Per Gillbrand died

Sad news comes to us from Sweden. Per Gillbrand, who was mostly called “Turbopelle” by Swedish fans, died yesterday at the age of 82. He shaped Saab history for many years and was one of the fathers of Saab turbo engines.

Per Gillbrand in his workshop
Per Gillbrand in his workshop

He shaped the development of Saab

Per Gillbrand was born in Tidaholm in 1934 and worked for both Swedish brands. In 1956 he started his career at Volvo in Skövde as a test engineer. He switched to engine development in Gothenburg four years later. In 1964, together with Olle Granlund, he came to Saab in Trollhättan. In 1970 he became head of Saab - Scania engine development in Södertälje.

The change from the two-stroke to the four-stroke engine, the introduction of the inline four-cylinder in the Saab 99, the era of turbo engines, all of these fell into his time at Saab. Gillbrand developed the innovative APC system and the asymmetrical charging of the V6 turbo engine.

A big Swedish engineer who coined the engine development of the Saab brand is no more. A detailed obituary for the life and work of Turbopelle, we bring in the coming days on the blog.

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    that radiates much further. To compare him with Otto, may be too high, but he was the one who made turbo engines mainstream-suited. And today practically every engine has a turbo. Saab's concept, and that of Gillbrand, has become global.

    Why do you all have to die?

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    What a sad news! Rest in peace, Per!

    As a supplement to above, also in advertising, he cut a fine figure:

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    Tusentack Pelle for alla dina trevliga motorer for the turbo känslan - vila i fred

    We will cherish and care for our three - no your three - so that we can have fun with them for many years to come - and they will remind us of your brilliant engineering every day.

    Our thoughts and compassion are with your family - rest in peace

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    One of the "big ones" from the SAAB family left us / drove.
    He finally pushed my affinity to SAAB, letting go of the virus.
    THANKS for the many fun overtaking maneuvers, POWER fed when it matters.
    The thoughts are with the family. RIP

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    Thank you for fantastic technology which is still revolutionary today.

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    Thanks for all the nice turbo chicks and the puzzled faces on the highway. Rest in peace.

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    First Erik Carlsoon, whom I could personally speak for the Saabtreffen 2013 and now Per Gillbrand, two Saab ends have left us. Thank you for all that you gave us.
    Rest in peace.

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    Thanks for the great engines and the fun you have given us!

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    Unfortunately, that's the way of life ...

    Often only memories remain, but also often ingenious inventions or technical solutions ...
    We will remember and enjoy the latter for a long time

    In this sense: Thank you Per !!!

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