Weekly Review. Our look to China.

This week, the Saab signs on the factory entrance were disassembled. The end of an era ... One of the lettering will find its place at the Saab Museum. From now on, it will be up to NEVS to do something with the Saab DNA at the historical location despite abandoning the brand name.

BAIC X65 and BJ40
BAIC X65 and BJ40

The possibilities are there and the months and years to come will make us smarter. When the first, new NEVS vehicle is on the market in the distant future, we can judge it. But there is another company that deals with the Saab legacy. And it is the right time, especially now, when the lettering in Trollhättan is disappearing, to look to China.

BAIC and the Saab DNA

BAIC acquired the rights to the Saab engines, the Saab 2009-9 sedan and the old 3-9 generation in 5. In 2011 they were about to take over Saab Automobile, but failed because of Victor Muller. Since then, the BAIC brand Senova has been playing a clever game with the Saab heritage in China. In commercials, Saab jets fly, the Swedish roots and the Ursaab play a role. The night panel is making a comeback at BAIC, Saab turbo engines drive off-road vehicles, SUVs and sedans.

BAIC has also been available in Germany since summer this year. A company from Landstuhl has started importing and the first delivery of Senova / BAIC new cars has already been sold to German customers. The next ocean freight from China is on its way, a dealer network is developing, it is a story that is at the very beginning - and one that is interesting.

Reservations against Chinese cars

For two reasons. How much Saab is in a BAIC? And how good are vehicles from China today? I remember several Chinese manufacturers who dared to go to the IAA. On the first day of the fair, the cars were released for inspection. The doors were closed the following day and all other days. Because the interiors decomposed themselves, and because material fumes had caused a hallucinogenic effect on the visitors.

With all my prejudices against Chinese vehicles carefully collected over many years in my luggage, I traveled to the importer's distribution center this week. With Anna, of course, our blog company car, a symbol of Swedish engineering. I wasn't alone, a good friend was there. I asked for it because it was supposed to help me make an objective judgment.

We drove two BAIC vehicles for our readers. One with and one without a Saab engine. What we have experienced is both disturbing and revealing. Reading the blog is particularly worthwhile in the coming week.

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  • All cars with the Saab DNA in them we must follow in this blog.
    Alright Tom? Maybe there is somewhere a replacement for what we can not have since 2011.
    Am also very curious to hear wieter what sat down there.

  • GREAT ! 🙂 Then the blog will stay online for a long time…. 😉

  • The competition from NEVS never sleeps ... See the LA Motorshow ... Jaguar will be bringing out an SUV with purely electric drive next year, earlier than NEVS, aimed at the premium sector. About BAIC: I'm curious to see how the models will sell here in Germany, probably like sliced ​​bread, just in terms of price and because all combustion models come with Euro 6 (including those with Saab engines). I find the models (combustion and electric drives) interesting, which are aimed at younger customers from 16 years of age and which can be driven with an A1 driver's license before the “real” car driver's license is obtained. Then the engine can be pimped up legally and you drive at more speed. In addition, all models offer a number of amenities, for which manufacturers such as VW are allowed to pay large surcharges ... Don't forget: insurance is lower than for comparable models from competitors. The one who has to look at the wallet, a little better. For years I have seen the advantages, especially in terms of prices, in scooters, where the vast majority of engines come from PR China, Taiwan or Japan.

  • The importer does what the market wants. The import of the limousines is not thought, which I think is a pity but understandable. A Senova limousine on 9-5 OG basis, I would find exciting to test.

  • Of the production rights depends for NEVS a lot, you have to keep your fingers crossed indeed.

  • Good idea! This could perhaps elegantly circumvent the granting of the production license.

  • I'm just as excited about the report!
    Even though the outside of the BAIC models doesn't "knock me out" ... No buying reflex is triggered.
    To NEVS: Quote “If the first, new vehicle from NEVS is on the market in the distant future, we can judge it.”
    Judge, or even report ???

  • The production rights in China are the nuts and bolts, or am I wrong?
    Then you have to keep your fingers crossed for NEVS ... or Detlef Rudolf's Plan B will be pulled out of the drawer. 😉
    Such as At the moment BAIC is therefore missing (for me) externally and possibly internally the esprit. Possibly. can NEVS "help" ...

  • But the importer only seems to sell the off-road vehicles? I would also find it “disturbing” now ;-).

  • Maybe there will be a merger between BAIC and NEVS at some point - mergers, especially in the automotive industry, make a lot of sense.

    If the trademark rights then return, everything would be fine - SAAB AB could post huge revenues and BAIC would have greater opportunities for new developments by the Swedish experts in Trollhättan.

  • There is definitely a good drive. If you realize what is on the horizon, then you get very interesting products. But they still haven't reported a production license for China ...

  • I would even say that you can undercut the information. Above all, the 9k can be moved very sparingly and is nevertheless fast on the way. The first BAIC test follows today. (If the Telekom we do not pull the plug again

  • At NEVS there is obviously a good drive. It's a shame - just about the trademark rights.

  • Too bad that it did not work with BAIC then.
    That would have been a better option than bankruptcy.
    That it can work with the Chinese shows Volvo with Geely.

  • An exciting approach! I have waited a long time for BAIC to come to D, now it seems so far. In China, the business is running around, why not here too?

  • The interest of the Chinese in the “old” technology shows how up-to-date it is today, how little has been done in the automotive industry (with the exception of hybrids and e-vehicles). But that's precisely why I prefer SAAB technology in a used SAAB than anywhere else ...

    And yet, of course, I am looking forward to the report.

    According to the media, the discrepancies between real consumption and catalog data have increased over the years from average 15 to 42%. My SAAB can be moved with the seat heating, air conditioning and light switched on quite close to the catalog information. In other words, the progress that other manufacturers have made with their burners is largely fictitious.

    A SAAB was somehow always honest skin. What a pity …

  • So do I and I also hope for some positive feedback …….

  • I'm curious to see what came out of it ... I don't live far from it, I could have stopped by last week. In spring I look at the vehicles and do a test drive. But with the small e-mobile the Indimo Mic-E. You can say what you want. BAIC will chase away NEVS in China with regard to e-mobility and here in Germany from other manufacturers (including German premium manufacturers) a large number of customers in the entire area of ​​cars and delivery vans, based on price alone. For the latter see discussion on blue stickers, diesel entry bans in cities, etc….

  • I'm curious!

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