About the future of the blog project

The year 2016 is running slowly. 7 weeks to go, it's history. It was an annus horribilis for the Saab brand - a terrible year. It was our hope for many years that Saab would come back to the market. Which became weaker and weaker, but somehow remained present in the background.

Saab factory in October 2016
Saab factory in October 2016

Since summer of this year, the hope is past. The Saab signs at work are disappearing, an era of Swedish industrial culture is now a case for historians. Our mission is fulfilled.

What will become of the blog?

Any halfway sensible person would now take the opportunity to pull the plug at the end of the year. And any halfway realistic reader would understand that. Because things are clear in the medium term. There will be fewer and fewer readers, possibly fewer blog supporters. At the same time, the effort will continue to increase. This year was already extremely demanding; there were articles that took months of preparation and research to deliver 5 minutes of reading.

The blog is a dinosaur.

In almost 6 years we have experienced a lot - and survived. The crazy time with Victor Muller, the tragic bankruptcy. The work of the bankruptcy trustees, the struggle for the Saab Museum. Disappointment and hope with NEVS, and more and more young timer topics on the blog. The blog has changed, ongoing, and only in this way could it survive. If on normal days there are still more than 3.000 people visiting the blog every day, that's a little crazy. The lunatic factor, as Saab used to say.

The fact is that the great Saab blog culture, with many bloggers around the world, is now almost history. And our project, as one of the last dinosaurs, still holds the Saab flag up.


We have thought a lot about the possible future in the past few weeks. Via the blog, about possible future projects, about their financing. There are two, actually three, options. Probably the worst of all would be to stop the blog.

The second, Plan B so to speak, would be to switch to the Youngtimer blog. It hasn't been maintained in years but stayed online for good reason. As a last retreat with the opportunity to write an article about old Saab sheet metal every week.

The third option would be to rebuild the blog again. To make him fit for the new era without any hope of a comeback for the brand. Mark and I have some ideas that might work.

Other authors.

Open the blog to additional authors. We are currently trying out direct access as a guest author with some readers. Readers who want to write about their Saab hobby at irregular intervals no longer have to submit their articles by email. In the future, you can directly access our infrastructure - in our eyes, the option of a contemporary solution that avoids duplicate work. We will decide in the next few weeks whether and to what extent we will do this in 2017.

The clubs on the blog.

Access for the clubs. We have already decided to have access for the Saab clubs. From January 2017, we will give the clubs access to the blog if they wish. The 1. We have already granted German Saab Club access. He is organizer of the International Saab Club meeting 2017 in Dinslaken and has a lot to publish in the coming year.

Digital Saab platform

The blog as a digital Saab platform and archive. Another sophisticated option is the digitization of the Saab history. Some readers and friends have Saab documents, manuals, brochures that would fill a large truck. Digitizing them and preserving them permanently is a major challenge. We have an “archivist” in prospect who would do the work. And we have readers who would share their historical treasures with digitization.

What will not come, we have also thought about it, is the permanent presence of another brand on the blog. NEVS would be the absolute exception, even on the basis of historical circumstances. It will stay that way.

The next weeks

It is clear that we want to continue writing the blog. Even if the situation is difficult, we don't want to just pull the plug. At least we want to use the year 2017 to redesign the blog in one way or another and thus, hopefully, make it safe for the future. It is clear that it will not be easier to keep the Saab Spirit alive in the coming years.

The challenge is defined, and we are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Like 2015, we will ask readers for blog support again this year. We ask once a year, and readers and fans who like to read the blog this year can help us with their personal contribution to the tasks ahead. It will be time again next week.

At the end of the year there will be a major technical update on the blog. The appearance will not change much, but we are building for online access, more storage space and future options. The blog then has to go offline for some time. But he's coming back.

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  • Hello Olaf!
    I know what you want to say. I understand that too. But fortunately, there are many opinions on this topic. If NEVS ever appears on the European market with cars, we will all certainly have an eye on it. But a Saab will definitely not be (at least for me). That's what I wanted to say.
    Greetings Björn

  • This is indeed my biggest concern that NEVS could be late. The situation seems to be changing from Blue Ocean to Red Ocean.

    NEVS has no know-how in the most important area of ​​the e-car, the battery. They buy that from an allied company. This financial gearing can also be a disadvantage if any other battery manufacturer comes up with something better and then the competition, such as Daimler or Volkswagen, can use them (Tesla has gone into a similar situation with the Gigafactory.) You now have the flexibility what to build your own, better, but at the same time the risk, if they do not succeed in comparison to the battery competition.)

    On the other hand, Daimler has also announced that they will launch fuel cell cars on the market. And nixed.

  • Great, done! Long live the blog!
    The work / info you provide is sensational! Sound, understandable (!) And always thrilling to read. I like to do this subscription! 🙂
    Congratulations to 1000 subscription!
    Best regards!

  • If you stick a Fiat logo on a SAAB it will not be a Fiat for a long time. The line is unmistakable SAAB. And that line will continue (as it stands) through NEVS. So for me it's not two different things. They belong together. The SAAB legacy will be passed on through NEVS. The letters in front are not the most important. That's what I mean!

  • Hello!
    the comparison is absolutely correct! It's just to say that 2 are different brands.
    That does not mean that the NEVS has to be bad. Only Saab is just Saab and NEVS is just NEVS. That has nothing to do with prices, reliability or service. Incidentally, civil engineers attach great importance to the brands they use! And now NEVS has no image (yet). And Audi is actually doing nothing, but obstruct the same parts that VW pretends. Accordingly, they also have the same problems. What are 4 letters? Well if that does not matter we stick Fiat on our Saabs. Are only letters. NEEEEEEE. It's not that easy.
    Greeting Björn

  • I think the comparison with Hanomag-Komatsu lags slightly. As long as price, reliability and service are correct, it almost does not matter which construction equipment brand you use.

    For cars, there are emotional factors that should not be underestimated. These are eg Image, Design and Prestige. Audi makes that almost masterful. They sell solid VW technology, nicely packed, at a higher price. And there are many car brands that drive the same strategy.
    NEVS seems to be based on SAAB heritage. And in addition to the objective points, these are the emotional factors that make up the much-mentioned SAAB DNA. Which other company than NEVS could be closer to the SAAB DNA? What are 4 letters? 😉

  • PS

    I forgot to write how happy I am that it will continue ...

    And a thousand thanks to the bloggers so far! ! !

  • Thanks for the daily dose "Lunatic Factor"!
    Respect for the commitment you make to the blog and the SAAB community. Writing posts almost daily alongside work and family is a mammoth task that two people can hardly afford in the long term. I am very glad that you carry on and want to spread the work over several shoulders.
    The contributions are in my opinion of the highest quality. Since so many a blog and some car magazine can cut a slice. I really donate something for that. If everyone joins in, there will certainly be a nice sum together, which at least compensates for the expenses and a part of the effort.
    I hope you stay next to SAAB on the subject of NEVS. Nowhere else can you read about it as detailed and well-founded as on Saabblog. The story remains exciting.
    At the place still a big compliment to the community! In comments logically reflect different opinions. Even if you disagree, dealing with each other on Saabblog is beneficial unlike on most other online platforms of any kind. It shows the utmost respect and is at a pleasingly high level. Thanks for that!

  • The message to continue writing the blog is a good reason for the ABO:
    Come on, SAABian,
    the 3 subscriptions to get over the magic number of 1000 (!) subscribers should be possible NOW! 🙂
    (maybe we blog readers will experience fireworks ... 😉)
    PS: the yellow “Viggen” as a model is great! 🙂

  • I still think it might be possible that the Saab AB, possibly re-assigns the naming rights. I think it just needs to be the right product and the right partner. At RR, it was certainly the case that BMW continued or started anew in the tradition of RR. What exactly was the case with BMW, even with Mini. Apart from the retro look inspired by the old Mini, it has nothing to do with the old Mini any more, but it is beautiful and an enrichment for our street scene that there are new modern Mini`s on the street. Others (eg Daimler / Smart or Toyota / Lexus) are just raising a new brand for this purpose. I would think of a few companies that would still lack a premium brand in the portfolio, such as Hyundai or Renault or PSA currently trying it with the brand DS. What I've always appreciated so much about this blog were interesting articles that sometimes went well beyond the Saabellerrand out, but you can definitely on a blog that deals with automobiles, can write because they are simply very interesting. Such as the Borgward story or reports or comparisons with Tesla or other players in the e-car industry. It might also be interesting to devote a little attention to e-mobility in general. Especially politically, there is a lot happening to initiate the change. But also in the technology since with rechargeable batteries not the last word must be spoken. Alternatives are, for example, the fuel cell, or recently I have seen a report on a Swiss company that has developed a system to generate electricity through 2 Füssigkeiten (one positively the other negatively charged) in the vehicle, which has the advantage that Today, the gasoline can simply be refueled. That means range would not be a problem anymore.

  • This morning it was in my local newspaper. Daimler wants to have 2019 10 electric models on the market, and I'm sure they will. Logically, that's a bigger group, if he struggles a bit, just faster and with more power and money can force things, than NEVS. NEVS can only swim on the wave, if it becomes one. The big corporations, at least not all, have not slept and will now get some things out of the drawer as well. Tesla will now harvest what was sown many years ago. Let's see what's left of the cake for NEVS.

  • Hello everyone. I'm happy that you let the Saab blog live on. And judging by all the readers and Saab fans, many would have been depressed. I will definitely stay loyal to you and the Saab brand. With all my heart I wish you continued success.

  • Without offending anyone or wanting to question the blog, but the “visibility” of Saab is guaranteed entirely through the use of the vehicles in everyday life. Or who visits a Saab blog, a Saab forum or similar websites without Saab? I don't have to make sure for myself that there are other Saab drivers ... I see them every day on the way to work. Yesterday a 901 5d Sedan, today a 9000 Turbo and 5 minutes later a 901 CV.

  • Thank you very much for continuing and for the immense work you have invested here. I also think that NEVS should continue to be reported because they are the legitimate successors of our beloved brand. In my case, the next time I buy a car, the brand would definitely be an option.

  • I'm definitely looking forward to Paul what he still experiences everything
    Find it great if you carry on, I would also be very happy if there are still many of NEVS listen (the mark is officially death, but the staff there have apparently the genes still full in the veins!), I found the reports and especially the last factory tour extremely exciting !!!
    Regarding the blog conversion, I am honestly glad, the contributions are sometimes quite deep in the archives and it is sometimes only about Google to find something, a nice categorization would be an advantage.

    I still somehow miss reports about the recent Saab, where are these, how are those, how and why were they produced only for the Americans in Mexico, special techniques in the Saab (cup holder, SAHR, turbo), the AeroX drives currently and who is he, SaabClubs in America, Sweden, Finland, Russia, how are those to Saab, where does the love for Saab come from, what makes Saab unique?

    Any questions I enjoy reading here in the future

    Keep up the good work, you have been my absolute night reading !!
    I'm looking forward to more Saab owner stories !!!

  • Hello Tom and Mark,

    all of us can only take our hat off for the passion you have shown and for the great reports and say thank you! I am very pleased that you want to continue and keep the brand alive. Because that's exactly what you transport into the world. Many have said all of this before me, but I would like to convey my personal thank you in this form. Please continue, gladly with Nevs, although it is not really my topic. Every reader will be happy to instruct a support contribution. I also like the ideas with the Saab clubs and additional authors. This blog becomes a young or oldtimer blog almost automatically. From 2004 to 2012 I only drove Saab, alongside the well-known German brands for professional reasons. Then in 2012 I needed a new vehicle and I left. The decision gave me a few sleepless nights. Your blog and your emotions fueled my passion for Saab cars again in 2013, more than ever! I read the blog every day and am happy about every sign of life. That's exactly what you give us and ultimately leads to that priceless smile when you meet another Saab driver on the way and you greet each other. In today's world, this is truly not a matter of course.

    I am looking forward to many new reports from you!

    Best Regards

  • Dear Tom! Dear Mark!

    A big thank you for the time you invest in the blog! Respect for the work you do for our SAAB brand! And recognition that you do not pull the plug but want to develop the blog further.

    I think it's great that you 2017 even the SAAB drivers and clubs opens the door and invites them to participate! I also think that setting up a digital SAAB platform is an ingenious idea. I was always grateful when I found a solution for one or the other technical problem in the new media and could exchange ideas with like-minded people!

    Thank you for creating a cool-down phase with our interesting articles for many of us in our hectic times, when the hamster wheels are turning faster and faster!

    I'm looking forward to 2017!

  • Almost 6 years, what a long time. Lots of great articles, lots of reading pleasure. Thank you for all the work. I skipped over one of the options for the blog and I'm looking forward to the new ideas. And to the big festival for the 10 year old ... 🙂

  • Hello Tom and Mark,

    I've only been active in the SAAB driver family since 2011 and since then I've occasionally appeared on the blog with more or less meaningful comments. The (your) blog is pleasantly different from many others. Almost everything that has been written so far is characterized by fairness, openness and healthy curiosity, whereby, of course, there are also critical aspects to be found under these conditions.

    In my opinion, it should be continued with the inclusion of special meanwhile unfortunately unfortunately historical aspects, if the effort is still to be represented.

    Conclusion: simply good work and good work should be continued !!!

  • Dear Tom!
    Please carry on! What else should I read after lunch?
    Greetings from Vienna and PayPal button activate!

  • Tom and Mark,
    Good that we can continue to read the blog. What would be the time slow when it did not exist anymore. I think the idea to give access to Saab Clubs is not bad at all. But maybe there are other ideas for support. You two; We look forward to continuing.

  • Thank you Christian! Mark and I decided “pro” NEVS in the summer. It was (and is) clear to us that not every reader understands this. Therefore, we look forward to your and the other comments that see a legitimate place for NEVS here.

  • The RR consideration is interesting. There was more than one case in automotive history where plants successfully changed names and brand. Neckarsulm is an example from Germany. Once NSU / Auto Union with the unforgotten RO 80, today Audi AG.

  • short and sweet:
    THANK YOU for your work and the time you spend!
    And THANK YOU to continue!

  • Hello Tom and Mark

    I would also find it extremely unfortunate if the blog were to be slow. For about a year now I have my Saab and a significant part of my enthusiasm for the car and the brand I get from this blog. Incredible information is provided here, the contacts in the background allow great stories every week and keep the brand Saab present every day. Presenter than she actually is ... But without the blog I would probably just have an old car in the garage whose brand does not exist anymore ... OK, still a very nice old car

    I can imagine that for you the effort for the blog is very large. Rides to Sweden, the Anna and Paul projects, research in archives and the gathering of information in the form of very appealing contributions ... all this takes a lot of enthusiasm and time. Probably much more than just a hobby. You also want to drive a car ... or just relax ...

    So I fully understand when you bring blogs together, get new writers on board, get the archive with an archive and spread the work across multiple shoulders. Also support contributions in the form of a PayPal transfer you may introduce from my point of view. Converting a few cents of readers to the day would probably help you, at least financially, to remain fairly harmless.

    That it is less information from the information is, unfortunately, foreseeable. Witnesses are or have retired, others have new responsibilities in new corporations and few have unfortunately already passed away. Nevertheless, there is still the Lunatic Factor ... I think a very big piece of it ...

    Many greetings from Central Switzerland

  • Good that you continue! Very good. There are a lot of people who are still interested. But what is more important to me is my perception of the situation that Saab is by no means history.

    Please think about the case of Rolls Royce, which has some parallels. Sale to another company (here Volkswagen), annoyance with the holder of the naming rights (Rolls Royce Aerospace (yes, also aviation, such as Saab AB)), then renaming (in Bentley). Did that disturb the Rolls Royce customers? But they did not care, ha! Only some sheikhs without a clue have actually bought their cars in the future with the new Rolls Royce counterfeit, the others have just ordered the same company with a new name.

    NEVS is the legal successor of Muller, they have the factory, they have the people, they have a lot of know-how, all Orignial Saab, just like RR / Bentley. The only difference is that a bigger product break comes. But times are different, and electromobility seems to belong to the future (despite range hysteria). So new products and new strategies are needed.

    Whether NEVS succeeds in restarting production is not certain. But with all the bluster, they seem to have done a lot better than Muller. They stopped production before they went bankrupt, they managed to raise new funds, and they DEVELOPED, according to what I hear, quite violently.

    I think that remains absolutely newsworthy, even if the availability of newly built trolls in Trollhättan cars is still something in the future and you can write less. Currently.

  • NEVS as a successor to the SAAB history should definitely remain in focus.

    The first generation of NEVS e-cars for China will hardly differ in appearance from the last SAAB 9-3 models, and at least in this respect will produce the continuous line between SAAB and NEVS.

    The NEVS vehicle generations that follow then also for the European markets are perhaps more interesting for current SAAB enthusiasts than some readers suspect (successful Scandinavian design, very good quality and of course safety at a high level).

    We should wait and see what comes out of Trollhättan - after all, only then is a judgment possible.

  • All good thoughts and ideas! Who would not be happy about an archive?

    Unfortunately, it's about time to put SAAB's old-, young- and baby-timers together in a blog, because there will never be new cars from and real news about SAAB. But hey, that could be the best blog ever! ! !

  • Hello SAAB friends,

    think it's great not to let the SAAB blog die unlike the industry.

    My “newest” SAAB 9-5 2.3t Model 2002 kombi will live for a very long time, the predecessors were all sold at the age of 10-15.
    SAAB is indestructible (probably the reason to let the brand die).
    Thanks to great dealers who continue to get spare parts, the box lives with me certainly longer than me.
    I am not interested in anything - SAAB is my brand of car.

    Go on………………

  • Hello Tom & Mark,

    Thank you for your passion for SAAB and this blog! I'm looking forward to many more and varied stories in 2017!

    Concerning. In terms of the focus of the topic, I see it a little more differentiated than one or the other reader - whose opinion I definitely appreciate and respect.

    Only I think that Nevs should also get a chance to become a worthy descendant of the SAAB story, because if you look at the history of the company and Sweden in general, then you often discover hard, because necessary course changes. And that does not mean the few improvements in the GM era.

    In any case, I am and will remain curious about what will follow. Volvo's Lynx & Co project is exciting and points to a future that Nevs will probably also follow.

    Of course, this future music has nothing to do with my great affection for my 9-3 SC and 901 Cab. In any case, I will be very happy about contributions about the two models!

    Walk on!

  • EXCELLENT! You carry on! 🙂 🙂
    You are doing a fantastic job for the SAAB story. Info about Trollhättan and its automobiles with their technical finesse still make great head movies. If you did not place this information, the brand would be really dead. So everyone can indulge in the past and enjoy the present in the SAAB. This is certainly worth supporting the blog.
    Info about NEVS — remains exciting, if not emotional. Other brands as a focus, no thanks.
    EVERYTHING is changing, so does the blog. That's a good thing and shows how up-to-date the blog and content can be. I'm looking forward to 2017!

  • I think it's great that you continue to live the blog aloud. But unfortunately it will be that he develops into a Young or Oldtimer blog but that's just fine. Whether NEVS should continue to be a topic in the blog will bring the time. Other brands should be the exception to the blog.

  • Dear Tom, dear Mark,
    An eventful and memorable year for the brand comes to an end. It is only understandable to pause and reflect on how it goes on. I do not know how other SAAB riders are doing, but I have to stop constantly and reflect on whether it is still feasible and feasible to continue to drive SAAB and to continue to apply the hassle and effort that comes with it. This is my little SAAB microcosm, if I multiply all that and transfer it to a project on the scale of the SAAB blog, I sometimes wonder what drives both of you, but always to go on for another year, next to job, family, Friends, pets, and so on. And that spurs me on again. If everyone resigns and turns off the light and unplugs, it will soon be dark. I'll keep the lights on and try my best to contribute my own small contribution to the SAAB blog project next year. All the best and a steady confidence for the coming year.

  • NEVS writes something about new cars in 2020 on Instagram. 8 years of construction for an electric car? What do they do all day? It's almost like in Wolfsburg, they'll come in 2025. But then powerful ...
    I think it's good if the blog is changing. SAAB is fun and I want to go SAAB and read SAAB! With support for a great blog 2016 I'm here.

  • Great that you continue. Good if in the future it will also be more about “younger” SAABs. Drive a 9-3-2 convertible with Hirsch from 2006, after facelift.

    So, thank you again for your great work.
    Greeting Kruki from Dusseldorf

  • Hello dear Saab fans.
    Unfortunately, I was right when I wrote here years ago, “Saab is and will remain history”. I have been described as a pessimist and a polluter. But anyone who knows something about the economy could quickly see what was in store for the Saab company.
    We should all enjoy and cherish our Saabs. NEVS has with Saab as we appreciate it but also have nothing to do except that they are based in the old plant. I was never interested in the stories of NEVS. Even if NEVS should eventually bring new vehicles to the European market - which I do not believe - are the NEVS vehicles and no Saabs! Ask Hanoverian if Komatsu has anything to do with Hanomag. No they do not have, except that they use parts of the old site.
    Many blog readers will find the stories about Saab good, but would also like more technical support or general tips for their vehicles. Is definitely worth considering.
    We have to come to terms with the fact that in the future we will only drive joung or classic cars. That's fact. But an IG like this blog can not be history.
    I wish all Saab drivers continue to enjoy their cars and always an accident-free ride.

  • where can I find the PayPal button for a donation, so that it will continue next year !!!

  • Hats off that you want to continue writing! Without a blog, the brand is invisible, I'll talk with my SAAB screwdriver if he can not support the blog in the future!

  • When I left the subject of e-mail on my cell phone, I already had a pulse: They won't switch off ...! Thank god it goes on. Opening up the topic to authors and clubs is a great idea. But I was really excited about the idea of ​​digitizing existing documents. In this sense, it goes on and it remains exciting. Thank you very much for that!

  • To publish brochures and information material here should be a great thing to browse for hours. I myself have a lot of material from the 80er and 90er years of Saab. The question is, if you could somehow organize it, that readers of this blog could submit it. The copyright would then have to be clarified.
    Best regards!

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