Weekly Review. Saab 900. 9-5 NG inventory. Motor show.

I like Saabs from the 80s and 90s. With some color combinations I get weak, and only the lack of storage space prevents a purchase. 200 kilometers southeast of Madrid is a Saab 900 Coupe, which I think is at least interesting.

Saab 900i 1989
Saab 900i 1989

It's a 900 Saab 1989i first hand. Joan, the seller, describes the condition of the coupe as very good, with continuous documentation and maintenance. The odometer shows just over 75.000 kilometers.

The interior design in Bokhara red of the 80 years looks neat. It can be seen from the well-preserved colors that the Saab was traveling in remote Scandinavia. And the price of 4.500,00 € appears fair.

Offered is the 900, with Swedish first registration, due to a move from Sweden to Spain. Interested fans who appreciate a beautiful and rare Saab with proven history and low mileage, can by mail (ruralmanchega (at) gmail.com) Contact the seller.

Saab 9-5 NG stock numbers

One question that has been asked again and again is the stock of Saab 9-5 NG. Saab Germany had reported about 200 vehicles as sold, and we saw this as an approximate stock number for Germany. Thankfully, Uwe, blog reader and Saab 9-5 NG driver, has contacted KBA.

And behold, we are more. Much more, at least to our very modest standards.

328 Saab 9-5 of the last generation were admitted to the 1.1.2016 in Germany, the breakdown by types can be seen from the KBA table. Thank you Uwe for the information!

Saab 9-5 NG stock 2016. Source: KBA
Saab 9-5 NG stock 2016. Source: KBA
Food Motor Show 2016

Also this year there will be a Saab booth at the Essen Motor Show. The trade fair takes place from 25.11. to 04.12.2016 instead, the 25.11. is as usual Preview Day.

The 1. German Saab Club will once again be at a well-known location in hall 8.1, booth 111. 3 Saab will be presented, one of which should be an 901 Cabriolet. As always, it is recommended to note the appointment; we deliver updates in advance of the event.

10 thoughts on "Weekly Review. Saab 900. 9-5 NG inventory. Motor show."

  • the 2,0er are the Biopowervarianten or?

  • I would like one. Whether exotic or not, it is the (unfortunately) last SAAB.

  • I'm rather surprised that there are so many 2,8T in Germany. If I had not thought, but good in Germany, one pays the vehicle tax yes to capacity and not to PS

  • The workshop network for the 9-5 NG has always been wide-meshed, but is well distributed and competent from north to south. Spare parts are produced by the Orio, meanwhile also parts that were once considered a problem. Other things are being fixed, like the lightbars that are not available anymore. The technology is kindly reliable, especially with the 2 liter turbo. There is little talk against an exotic like the 9-5 NG move.

  • Interesting information about the Saab 9-5 NG inventory numbers. Can the purchase be recommended against the background of the increasing rarity character? I would be irritated, but I dread the expected difficulties (spare parts supply, less and less Saab-affine workshops, lack of screwdriver skills on my part, etc.).

  • As aero and "deer"

  • Too bad that the KBA apparently simply takes over the vehicle performance from the manufacturer's data.
    I know for sure that some of them were stolen the day they were first registered. I would have been interested in how many ...

    But nice that there are more 9-5 NG than thought! ! !

  • The list is really interesting that there are so "many" small diesels ?! Should ask how many 9-7x there are ...

  • And I have one from 36. of it as Aero destined even less.

    Good Sunday and always good SAAB ride

  • Thanks for the very informative table of 9.5 NG stock numbers. I've always tried to get these out, but found nothing.
    Then I have a vehicle from 15, which drive mainly in Hesse on the roads (Y3SG ADB)
    Nice weekend and continue good journey with Saab

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