Saab Pylons. Nothing lasts.

Classic stories always begin with “once upon a time”. Once upon a time in Trollhättan, that would be the prelude to a long, Nordic saga - to match the dark and seemingly endless winter nights. Once upon a time in Trollhättan, that is also the legend of a car brand that is slowly disappearing.

Saab Pylons in the stallbacka
Saab Pylons in the stallbacka

Not from the hearts of the fans, there she lives on. But from public perception and also at her place of birth, more and more signs of her former presence disappear. Sweden is getting poorer by a piece of industrial culture, but maybe new things are growing on historical ground.

Saab Pylons. Defiant and strong as a Swedish oak.

The large Saab pylons that guarded the entrance to the main portal - it's a thing of the past! Definitely, and she defiantly survived the end of the mark by nearly 5 years. In October 2011 it was the photo point for the start of Saabs from the pre-series towards Germany. In beautiful weather, although the sky over Saab was gray-black back then.

She survived bankruptcy and a year later she was still there. The traditional Scania griffin was now missing, but the Saab lettering was still there. In March 2013 NEVS gave the pylons a new face. Saab, yes still, but now without the heraldic animal and with “National Electric Vehicle Sweden” lettering. New, but somehow familiar. A calming pill for the fans that should show continuity.

We know today that it shouldn't turn out like this. Looking back, we're always smarter, and 3 years later, in the summer of 2016, NEVS buried all plans to reactivate the Saab brand. The pylons still stood there, defiant, indomitable, looking very solid, like a gnarled Swedish oak. A kind of Saab lighthouse in the Stallbacka. A relic of past splendor, seemingly unaffected by any changes.

In October, Mark and I visited Trollhättan. We stopped briefly at the Saab Pylone. For a souvenir picture, because it was clear to us, it would be the last visit on historical reason with the prominent pylons in the background. And so it was. It is November, the first snow falls in Trollhättan. And there is a Saab sign less. Only the foundations remind of what was here a short time ago.

Things are moving, nothing is enduring. New will come. Next spring. But nothing is the way it was.

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  • Dear Gebhard, that's exactly how it is! And we are not alone, just not a “market” for which it would be worthwhile. Such a moving computer disguised as a car is out of the question for me. In Switzerland you can currently buy very great Saab for little money. I am very tempted to put my fifth in the garage ...
    Greetings from Basel, Hans

  • I guess so. Currently I am driving towards winter with “Anna”. Almost 20 years old, but still doing really well.

  • Have to say something general. Yesterday and today I “tore down” a good 1.100km with my 10 year old 9-5. Not only I but also my passengers were more than pleasantly surprised by the relaxed ride. Even if the pylons are no longer there, my SAABs are still driving. I hope the others on the blog feel the same way.

  • Ever had to deal with the monument protection in Germany?

    I wonder in both directions, both about what the monument protection banned so as well as about its omissions.

    Buildings are being demolished or distorted by a time-honored remodeling process that is likely to soon be appreciated and preserved as an outstanding representative of their time - much like swapping a well-preserved SAAB 9000 for a scrapping bonus today.

    And as far as branding and advertising are concerned, that also seems to be something very “bad” in D, a profane representative for industry and business, for commerce. Four letters in Gill Sans bold?
    Before anything like this would be listed here, it would have to have at least received international and museum consecrations, given its design quality. Otherwise, German conservationists just just turn up their noses. Is not architecture.

  • Maybe something typically Scnadinavian will follow from Trollhättan. Swimming in the usual mainstream would also be extremely disadvantageous for the development of NEVS - ugly and boring vehicles have been coming from all directions in the vehicle industry for years and special groups of buyers (e.g. SAAB enthusiasts who are distributed all over the world) have it difficult to find an adequate means of transportation.

    From the brand name, this is ultimately not dependent.

  • What I do not understand, maybe I'm too naive, why is not possible with the Scandinavian know-how, what there is no doubt and the Scandinavian design to bring the name Saab Automobile back to life. The technology does not have to be from GM, if I look at today's cars also from below, is very much from the accessories, ie brakes, chassis, control, electronics, multimedia, seats and and and. Bosch is one of the largest suppliers, Magna and what they are all called, I find in all exclusive products from Audi to VW, there are enough creative people who have shown with great skill what the future of Saab might look like.
    Was it last 100.000 vehicles? Other companies can make ends meet with them. And please products for Saab customers, i.e. hatchback, large valve, 4-cylinder turbo, safety, robustness, exotic - a Saab should always be recognizable as a Saab, 2-door (3-door), 4-door, roaming around Windshield, based on aircraft construction, suitable for winter, gladly again a 4-seater convertible, large platform, smaller platform, classless travel car and powerful sports car
    9000 / 9-5, 900 / 9-3, Cabrio, Sonett - what more do we need. The cars don't have to chase every fashion either, they can be their own, but they are good and of good quality.

    If I look at Scandinavian design, Jensen, Stelton, Tandberg, Eva Solo, DK, Bang & Olufsen, Ericsson, ...
    Volvo has staggered, you do not have to like, but the customers appreciate Volvo very much,
    simple concept, not cars for every niche in every variant ... well a few thoughts,
    in Bremen we are experiencing the resurrection of Borgward, and many are delighted
    Triumph in the field of motorcycles has also hit it well and the modern retro bikes are arriving ...
    I still don't have the money ...

  • I would like to join, also the franc troll:
    Hopefully you, Tom and Mark, will continue for a long time !!!

    Who needs all-encompassing media and viral marketing support for the passion of the car when they have ...?

  • It's just a shame and I'm personally very sad. Again a piece of what for me life feeling and value disappeared disappears. Whatever happens to Nevs, I'm having a hard time with it. Advanced technologies are accelerating our lives and, in my opinion, more and more superficial. Also I feel design elements eg. Audi and co absolutely chubby and can not start with it. Alone with a flashing Audi before me, I am immediately aware of that. Maybe I see things too conservative. Just how on? I see only a few alternatives. Therefore, my first focus is my Saab, with which I hope I will have many years of fun. I hope that Tom and Mark will continue for a long time and keep the block and the fan community alive.
    Best regards from Saxony ...

  • When this news came on the blog early this summer that NEVS will continue without the SAAB mark, I fancied it was a bit of panic:
    Driving SAAB for 12 years, with an increasing number of vehicles, and then shortly before my very first visit to Trollhättan, the SAAB signs should fall ...

    Puuuh, in hindsight just made. The obligatory photos in the stablebacka with its own SAAB are in the box and on every screen workstation that I use.
    And at the end of August the sun was shining from a bright blue sky over the signs ...

  • Of course we are thinking about the future development, which is logical. In addition some details will come soon.

  • For example, the Saab logos on the factory halls could have been relatively safely protected, at least in Germany, if they had enforced a monument protection. But that would be the task of the city administration.

  • I agree completely. There are simply too many design elements from the Proll tuning scene come into the mainstream, in addition to contrived design with consumption factor (concave surface where you look) and hipster and other images. Sachargumente when buying a car does not seem to pull anymore or does not exist anymore.

  • I quote the title of the article: “Nothing lasts”. This year has been extremely bad for the brand, I would completely understand if they stopped. After all, it has been in daily use for SAAB for almost 6 years.
    Of course, I hope for another 6 years

  • One of the Saab signs will find a new home on Innovatum. In Trollhättan one takes care of oneself, also NEVS is aware of the responsibility for the history.

  • Is there no monument protection in Schwenden? I think it looks as if the city administration of Trollhättan had been sleeping there.

  • Really sad. Maybe NEVS is making something out of the SAAB heritage that's great for the future? I hope that Tom and Mark will have the power to write blog for a long time to come. This loss would be really bad.

  • Sounds very sad.
    I am glad that I have taken pictures with my Saab before the 2013 festival just before this original pylon and before the Saab lettering with the 5 flagpoles (unfortunately already without Saab flags). She will never again.
    Incidentally, the last two days have sorted all the brochures, books, models and everything else about Saab and rearranged. On the one hand there is some sadness on the other hand but also pride to own these unique things. In addition, of course, come the Saab vehicles in the original.

  • Well, that's how the automobile culture dies.
    Maybe even better that way, before she gets raped - see Lancia.
    If I hear the name Mini today and see, everything hurts.
    Mainstream is sold as an individual concept. With few colored accents.
    And who knows what comes from Sweden then.
    What else should you buy today in the car sector?
    I have never been as perplexed as today-
    Are all anyway grim flashing tinsel the one in the dark accommodating- and no more color !!
    Black, silver, black, gray.
    Cars - the colored I-phones.
    Sad sad.

  • The foundation for the hobby SAAB (the parts supply for all existing SAABs) still stands ..

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