Auto industry. Saab comes back.

The most exciting news of the last few days was probably an interview by Saab AB CEO Håkan Buske with the Svenska Dagbladet, It's about nothing less than the return of Saab to the auto industry. Saab comes back 2017 with a new company.

Saab comes back. Image: Saab Automobile AB
Saab comes back. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab relies on synergies

This should, as it did before 70 years, build on synergy effects between aviation, military technology and automobiles. The Saab AB but will not come back as an automaker, but as a system supplier in the industry. The background is provided by the new IT infrastructure for the Flu E, which will be delivered to the Swedish Air Force from 2019. His technique could also be used in self-driving cars.

The new Gripen E system, like a smartphone, allows quick and easy addition of additional functions and elements. But all system-critical core functions are separately protected and can not be manipulated. The architecture of the new Gripen E, according to Håkan Buske, perfectly meets the requirements for autonomous driving. Also there must be ruled out that the core functions could be changed by unauthorized interference.

Another Saab innovation for the auto industry will be new radar systems. Saab has been developing for years a new radar generation whose circuits will work on a gallium nitride basis. This novelty should be more powerful and durable than previous systems. At the same time, even more compact radar systems could perform better, making them interesting for use in the autonomous car. Saab AB is also working with Ericsson on networking the upcoming systems with new 5G technology.

On the way to the automaker?

Saab back in the auto industry - a surprise! Not as a manufacturer of vehicles, but as an innovative system supplier. Perhaps this step could explain the failure of negotiations between NEVS and Saab AB. 1947 ventured the step from the plane to the car. 2017 is again focused on synergies.

How likely would the leap from supplier to manufacturer be? Electric cars are less complex in manufacturing and development than conventional burners. The ticket to the club of fully-fledged automakers talking about innovative, exclusive electric cars from Sweden would be much cheaper for Saab AB at the present time than it was before 70 years ago.

This is now from me and - admittedly - very far-fetched. But dreams must be allowed once.

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  • WOW, that's a message! ! !

    A Swedish and 100% GM-free system supplier. Real SAAB. No wonder NEVS has no chance of getting the name under these circumstances.

    However, I'm not so sure if the move to the manufacturer would actually be cheaper. Unlike 70 years ago, SAAB probably did not have any surplus paint pails around this time

  • Hallo,
    Why not. Nokia has also sold its mobile / smartphone industry and plans / builds new smartphone again ....

    Greetings from Oldenburg

    • Sorry, Nokia lets build and wants to monitor the quality. There is then the Nokia label on the devices. I am also Nordic-oriented with mobile phones and use the only real successor device from Finland, in which former Nokia developers were involved.

  • So Saab AB starts as a system supplier for radar and software for the automotive industry. Whether there would have been a collision with an existing car brand Saab I strongly doubt it and I am sure that this is not the reason for the withdrawal of the naming rights for NEVS. If these systems are to appear in third-party brands, then the acceptance of the customers will be rather larger if the manufacturer is called something like "(Bullet-Proof & Fail-Save) Saab Defense AB". With "SAAB Automotive Something", the common uninitiated unites solid Swedish steel and possibly even stable oversized 4 cylinder turbos - but in the same sense even idiosyncratic, error-prone and complex electronics (Something Almost Anytime Breaks). It has certainly been helpful to Saab AB if Saab, as an active car manufacturer, has quickly brought these systems to market to prove their efficiency and reliability. Saab AB promises to be three years ahead of the game when it comes to using their technology - but I'm skeptical of that as an argument: in my view, acceptance among potential buyers lags behind the state of the art for more than 10 years. But no matter how: I cling to every glimmer of hope that promises a germination of the car brand Saab - and hope for a revival after the model Triumph ...

    • Electronics also played a key role at SAAB Autos early on ...
      And by all I know, SAABS are not considered particularly vulnerable.

      Starting with the legendary Trionic. Even a club has named itself after her. For no half-way marketing strategist, it will be almost problematic to combine the name SAAB with solid military and aircraft technology.

      I can well imagine that the ambitions have something to do with the name rights. Another supplier is the slogan Born from Jets. And most of all, he will vote again. Like the Trionic and 9000. GM, Müller and NEVS came after that ...

  • This news is by far the most interesting in recent months and justifies the decision to continue the Saab blog. If Saab AB takes the matter in hand a lot of potential for the blog in there. Unthinkable, when the Saabblog reports on all the cars in which one day Saab components will be installed. Quite apart from the fact that maybe a car manufacturer comes up with the idea to build a Saab car around the components. For the blog and its tough operators beckons then the reward for perseverance: advertising on the part of many car brands. Congratulations! Before the first Saab components are installed in good cars, there is plenty of news to report on the corresponding plans. I look forward to it from now on.

  • Well, that's great news! If that really works, then I'll think twice and buy no Tesla S. Finally a positive message again.
    Detlef Harald

  • but now it does not stop anyone from delivering the stuff to NEVS. Or build at NEVS Saabs as part of Badge Engineering. boah ej, head cinema ....

    • The auto industry is in complete upheaval. There is already head cinema announced

  • A bang, this information!
    Should not we underestimate the tenacity of the Swedes ... ???
    Without this (!) Blog, this info would have disappeared in a specialist publication ... and on in economic gear. With this blog, hope for a good outcome of the car history germinates, at some point. The virus is stirring again!

  • Wings down, wheels down and you go on the highway with a SAAB.

  • It is again allowed to dream ...

  • Hey, that's a really interesting report. Although I worked in the automotive industry, I did not know that. But it also explains some of the trademark rights and stuff, and I imagine Saab has a lot going for it. There is hope again.

  • Oh, that's it.
    Today may again be reported on all manufacturers on the blog in which something Saab is.
    The baic was waged and complained without end. Although he has proven and beloved saabtechnik.
    It's even the heart.
    VII. Let's think about what you want before complaining.
    I found both articles very much
    Interesting and informative.
    Thank you

    • in the BAIC of yesterday was nothing Saab. The Saab technology comes according to Article only 2017 to DE.

      but still did not bitch.

      • That was not addressed to you.
        It is generally a pity that sometimes such stress is made.
        Finally there is work and time behind.
        And it's certainly not bad to know what's going on outside of the big press.
        If you are not interested, you can skip the article.

  • I've already written in umpteen previous comments, why Saab does not take the car industry again in the hand. I do not think that my comments for Saab AB were decisive for her decision, but somehow my plea was heard. Congratulations for this decision to Sweden. This shows once again that one should never give up hope

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