the program, the moose are naturally more likely to be observed in the forest and the rain has penetrated the unpaved ring road around the Hunneberg, The 9000 now has a certain rally patina, but it looks really good on it.

And finally, we also saw a moose, so the automobile mud pack was worth twice as much.

Today is the big day. The ride on the 9000 to the Stallbacka, home. However, photos will be taken tomorrow, as we hope for better weather. Continue to the SAAB Museum, which closed on Monday for the general public, as almost every museum in Sweden.

Thorsten with Olle Granlund

But, as mentioned earlier, the trip is under a good star. And the man behind the Long Run, Olle Granlund, has long arranged a special tour for us in advance and prepared a presentation with lots of background facts. Since the museum closed today, and we could not find the light switch, there will not be more pictures until tomorrow or Wednesday, when the museum is open regularly.

Wagon No 2 will be exhibited in a replica Talladega pit lane, featuring 1986 in use in October. In addition, the 9 themed exhibition is still on the ramp leading to the Long Run special show, originally built for the launch of the 5-9000.

On Åkerssjövägen, on the way to the museum, then the mega-bang. Life and in motion, car number 1. Think I'm stupid, but I refuse a test drive. You shouldn't overstrain your luck, a spontaneous snapshot with my 9000 and No. 1 is enough of things.

Talladega number 1 and 9000 CC

Greetings from Trollhättan, it is now back in the woods to show the elk the most beautiful car.

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    Another question ... is the Talladega 9000er with the number 1 just going through Trollhättan? Had I really not expected ... but nice that this vehicle is still preserved and not somewhere rotted.

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    Thorsten, DAAANKE for your report from Trollcity and the surrounding area ... Wonderfully written, as if I were riding in the SAAB. A wonderful experience, great cinema in the head!
    Nice experiences and encounters continue in the SAAB homeland!
    In anticipation!

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    To the Thorsten of the 9000CC with the tail does not flap the four-edge CD Corps Diplomatik Had in the beginning of the production waterproofness problems I mean so large the hundreds The diving at this moment drove 900. Is your perfect water tight? I love the music title. Almost all hate do you have anything to do with Saab?

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    Hello, I'd like to ask who the owner of the spicy 9000, 2,3 16 s is. how many owners he had. Could it be that the one owner from Hannover had?
    I mutton had one, and sold him because of gear noise, he was a dream.
    Seats in smooth gray leather with gray suede inserts. At the engine control has my friend
    Achim Berkefeld (SAAB dealer in Stadthagen).
    Feedback would be nice. Thomas L.

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      The author Torsten, this post, is the owner of the black Saab 9000.

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      Hello Thomas,
      Please excuse the late reply. The 9000 belongs to me since 2012, I have it from a young man in Bergisch-Gladbach. The 9000 is a US re-import and has an interior in the color Arizona, so beige or honey brown. It is a leather upholstery from Selmo, not from Bridge of Weir. Unfortunately, I have no documentation on previous owners or the like. In November I want to do a separate article about the car and its restoration.
      Until then, many greetings from the Idsteiner country.

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        Hello Thorsten,
        To find out a little more about the history of your 9000CC, you can have a chassis number check carried out - if it has actually been to the USA, something should be saved about it.
        Have a look on the Internet with the search term “VIN check”, for example at carfax you can have one carried out for a fee.
        Maybe that gives some information about the history of the car.

        Good luck again,


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          Saabans roast, thank you very much! A great tip, I'll report on the findings. Greetings & have a nice Sunday.

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    That one must give his Saab a soothing mud pack to discover moose in Sweden, I can not confirm after my Swedish holiday this year. A moose crossed the highway on our way to Trelleborg shortly after Hallstavik. The surprise moment in the Saab was too big for us to take a picture. So the imposing animal trotted back untreated into the forest. The confusion of emotions between shock, surprise and admiration disappeared only when we approached the motorway shortly before Stockholm.
    Your reports about Saab are always interesting and easy to read. Keep it up!

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    A great journey with incredible encounters between people and machines. Hopefully it will work with the moose now ... I'm looking forward to more travel episodes ...

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