Why 3mal 95 plus deer, still not felt 9000 results ...

Part 3: 1000 km at a time to Croatia

Dear readers, as I wrote in the first and second reports some time ago, it was a long road to the Swedish brand for me. By now I was the proud owner of two Saabs.

23 years
23 years

An 95 Aero built 06 and a 92er Saab 9000.He came quite secretly. And became my favorite. Scarab green metallic with Pamir leather trim. Since he was in the household, I often read the 95er. Deliberately.

He ran and ran. Without problems.

Summer 2015. Holiday is announced.

Yes, even if we feel the deepest autumn. Yes, we were able to drive in the T-shirt Saab two months ago.

Back to the summer.

Destination: Croatia. With three children it was logical - I had to drive a car. Drive long car. My decision was - can you risk it in the 23 year old car? I'm crazy sometimes, but not tired for life. That's why we went to Saab Zentrum Zwickau. Inspection and inspection - so that everything goes smoothly.

Short call came back - all ok. Except for the V-belt. He would be extremely vulnerable. So quickly ordered and exchanged. So prepared he was ready. And all the circle of friends looked at me with big eyes.

You want…????

Yes I do. Basta. The End. Eventually it started. The children in the back with the toys and coloring books in a good mood. It should be very hot. The climate ran and ran. Sometimes almost too cold. Although many do not understand - the 2.3-16 V without turbo is not a lame journeyman.

180, 190 and he just needs his 10 liter.

Many wonder when you suddenly appear with your dinosaurs in the rearview mirror. 1.2 TSI-, thank you, Mr. Neighbor, was a nice try. Uphill. Do not mow the lawn and do not drive it! First stopover - Austria. 600 km are gone. The tank almost empty. We get out - no back pain.

The next day we continue. It is getting very hot. Traffic jam - congestion everywhere. Karawankentunnel. And uphill in the stop and go. The clutch is still the first at 205.000 km. And I do not notice any slippage.

Interim results.

So far, no older car has overtaken me. If I have ever seen one. I do not think so. The next day the outdoor thermometer shows 37 degrees. Actually, we only drive 400 km today and should be there 13: 30 loud Navi.

But it turned out quite differently.

In Slovenia from the highway down is nothing more. Traffic jam. Fast stop. We are in the Adriatic sun unprotected - armed only with the air conditioning. She runs and cools. At some point I make the mistake and regulate a little warmer, so that the temperature difference is not too high between interior and exterior.


It does not cool anymore. At some point I get cold water on my feet when disengaging. Luckily, the seats are bright and we still have a sunroof. It is progressing extremely slowly. Its getting warmer and warmer.

And the coolant temperature keeps rising. I watch her closely.

Off and engage uphill. Already two hours like that. The first vehicles are at the edge with the bonnet open. None of them are older than 10 years.

And my green?

Runs and cools. The needle is increasing more and more. Is slowly getting close to red. And there it stays. I hope for the best. He holds on. Until evening 20: 00 clock. 10 hours for 400 km. The kids are all. Me too. In the two weeks he always runs inconspicuously. Also the air conditioning.

At the end of the vacation, I wonder if I have to do this again - Saturdays. This traffic jam in return traffic. And the heat.

The Saab wrapped in dust runs and runs. And reap respectful looks there as well. Because he still drives and that very well. So it was my will, Friday evening to night. Then it's cooler, less traffic and the kids sleep.

On Friday is also crazy hot. 39 degree. I fill it up to the brim.

17: 00 clock start! My little Talladega - Run has started!

It's going to be a bit tough at the beginning. Then on the highway - whatever is legally allowed. The trunk is full - even with wonderful Croatian schnapps.

Sehr zu empfehlen.

It runs like clockwork. The Tank? Will not be empty. At night at twelve in Austria short check. Refueling? I want to see how far I'm getting.

Go on.

In Germany I let him run. Always 180. Unfortunately, the H1 light is not the world - not even with the best accessory bulbs on the market.

But he drives.

After 770 km I have to raus- refueling in Bavaria. 60 liter. Under 8 liters! I've never used that much. The 2.3 purrs like a kitten. It goes past Munich, Nuremberg and Hof.

I'm at home shortly after four in the morning.

I turn off the engine and look back - all sleeping - with the reading lamp switched on. I wonder about this car. 23 years old? I get out and feel the warm summer night. 1000 km in one go. Nonstop. Without seat complaints.

At home on long journeys ...

Sequel follows…

8 thoughts on "Why 3mal 95 plus deer, still not felt 9000 results ..."

  • Probably the 9000er were qualitatively better than the new models of Saab. Mein9-5
    Year of construction 2006 did not even manage to get home from Schleswig-Holstein on holiday. And that's just 96000 km. The whole thing happened on the day of the return journey, a Saturday. The vehicle packed and three bikes on the trailer hitch (the "friendly" tractor driver did not even want to take me). The family took the train home and I had an extended weekend in Kiel. Thanks to the professional u. very friendly help from the car dealership Lafrentz I could then continue on Monday afternoon my trip home. Diagnosis: High-pressure hose of power steering burst and ignition cartridge defective. That was once again a great grip on the holiday fund.

  • And once again I think reading how little the car has developed since the 9000.
    A quarter of a century shutdown. A whole generation!

    This is also a generation of copywriters who year after year have again stylized gadgets and technical trifles to nothing less than a revolution. 23 revolutions later, people still drive their 9000ers daily, as if nothing has happened. And it was almost nothing.

  • A very nice story and so realistic. Since I have not been able to get past him since my first ride with an 9000der, 1993, 2,3t CSE in black with Crosbok rims and beige leather, this only tells more.
    When I was allowed to enter the Ruhrpott last week, back and forth 1300km I also had the choice between 9-5, 9-3 convertible and the Uwe, 9000CD. Now guess what I drove with!
    Not only I would be very happy if you would be there with us on our next Saabausfahrt things in the spring!
    I'm looking forward to the sequel!
    PS: The 2,3 must really be very economical, 8l I never manage!

  • Well, then I have to give my mustard too. 1981 Golf 1; South of France and back; Back pain! That went on for years. 1989 Lancia Delta Turbo; Spain and back; Back pain! That too went on for years. 1995 Audi A4 Turbo; Austria, Italy, etc .; Back joking! Unfortunately for years. Until 2006 still some Alfa 156; Italy Austria etc. And what can I say, at the latest after 200km course, of course, back pain back! From 2010; the first SAAB; many tours and holidays also z. T. with 1000km in one piece; and of course no back pain. Since then only SAAB and although not so young happily no more back pain !!! Conclusion: The SAAB, which I drove so far, are for me quasi "mobile back schools" and that's how it should stay for a long time.

  • Even if I write of an 901er: A SAAB like the 901 or the 9000, are on long distances at home and there without any significant problems, if it was properly maintained! Had come true with my last 901er again. Am shortly after the purchase, with said 901 good 40 Km in snowfall and summer tires on it, first downhill and later on the return journey of the same route, uphill in serpentines driven. Comfortable warmth thanks to heated seats, the ingenious heating and that at the age of nearly 22 years and just under 230000 Km with the first engine ... I would have had with the age and a model of another brand (except Volvo), this route in these weather conditions to drive.

  • I can only confirm this experience ...
    Whether Trollhättan, Husum, Eisenach or Dinhard ... My 21 years old 9000 is my number one travel limousine and has always brought me safely everywhere and also healthy and relaxed back to Austria. And with a comfort and consumption that can not be better with a "new" ...


  • Hello,
    Since you read it again, it is NOTHING about a SAAB. The Old Principle ... on long distances at home ... fits even after 23 years. Hope he continues to let you down ... true to the motto ... He came ..SAAB ... and won.

  • Very cool story. The seats are unbeatable!
    Now go to the north in the winter and you can see that not only the climate but also the heating is designed for +/- 40 degrees .... For me, the 9000 is the best car. Too bad it has (not yet) the cult status of the 901.

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