Saab 99 on the Histo Monte

Saab is a rally brand, without a doubt! The successes are legendary and even today historic Saab models fly through Swedish birch forests at rally events. And we always remember Erik Carlsson - who became immortal as “Carlsson på taket” and who won the Monte Carlo Rally for Saab in 1962 and 1963.

Saab 99 in the Maritime Alps
Saab 99 in the Maritime Alps

Somehow in Carlsson's footsteps - which inevitably happens when you drive the route of the Monte Carlo Rally - was Robert. Not with a 96, but with a 99. After 6 other vehicles from Trollhättan, he bought the 2015 GL in Northern Germany in 99 with only 59.000 kilometers.

The compact Swede, second hand, was in very good condition. The chassis parts were already sandblasted and protected against rust, the rest of the body was well preserved with TimeMax Wax.

Heading on historic Saab trails

Little has been modified for sports use. The instruments have been added, the springs shortened front and rear for better handling on snow. The standard exhaust has been replaced by a stainless steel part, because the rally car also has a good sound.

Then the Histo Monte in 2016. Advertised - and received approval! A Saab is a welcome guest in the field of the usual historical motorsport enthusiasts. And the 99 in particular is now a rarity from Sweden, which makes every event even more varied. The result place 46 is a very respectable result for the first assignment.

Robert describes the 99 as very reliable, comfortable, with quite sporting potential. Maintained and made fit for sporting challenges, he becomes a Saab specialist Heuschmid.

What's next with the compact athlete from Trollhättan? The application for the anniversary Histo Monte 2017 is running. It would be nice if the 99 and his team kept up the German Saab flag. We from the blog are keeping our fingers crossed for a pledge!

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    Cool! Congratulations on this performance through the Alps! Arrived, that counts! 🙂 Been there, ONLY that counts! 🙂 Have fun (and success 😉) with the SAAB! Gladly more information in spe ...

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    It would be nice if it would work with the launch site at the next Histo Monte again. Please then deliver the blog updates!

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    Nice car. Continue to have fun with it.

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