Why 3 times 95 plus deer results in 9000 that is still far from being felt…

Dear readers, as I wrote in the first report some time ago, it was a long way for me to the Swedish brand. At some point it worked - it was a 95 Vector built in 05 as a diesel. The 2.2tid and then as a deer - two cars in one were these. But he bit around and then, as already mentioned, came the ride in my friend's aero. It burned itself into me - never let go of me again!

Saab 9000 2.3i
Saab 9000 2.3i

That was turbo boost !!!

His had traveled well over 200.000 km and ran and ran. It came as it had to come - in spring, two years after the first Saab, an Aero Model 06 was for sale around the corner. Combi in black with beige interior, auxiliary heating, deer exhaust system - please, please hang up again dear Swiss - the sound is brilliantly composed !!! For the rest, it was double-flow.

And he had leveling. 150.000 km on the clock and checkbook maintained. Absolute full equipment. Sounds great right? Apparently, I tried it and it happened to me.

But this Saab, my nerves would strain again to the utmost, I will describe in part 4 my story! Only one in advance - sometimes you just bad luck! And that was a really big number.

But more on that later.

Today I want to talk about positive writing on dull days. Because the just mentioned black Aero was very often in the workshop. Too often. At some point I looked for an alternative to the rental car. And please do not sell me for stupid - it was again a Saab.


Through the blog here. Again and again the 9000er appeared. Described as space miracle. And reliable - see Talladega! I dealt more closely with the matter and it had happened to me.

Alone because of the cockpit!

I started to search for 9000er. And I had my idea. Scarab green metallic and Pamir leather trim should be. That was on the agenda. An early model if so goes 92 / 93er. Because he did not have a third brake light and wiper rear. For me, the rear was tidier with it. Even Scandinavian!

I searched the web every week from October to March. Totally ill and infected by me.


But then in March it was time. 92er Saab 9000 CSE with 2.3-16 V engine. Without turbo. Very beautiful. With above-mentioned color combination and sunroof. Only 175.000 km down! Immediately it went off to the Swabian.

The external impression fit - he was stainless and not ridden. The windshield wipers in front of the headlights worked perfectly. Nice. The only drawback is heaven! Was more a hammock than the sky of a car.

No matter. I'll do that sometime myself was my thought.

He also had a fresh TÜV. Test drive, contract of sale and gone. In the evening on the return trip, there was a blast at a fugue of a motorway bridge and it got louder. I knew it was exhaust or flexible tube. I stopped in the dark and shone under it. Flex tube.

Looked adventurous but. And was loud. Very loud. More like 130 did not work anymore. The children still slept in the rear with switched on reading lamp without it bothered me. And again the Saab conjured a smile on my lips as if opening the doors.

23 years old? And here it still smells like leather? Brilliant. So thick!

Quite different than in my 95 Aero. The cockpit. A dream. Also the climate. And space behind for the kids. Even with child seats. In short, very satisfied.

And then?

He just drove. Without problems. Arriving home, we went to the Saab Center Zwickau. Flex tube exchanged and a small inspection. Finished. You get from me until today a big compliment! I then did some small work to visually bring him to the booth that I imagined.

I got some original Aero side skirts and a spoiler on the net. Then read the painter ne cure - bumpers and sill altogether so that the ugly plastic that varies over the years age different. I completely painted the spoiler in green. And eliminate the only dent on the top of the boot lid.

When he finished in front of me, the workshop said: "Too bad for driving - this is n classic "I was happy, got in and grinned when driving away.


I like the 2.3 liter teat. Although he is not a turbo, he has power from the basement. And economical for the 8 liter. So equipped and well maintained he was fit for the long journey. The pictures already show it.

He went on a long journey. Can you drive 23km in one piece in a 1000 year old car? With luggage and family?

Yes, you can.

How this succeeded and why I then the 9000er even more into the heart, I tell in part 3 my story.

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    Oh yes, a Saab 9000 would also be very nice if it came to our two 9-3.

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    Well, good question: Unfortunately, the driver was sick.

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    A very nice story and so suitable for so many of us here!
    Wondering only where the 9000der was to the autumn exit?

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    Thank you. Question to the readers:
    How do you like the mirror stickers?
    Attention - they are also readable in the rearview mirror - just when the front man is at the traffic lights!

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      I like the glue! A nice detail that fits well in the shape of the mirror!

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    It is a pleasure to read such stories or expressions of love. That only exists in our select community. I am looking forward to more…..

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    Nice, very nice to read and completely understandable for me. In well-informed circles, it is said that one only from the 3. SAAB can be proposed for the Swedish-German Friendship Medal. The author has already met and similar to me, he has passed from car to car to older and older vehicles, so to speak.

    Unfortunately I do not have an 9000er, but I've gotten 2009er 9-3 from an 2006er 9-5 AERO. The two 9-3er were / are diesel with automatic and altogether very problem-free. So no EGR, no swirl flaps, etc

    The 9-5er was a bit more problematic at the beginning. The porter had waited for him well, but unfortunately in the wrong workshop (Ford / Mazda and over the years !!!). Thank God I have all the old bills and was able to get a picture of what needs to be done to get him fit again.

    Currently, the 9-5er is in good shape again and once you have started with diesel, then you realize only how well the turbo gasoline engines of SAAB are tuned.

    He is simply together with the old but well fitting 5 stages automatic a brilliant travel companion. 7, 8 or even 9 stages I have never missed automatic transmissions in this direction, to adequately progress.

    I look forward to the next episode and wish good luck with the SAAB fleet.

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    The 9000 transmitter in scarab green metallic is a stunner! A dream color at the dream SAAB!
    Have fun with it!

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    There really someone has fulfilled a dream.

    And then so concrete and down to the last detail. Even exclusive rear wiper and third brake light. Hats off!

    By the way, back then, when he was up to date, was allowed to observe a scarab-green metallic 9000er Aero, as the driver on a two-lane open inner city streets has a nocturnal fun with a visually upscale (fender, tires, tailplane) Porsche 928 allowed.

    That was howling funny. A practical and utility-oriented cargo wonder with reading lights and a generous fund on the right and his completely senseless, war-painted and in fact chanceless opposite on the left lane.

    After several traffic light starts, the Porsche driver finally bent bent right into a side street. For this he had to maneuver behind (!) The rear of the 9000 cumbersome past this. The Saab must have been deceived at least, but was outwardly the Swedish innocence of the country.

    As funny as it was to look at (I was young, wild at the time and thought it was good), it was an illegal drag race and in retrospect I find the participation of a "good" Saab a little embarrassing.

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