Swedish week

Mark and I are back from our visit to Sweden. A remarkable week - with a packed schedule and many interesting conversations - is behind us. We have experienced a lot and have to tell.

9000 Talladega. Here is the number 1.
9000 Talladega. Here is the number 1.

In principle it was a working visit. Appointments every day, exciting impressions from the Saab city, which has developed very well in recent years. Trollhättan has become one of the fastest growing cities in the country. There are many new buildings, construction cranes are in several places.

Dynamics at NEVS

We paid a visit to the Stallbacka on the first day and at NEVS we went surprisingly deep into the secure halls of the development departments. We felt a lot of impressive dynamism and pioneering spirit. We were able to speak to developers who have worked for Saab Automobile for many years and who are now on the payroll at NEVS. We were very open to us and allowed to see things that normally we would never see. And we were able to discuss the future of mobility with managers.

NEVS surprised us and delivered more than we had hoped for. Never before have we had so many impressions, answers and information that we can report on on the blog.

The following day was all about Saab tradition. As a guest at the Saab Museum, Olle Granlund told us about the Talladega Long Run and his exciting years at Saab. We spoke to employees about the museum's situation, which is still not that easy and which requires a lot of creativity and commitment. But the museum is also developing well and has exciting approaches to keep the collection attractive to fans.

And because Saab is Saab and a special brand, we saw a French film crew working in the museum. The Saab 9000 Talladega number 1 was on its way through Trollhättan, history is palpable and the brand is alive.

Saab tradition. Even in Gothenburg.

If you drive through the city, you will discover many Saab signposts, and the lettering can still be seen on some parts of the factory. But all this will soon be a thing of the past, and life will write new chapters.

On the last day we were in Gothenburg. We were on that Aeroseum looking forward to keeping a lot of Saab tradition. Just that these Saabs can fly, but are also an important part of the brand's history. Saab Tunan and Lansen are closely linked to Trollhättan, and the engines of current and upcoming Saab jets are also built in the city. The Volvo Aero plant, now GKN, is the most important local employer even before NEVS. The factory halls are directly adjacent to the former Saab factory.

The keyboard glows, all impressions have to be processed and formulated. The “Swedish Week” is coming to the blog soon. Not today, but in the coming days.

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  • Very pleasing the NEVS responded so hospitable. That gives hope for the future. I am very excited about what comes out of it and what you have brought with you from Troll City.
    Now that the secret of Lynk & Co has been revealed, I am glad that it did not become a SAAB. To get the low prices, the part has to be built in China. Borgward is treading a similar path.
    As for the design - well - it's supposed to appeal to a younger audience. It's kind of brushed on riot. It's not mine, but the story is still exciting.

  • We will pursue this.
    Hope it goes on like this.
    NEVS in communication open ... .. that was different. I'm curious to continue like this!

  • That's exactly how I saw it, it was interesting what Alain Visser said about internet buying, car sharing, networking, motorization and more. Will definitely be exciting.

  • We certainly interesting, even if you certainly can not talk about everything. I'm curious anyway!
    Were you in Gothenburg for the presentation of the Lynk & Co SUV?

    • We were not at Lynk. As a fan blog, we would not have had the chance to be admitted. The 200 international journalists were handpicked. Lynk is very, very interesting and does a lot of what NEVS has on his schedule.

  • Welcome Home! Nice to hear that Trollingen was exciting! We look forward to the news, let them glow, the keyboard

  • Thanks for the “quick” short report and the prospect of more…. 🙂
    The fact that your blogger was treated more “friendly” this time suggests that NEVS has made progress in learning.
    I'm looking forward to your reports from the heart of the former Trollcity ...

    • NEVS was very welcoming and very professional. You keep evolving in big steps, it's exciting to watch as a guest!

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