My Saab story

My Saab story begins in the 70 years as a teenager in Cologne. Always at big family reunions one of my much older brothers from Hamburg traveled with his 900er Saab and the sight of this unusual car with the mysterious Hamburg license plate was something special in front of our house.

Saab 900 Cabriolet
Saab 900 Cabriolet

A few years later, when the 9000 series appeared, I really liked these full-page advertisements, for example in Geo Magazine "at long distances at home", they were well photographed and aesthetically appealing. And since I had to do many kilometers a year in the car for work-related reasons from the end of the 80s, in the summer of 91 I gave my only 18-month-old Toyota Carina in payment for an aubergine-colored 9000 Turbo 16 Bj 88 at the local Saab dealer.

Unfortunately, this dealer and excellent screwdriver closed 2 years later - just when the 9000 broke the 200tkm mark. At the time I was still so ignorant ... .. of course he would have easily rewound the double but I thought it was time now and I exchanged it for a 6 cylinder Mitsubishi Sigma.

But he didn't spend 6 weeks with me - in this plush, impractical vehicle, I felt so uncomfortable that in the next bigger city at the Saab center there, which also had a Mitsubishi branch next door, a 10 CS 9000 that was only 2.3 months old TU bought. Finally correct seats, a draft-free air conditioning system, sensible light, safe road holding ... .. everything had become so natural with my first Saab.

Since I'm a musician, I need a decent trunk and with this fantastic vehicle, I've never missed a station wagon. After further family growth but he had to give way a few years later, unfortunately, a minivan. The kids got bigger and as soon as the 9-5er was announced face-lifted with a 6 cylinder diesel engine I fainted and bought a brand new black Vector 2001TiD for every reason in December 3.0.

Saab 9 5 tid
Saab 9 5 tid

To the misery with this machine I save every comment and for a short time I thought I was cured of the Saab virus but even that did not change my Saab insanity and after a short interlude with a German car an 9 3 biopower of 2008 was in mine Garage (conveniently an ethanol gas station right around the corner) - there he would still today if not in broad daylight someone had walked into my house and next to cash also the key from the key board and stole the car out of the garage.

The crazy thing, next to it was the key to my 9-3 Aero Cabriolet from 05, the keys look identical and oh, that would have been too good if he had sat with the wrong one in the car but the thief did indeed grab the right one. Well, the car was found a few days later badly damaged, the DNA of this bastard is stored at the LKA and I hope I learn one day nor what contemporary has caused me this trouble.

I did not trust the car anymore, only the tire marks where the thief fumbled with full force over the first curb can be seen 18 months later today. I gave the 93 as it was released by the criminal police to the local Opel dealer, gave up the insurance and got a great (fully) equipped Meriva which was really good and economical but ... one suspects it, just no Saab.

And so now stands for a 3 / 4 year, a black glasses Aero station wagon in my garage and my ambition is that this car the next 10 or better 20 years stays with me. Really quite realistic because the 40 to 50 thousand km per year are fortunately past, for short distances I take the bike both summer and winter and then enjoy the few long hauls all the more.

I just gave him (me) new chassis bushings and a very thorough Mike Sanders treatment. Except for the color that is actually my dream car because actually I like this facelift in the 95er estate much better than the first - am I the only one who has noticed a certain similarity to the Nissan Primera ?? I forgive him small weaknesses such as the somewhat sparse storage options or fumbling operation when folding the rear seats - he spoils me with ventilated seats and of course as any of my previous Saabs with great air conditioning warm and cold, all the other well-known benefits, and amazingly Cut with one liter of under-consumption compared to the 9-3.with the 2 liter machine.

Saab 900 Cabriolet
Saab 900 Cabriolet

Another project in the distant future would be to find a well-maintained 900 convertible again and make the way back to Europe. Since my wife is American, we're over there on a regular basis and found someone on the East Coast who is three times as crazy as I am, the odds are good. Almost it would have been so far this summer, but it was not an 93er in gray yet.

For two years we drove a 2er over there with great pleasure, unfortunately the substance was not good enough for reimporting and since we don't have a garage there but in winter 91 - 1 meters of snow we were too sorry to let it rot there if the TÜV there (state NY) does not see rust as a defect, as long as the car brakes and the exhaust gases are OK, everything seems to be good. He found a new owner in less than a week. There are also many enthusiasts over there who appreciate these cars.

Thanks to Stephan for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

 The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab belongs to the automotive life ...

Whatever it is, write us.

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  • Trotts whom I had a viggen93 300hp.

  • Right, the 900 convertible was a dream. Still being renovated. The successors were.Lanz tractors. the 900 calibra gm the 93 worse then 900.

  • Answer ask SAAB AB why in text. China doesn't have to be a problem see Volvo. The comparison with Saab Military Warcraft like viggen was idiot or the Star Fighter. Only woman without a pilot.

  • Why did sweden break this brand?

  • Nice and understandable story.

    Also, my SAAB story would start with a childlike youthful fascination for the 900, ultimately landing on chrome-plated SC over a driven 9000 and 9-3 and ending with the unfulfilled desire for an 900 convertible.

    And even with me there were in between foreign brands, which could produce no or not to the same extent binding wishes.

  • Hi
    Très bons articles il continue à faire vivre le souvenir de Saab. Je ne sais pas si Nevs va bientôt ressortir une autre Saab, que j'espère non électrique et au biocarburant.

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