Saab experiences ... or ... how to become a Saab fan


No, there was no relation to the brand SAAB, neither in the family nor in the circle of friends or acquaintances someone had something to do with the brand. Apart from a colleague who won a SAAB 9000 in a contest, I have not even noticed SAAB vehicles. At the time, an 5er BMW was the object of desire.

The old doggie

A white 900er with SSD on eBay should change my attitude to the SAAB world but sustainable. Where did the interest come from?

Curiosity, because on the one hand I did not want to drive more mainstream vehicles and a friend had meanwhile gained an 900 Turbo, SAAB is also in my focus.

3-2-1 mine and I had my first SAAB. The state?

Now with a "blind purchase" in an auction with great pictures (only cowards look at the object of desire before -;) anything can happen. At first glance, he did not look so bad AND he had a sunroof, because an "open top" corresponds to my philosophy of life. Existing rust on the door bottoms and other places was more secondary there. More importantly, the car was actually different and not to be found on every corner, comfortable and equipped with the special equipment "Swedish Sauna".

Okay, the latter was never included in SAAB's equipment list and was more due to the technical condition of the car. In order to get the engine temperature in less red areas, there was only the possibility ... all windows down, sunroof open and the heating on highest level turn on. In the coming summer it was not really a cool experience.

The old doggie. Saab 900.
The old doggie. Saab 900

After all, I now had my first car, where a sunroof also deserves its name. There was nothing to crank or put up, the roof could only be pushed back and forth.

Despite various shortcomings I liked the 900er in our short liaison and I had found an interesting for me, not at every corner vehicle alternative. So together we visited a SAAB Centrum that was still there at the time.

The condescending saying of the owner, whether the "old doggie" would be mine, was really well suited to attract new customers. Immediately on this first contact was clear: "we will not become friends".

Without the pleasant contact with the managing director, who fortunately got involved in our "conversation", I would never have bought anything in the store. So I said goodbye after a long consultation and test drive with a used 9-3 I Convertible ("topless" is much better than just "open top" ;-). The 900er then disappeared quite quickly at an auction in the bay.

Saab 9-3 I Convertible

For two years we were friends. Whether driving into the snowy world of the mountains or down into the hot sun of Spain ... there were no problems. The technique worked flawlessly and the "Saab test" was apparently passed. I was finally infected with the Nordic virus.

Saab 9-3 I Convertible
9-3 I Convertible

Nevertheless, at about 180.000 KM on the clock neither age problems nor wear were denied and a discussion with the CEO of the SAAB Center (no, the owner was still unacceptable as a conversation partner) regarding a new purchase required. After a long sales pitch with the prospect of a new car purchase, he also took the 9-3 despite all the shortcomings for a good quota back. Since the managing director was excluded from selling in Germany due to potential warranty claims, the 9-3 I was sold in the quota to Africa. Whether the car is still running there today?

... continue with a Saab 9-3 Convertible II

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  • hello, I also have a 93 he coupe diesel, 317000 came, but is so far top, no rust and when polished almost like new. 2000 he. Normally I should sell it, it annoys me. Because the engine indicator lights happy, the screwdriver of my confidence almost desperate, because when reading it is always it is always the boost pressure sensor. We have changed it 2 times, first a cheap, then Bosch, But I even drive 3000 km with him, drives without what ... But the glow annoying, someone has an idea ... ..Kid is now over winter in the garage. meikel

    • In almost all the old saabs the MKl .Nemen lights them off but they wan you do not know what that means said once Hans Dieter Gencher.

  • Was the Saab-Centrum happen in South-Lower Saxony ??? Since I had similar experiences .... and still drive Saab

    • friend has workshop in berlin

  • there seems to have been other "such" dealers.

    No, "mine" was from NRW and had even more niceties in stock to finally scare customers

  • The SAAB 93 I in the picture is a limited edition special model from 2000. That's exactly what we drive. Beautiful part as I think.

    • Then have fun with it.
      At that time it was "only" a white SAAB for me. Today I would certainly see something different.

  • Did the 9-3I Cabriolet actually go to the African continent?
    I read and hear that again and again, but I have never really been told about an SAAB in Africa. And what I hear from arguments from various exporters in the direction that a SAAB is not finding its way to Africa is also clear to me.

    • Well question ... in any case, this was told to me at the time.
      Since a dealer in the used car sales for the 1jährlichen material defect liability (te) and the 9-3 on the one hand had a high mileage and some defects, a sale in Germany probably did not make sense.
      Whether the car finally landed only at a flag dealer and not in Africa is beyond my knowledge.

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