Weekly Review. Saab Inside. New building. Spontaneity.

Members of the Saab Service Club had a reason to be happy this week. Issue number 6 of the Saab Inside was ready for download. 16 pages with reports and interviews from the Saab world, made possible by Orio Deutschland GmbH.

Saab Inside. Issue number 6.
Saab Inside. Issue number 6.

The subscription is free, Saab drivers can join as members service Club register the Orio. Yesterday I found the analog version in my mailbox. As always, Eschborn has given us some of these collector's items that are not for sale. And this time too, Mark and I are passing copies on to the readers of the blog. More at random and supportive, and unfortunately the number is not enough to please anyone who deserves it.

The extremely limited print version of the Saab Inside will be on the road in the next few days, some readers may be happy.


There is, after all, a life after Saab. Or more precisely: after the end of car production in Trollhättan. On Friday I was on a short visit to Bamberg, Ralf Muckelbauer had put aside well-preserved workshop manuals for the 9000. The workshop and the yard were, as always, full of Saab. Including a beautiful 9000 and several 9-3 I and 900 II.

Together with the Subarus it will then be cramped for customers and visitors in the yard. That will soon come to an end, because the Muckelbauers are building a large, new car dealership in Bamberg. With plenty of space for both brands, with a modern workshop area that is also designed for restoring old Swedes.

The construction is already well advanced, and even before the spring is the departure of the terrain of the screw on the agenda. The new building is a step into the future, also with regard to future mobility. Charging stations for electric cars are self-evident, and maybe we will find new cars from Trollhättan in Bamberg in a few years?


The season is coming to an end. Many Saabs go into hibernation in November. In keeping with the end of the season, the weather was perfect yesterday and with it the opportunity for a small, very spontaneous Saab meeting in Aschaffenburg. Some friends were called or emailed at short notice, and so in the afternoon some great cars came together, all of which are “Made by Trollhättan”.

Saab meeting Aschaffenburg. Very spontaneous.
Saab meeting Aschaffenburg. Very spontaneous.

It was nice, it was warm, and because there are many Saab drivers in Aschaffenburg and in the surrounding area, there will be a new edition. Probably in the same place, when the weather is good and we feel like it.

What are the topics of the coming week?

Made by NEVS. Mark and I visited the NEVS R&D Center.

Saab 9000. The car from the high-tech forge.

Motorsport. Saab 99 on the Histo Monte.

and much more…

9 thoughts on "Weekly Review. Saab Inside. New building. Spontaneity."

  • If the owner reads along: the black 9000 with beige leather and SZ Kiel license plate holder is great!

  • The tension rises - what is the NEVS R&D Center? Does D stand for design?

    Should we actually see some design drafts for the new models (successor of the last 9-3)? This would be a real (and hopefully nice) news!

    • R&D stands for Research and Development (department for research and development). Usually this is a locked area that even in-house people are only allowed to enter with special permission. It's great that NEVS let our blog team into the hallowed halls. I'm curious what you can report. I don't believe in pictures of new models yet.

    • Please be patient! I'm busy with the last details, NEVS is online Wednesday and Thursday. And yes, it's exciting

  • Yes it is,
    Also today I have put my convertible after extensive preparations into hibernation. It's amazing how fast summer has passed. Fortunately, April is soon back and new convertible. All Saabcabriofahrern (and of course all other Saab friends) have a nice time.

  • Looking forward to the 44. KW, with these prospective SAAB topics!
    Congratulations to the family Muckelbauer!
    It's wrong to start and realize such a project with a "bankrupt company like SAAB" (sorry for the expression 🙁) and only (?) One other car brand! Muckelbauers apparently live SAAB, despite all adversities and offer successful CUSTOMER service. Great, keep it up! 🙂
    A perfect start into the new company future!

  • If I read the intended topics like this, then the rumors that Saab might possibly be the new second brand of Volvo, definitely nothing to it. Respectfully, Saab would probably be too sexy for Volvo, or rather, a brand new second brand that would not endanger Volvo's still somewhat naughty image. A pity, is not it?

    • There was really and definitely nothing. The question of whether it is a pity, you can not answer so easily. It would have just arrived at what you (at Volvo) would have made it. Maybe it's better that way.

    • Too bad the Lynk @ co presented in Berlin by Project Manager Alain Visser (Belgium) passes by here.

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