Saab 9-5 NG. A dream of Sweden.

Hisingen is Volvo Land. The peninsula is firmly in the hands of the other Swedish brand, and if you dare with a Saab on their terrain, then you feel pretty lonely on the road. At the end of the season, the 9-5 NG visited Sweden again in October.

Hisingen in front of the Volvo Museum. A Saab in Volvo country.
Hisingen in front of the Volvo Museum. A Saab in Volvo country.

A Saab on Hisingen. That is noticeable.

Next to NEVS and the Saab Museum there was a visit to Volvo. And to the picture in front of the museum, which brought us not only nice looks. The 9-5 stands out. Still and no matter where you are on the road. And no matter if you are Saab fan or not. The Saab is a topic, and if you want to be inconspicuous, you have to look for another car

The last Saab sedan also traveled throughout the country this year. Whether deep in the south or to "pilots wanted" to Kiel. There is hardly a better and more comfortable touring car. Space without end, the sports seats are a force, the trunk has infinite widths. The Saab is fast, really fast. If needed, the GPS will display 265 Km / h, which seems to be something of a standard with all stunted 2 liter engines. He is relatively economical on the way, even at speed.

Reliable - but small problems

He is very reliable. The initial fear that a car built in small series and under the most difficult circumstances could be a diva has not been proven true yet. What attracted attention in recent months, these are trifles. For example, the brake front right. She has been grinding for some time. What is a known problem when the vehicle is not moved regularly. Remedy will come in the next year by new brakes from better quality material. In spring 2017, ATE brakes will replace the original rig.

A sensitive personality has developed the automatic selector lever. If you push it to level P at the end of the journey and stop the engine, the display will ask you to move the lever to level P. The display can be calmed only by a new engine start, pressure on the brake pedal, threading the lever from level P. Then the spook is over. This happens again and again, but not regularly. But apparently, when you are in a hurry. An explanation? Does not exist yet.

I have never regretted the purchase of the 9-5 NG. On the contrary ! He is fun and in a good mood, and if you are in the mood for an extroverted, individual car, you will be happy with it. However, the last Saab is a true exotic. What does not affect the spare parts supply. Orio Do a good job, except for some construction sites, the delivery capacity is very high.

But one becomes cautious, the older the 9-5 gets. Above all, because you always have in mind the certainty that there will never be more supplies under the Saab brand name. Unless there is a miracle. But that would take more from the world, and hoping Saab would be wrong. The logical consequence: The Saab went this year on season plates.

The 9-5 NG is now resting until April. What gives me the good feeling that it can not come with snow and ice to the risk of unwanted cold deformation. It is a hard withdrawal, but it is also anticipation - for another year with the Schwedentraum.

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  • 21. November 2016 at 10: 45 AM

    Quand reverra t on a SAAB même faite par NEVS?

    • 21. November 2016 at 12: 28 PM

      Jamais, and that's good. It's sad enough that Volvo is Chinese.

  • 21. November 2016 at 12: 29 PM

    Great report and great car.
    I think he will increase in value the more time passes.
    Timeless shape - high recognition.
    And a pity that I have no room left ...
    Please continue to care.

  • 21. November 2016 at 1: 40 PM

    Nice article, hopefully more on the subject! I'll buy 9-5 NG at some point, but as a station wagon

    • 21. November 2016 at 4: 44 PM

      I would like that too. But is difficult to estimate at 20 ever built copies. And those who are understandably are in extremely firm hands. What can you do? Maybe build yourself ??? The Lafarentz family in Kiel always have good ideas.

      • 22. November 2016 at 12: 17 PM

        build yourself would be the idea, somewhere there will be (unfortunately) a damaged 9-5NG, take the take, missing parts of Insignia and then assemble

  • 21. November 2016 at 3: 25 PM

    Great report, I still feel annoyed that I did not accept 2012 an offer of a small car demonstration car. Heck, our 900 convertible is more than a replacement

  • 21. November 2016 at 5: 05 PM

    Hey Tom! Very nice article!
    I can only agree with the "stir". Was with my black Dick ship 14 days after you in front of (and I of course in) Volvo Museum and then a couple of days in Sweden / Norway on the road. You also turn heads in Scandinavia after the last big Saab.

    And to the pain with the automatic lever - I have that occasionally synonymous - I found after a long search and try a solution that helps me with 100%:
    In the case of the message, just let the small silver lock button on the gearshift lever forward (ie press and let your fingers "slip off"). For me, the message is then gone immediately. I suspect that the button is not quite back to its original position and so the position of the lever can not be detected (amateur guess!)
    Anyway - with me this works fast and reliable even in "urgent" situations

    • 21. November 2016 at 6: 13 PM

      Thank you! I had been hoping for hints. That sounds logical and will be tried!

  • 21. November 2016 at 11: 46 PM

    Very nice article!
    and Tom, there are really beautiful cars in your garage, even for Saab "crazy" conditions:
    The 9-5 NG as a sedan in white, perhaps the crowning glory of the entire series (the aircraft's appearance is never clearer), glorious in front of the glass facade of the museum ...
    ..and Silver Aero and Anna Project and ...
    Hopefully you will / will remain enthusiastic for a long time, it is always a joy to read here again!

    Thank you. And have fun with the Schwedentraum ..!

  • 22. November 2016 at 6: 12 PM

    Tom, hope you drive these beautiful cars to Kiel for the next Pilots Wanted. How much KM did your 9-5 NG drive now? I am at 96.000 and may need to think about doing something similar. But with which car do you have to drive to work?

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