28 years Saab passion

A hello to all Saab lovers. Maybe you are interested in my Saab story. In the year 2002 a second car had to be parked next to a company car. Since I had to drive the German "premium brands" professionally, I wanted to have a more reliable and not so everyday car.

Saab 9-5, Canada version.
Saab 9-5, Canada version.

A friend had a Saab 80 with more than 9000PS at the end of the 200 years, which they did not look at. I remembered that and decided to get an "understatement_carriage" called Saab. From here began my (sometimes unreasonable) passion for Saab. Now, after a long search, I have found a candidate. A Saab 9000 CSE, 2,0 with 150 PS. Briefly considered, looked at test risks and bought. A super comfortable touring limousine I drove about 2 years without any problems.

Then, quite quickly, a Saab 9-5 Aero wagon 2,3 with 230 PS came to the family and replaced the 9000er. He also drove 2 years without problems. At the same time, I bought a green 900 2,0 with 185 PS as a convertible, because in the meantime a fun and weekend car had to be produced. This we drove also about 2 years.

In the meantime I had been offered a Saab 9-3 2,0 with 150 PS as a saloon in steel-gray metallic, at a price where I could not say no. Unfortunately, the "Threespoke double" Alus is not mounted on the picture. I sold this car for about half a year for the 3-fold. I could not say no again. A short time later wanted a black 900 convertible with also 2,0 engine and 185 PS to us (me). As you can imagine, I could not resist it either. Looked, driven, bought.

Also this convertible pleased us 2 years without significant problems. A short time later we needed again a vehicle with a little more space and trunk. At Lake Constance I spotted a Saab 9-5 Aero as a saloon in silver. 2,3 liter 230 PS. A perfectly maintained Aero with new automatic transmission, engine and turbocharger topped by original Saab bills. This we drove about 3 years without problems, until I saw a Saab 9 5 NG 2,0 BioPower with 220 PS in the net, and was thrilled by the color scheme and the equipment.

He stood by a flagman who insisted the car be exported. I quickly pulled his tooth and got the car 7000, - € cheaper !!!!! to get. The conversion for German traffic (was a Canada model) has done a known to all of us company in the north. I organized the 21er myself, so we had a nice and extraordinary but unfortunately not that good Saab for more 2 years.

Some now definitely want to know what that means. He had problems with the corrosion protection on the underbody and the chassis parts, the chassis was too hard and polterig, 2 wheel bearing made after about 60000Km grinding noise ect. ect. But it is just a beautiful and rare Saab. Since forgive you a lot.

In parallel, I bought (quite unselfishly for my daughter) another Saab 9 3, 2,0 150 PS in black at an annual car dealer for VW and Audi near Magdeburg for 500, - €. A well maintained car as Anniversary model. This had to give way, however, because I found a short time later a "chrome glasses" Aero. Looked, driven, bought. Everything was fine until after about 1 year nobody got the rumble of the front axle under control. Ultimately, after an odyssey at garage visits the engine mount / subframe was identified, where all rubber bushes were worn out ???

Since this Saab had really annoyed me first, he was sold again after the repair. Now I was looking for another Saab. But as it is, if you look for something specific, you will not find it. I was looking for a first-generation 9-5 Aero. When I found no real offer after 4 months, the idea came over to buy a Saab 9-3 Combi as diesel. I did not have it yet. It should be an 1,9 TID with 150PS. A short time later it was called again: looked, driven, bought. Unfortunately, I have no picture yet what I can show you. I drive this 3 months now and I am very satisfied so far.

Retroactively, my wife always says, "You're crazy," with your cars. Maybe she's right. But it is really something special to drive this brand. This passion has been around for nearly 28 years. And as long as there are still mobile and affordable Saabs, I will not drive anything else. The real thrill of my Saab story is that until now I have always had the luck to drive these cars for free. I was able to sell every car I had at a profit again. Saab is not only chic, but enormously economical.

Thanks to Björn for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

 The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab belongs to the automotive life ...

Whatever it is, write us.

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    Nice and nice positive story!

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    Hi Bjorn,
    I can understand you well, because I have been passionate about being an "active" Saab driver for almost 20 years. I usually changed my vehicles after two and a half years or 150-200 tkm. Extrapolated, that's around 1,2 million km with our favorite brand (I admit: miserable CO2 balance ...), the experiences (positive as well as negative) could fill a book. We currently have four Saabs in the family, and since my wife benefits from a wonderful 2008 convertible, luckily I haven't been dubbed insane yet.

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      Hello Thomas
      The thing about being insane is also meant rather sarcastically by my wife. She also benefits from my passion and enjoys driving and driving all Saabs. I can also write a book about the good and bad sides of my models. So if you need tips on these models, feel free to get in touch. After these many years of Saab, I came to the realization that the long-term quality of our brand is far better than that of the so-called "German premium brands". I hope you continue to have fun with your Saabs.
      (and let them pass through the winter accident-free).

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    What I do not understand yet:
    How is that meant by the 28 years? The text is just something of 2002.
    And for what reason do you keep the SAAB for a maximum of two years?

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      Saab fan since 28 years, because I became aware of Saab in the middle of the 80 years, and my friend bought one at the end of the 80 years.
      Why I change the car every 2 years is very simple. I would like to have driven all Saab and more often a "change of scenery". At some point I'll own one or two Saab permanently. .

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        Ah, I realize now, thank you. 🙂
        I can't quite manage to separate after two years of bonding - so the SAAB (an) collection continues to grow, at some point the right sticking point will come and I will remember the models that I really want to keep.

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    This is called the Saab virus. What was missing is a convertible of the second 9-3 generation. I've been selling some Saab after 2 years, but my convertible has been around for 7 years and I'm still excited.

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      Hello troll
      You can count on it. a convertible of the 2ten generation of 9-3 is already on my list. Unfortunately, the market is currently poor (quality) or overpriced. but I have time. The final destination is of course a 900 / 1 convertible. Of course it will not be sold anymore.
      Continue to enjoy your convertible.

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    Thanks for the story! Really impressive and drove almost everything that existed.

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    Great story and very nice cars

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