Weekly review. Viggen x 2 & planes over the factory

One of the vehicles you should have driven at least once is the Saab 9-3 Viggen. He is somehow and even today an extreme sabbath. Earlier, because he was fast, brute and uncouth. In the present, because he is still fast, brute and uncouth. There are things that retain their validity.

Nice 9-3 Viggen
Nice 9-3 Viggen

Saab 9 3 Viggen 1.0

I have to admit that I am missing a Viggen in the inventory. But first of all, both halls are full, and the emergency garage is already taken. And secondly, I don't know which Saab I could part with. A good friend from Hamburg made a nice, because also unreasonable, investment. He gave himself a viggen.

The Viggen in Lightning Blue comes from well-known previous ownership in southern Germany. He was cared for by Taubenberger, so his story is clear, 250 Hirsch PS promise full drive. A differential ensures that the turbo horses land reliably on the asphalt.

What remains for the blog crew is to wish a safe and safe flight! You can read more about the fascinating 9-3 Viggen on our youngtimer blog.

Saab 9 3 Viggen 2.0

Anyone who, due to family circumstances, lack of space or lack of suitable offer, unfortunately can not afford to pay, we have the right model in our fan shop. The 9-3 Viggen Coupe in the rare Monte Carlo Yellow gives you a little comfort when the 1: 1 vehicle is not in the carport.

It has a German approval, however it may have come about. Because we see Swedish license plates on most PremiumX models. The Viggen Coupé, like the Saab 900i sedan, is new in the shop and the perfect Christmas present for every fan.

Airplanes over the Saab factory

Saab's history and aircraft construction are inextricably linked. Even today, because the Trollhättan - Vänersborg airfield is only separated from the former Saab factory by a road and a field. Two North American SK16 veterans from the Swedish Air Force hibernate in the hangars.

North American SK in front of the Saab factory. Photo Credit: TTELA
North American SK in front of the Saab factory. Photo Credit: TTELA

Shortly before the first heavy snowfall, the press got a sightseeing flight over the factory and the airfield. A picture, almost like in days gone by. And certainly a historical document, because next year the Saab lettering will no longer be available in the background. For aviation fans and incorrigible Saab nostalgics, as I am, the local newspaper has one Video of the event.

And you can read that in the new week on the blog:
  • Saab 9-5 NG. A summer fairytale.
  • The future of the blog project

And a lot more. I am also on the way. New cars test for the blog. Seriously. Does that sound interesting?

12 thoughts on "Weekly review. Viggen x 2 & planes over the factory"

  • Good question. You do not actually do that, but here's the counter question:
    Is not Volvo not always a topic on the fringes of this blog?

    There is the new brand, there were the rumors and again and again there are mentions and comparisons. For example the 9000 with his contemporary 760.

    After all, Volvo is Swedish. Probably most Saabfahrer have an affinity to it. The engines (Turbo, 4 cylinder, 2 liter) and the FWD or AWD are now very reminiscent of SAAB. But yes, I think Volvo is an acceptable topic.

  • That is a very sensitive topic. If anything was within reach of NEVS, the question would probably not arise. But if I really remember Tom`s last article about NEVS we will all be gray and old before that comes.

    It would be a shame to lose this extremely good blog just because there are no more topics ... or fewer. A second brand, carefully selected, wouldn't be wrong at all.

  • Would it be. Because someday you need something for everyday life and Saab becomes more and more a hobby.

  • I'm looking forward to the new car. Tesla or Volvo?

  • I would really like to have a Viggen, but at least I have a blue Viggen model car in my display case. I am also interested in the story of the new car, a last secretly built Saab that is hidden somewhere? Would be a dream

  • The number plate of the yellow Viggen is legendary: Philip from viggenfactfile drove the license plate on his Viggen. I still have pictures of it flying around somewhere ...

  • Because he was never built. Sorry people, sent off too soon.

  • An 9-3 II Viggen Coupe has always been my dream 🙂 Unfortunately, he has never met.

  • That sounds like an interesting week on the SAAB blog! New cars also sound highly suspicious again ... Hmm. NEVS?

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