Saab at the Essen Motor Show 2016

It is a beautiful tradition and speaks for the great commitment to our brand. The members of 1. German Saab Clubs are showing their flag at the Essen Motor Show this year too. And as always, you have selected very special specimens for the exhibition stand.

Saab 900 Cab and R900. Image: 1.deutscher Saab Club
Saab 900 Cab and R900. Image: 1.deutscher Saab Club

Saab R900 at the Motor Show 2016

The most exciting example is probably the Saab R900. The special series was introduced in 1996; she has a German background, which we have already discussed on the Blog have reported. How many copies of the rare model survived is unclear. The R900 can hardly be found on the road; It is all the better that one of these vehicles is shown in Essen.

Who praises the R900 neglects the 900 sedan. The long Saab 900 CD is at least as rare, as deserves the beautiful convertible attention. This year, the 1. German Saab Club proved a particularly good hand in the selection of its exhibits.

The members of the club are looking forward to the visit of fans and to many discussions. Because the countless hours that count in every trade fair appearance deserve recognition. And we could express that when we drop by at the booth of the legendary Swedish brand, and just say thank you for so many years of commitment.

The trade fair takes place from 25.11. to 04.12.2016 instead. Of the 1. German Saab Club has its stand again at a well-known place in hall 8.1, booth 111.

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  • The CD is certainly the rarest copy of the 3 (rare) exhibits, especially in this state of preservation.

  • A report about Stefan Nelius and his workshop in Bochum Wattenscheid would also be worth a report on the blog. A lot of SAAB Spirit and a great address for all repairs and individual processing of our favorites!

  • Thanks for the pictures of such beautiful vehicles! That warms the SAAB heart

  • You have put together a great SAAB 900 collection for the Motor Show. The R900 has Franconian origins, and that's not particularly nice! Thanks for the commitment!

  • Since SAAB showpieces are exhibited! Wonderful! May the SAAB booth get popular!
    Have fun at the fair.
    All readers / inside a nice 1. Advent

  • Great report! Thanks, Tom!

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