Weekly Review. IntSaab 2017. Saab 9-5 Friction Tester.

Today is the last day of the Essen Motor Show. Saab showed presence in the hall 8.1. The members of 1. German Saab clubs had brought interesting vehicles to the fair. After the show in Essen it will not be quiet for her.

Orio visits the Essen Motor Show. Photo Credit: 1. German Saab Club.
Orio visits the Essen Motor Show. Photo Credit: 1. German Saab Club.

Because the members now have exciting and busy months ahead of them. The international Saab Club Meeting 2017 in Dinslagen is a big event for the club. 3 days of pure Saab, with many guests, there will be a lot of preparation and a lot of responsibility behind it.

Everything Saab. Photo Credit: 1. German Saab Club.
Everything Saab. Photo Credit: 1. German Saab Club.

The club is the organizer of the IntSaab 2017, but he is not alone. We will definitely support the event medially. Among other things, the Saab Club will have author access to the blog starting in January 2017.

Orio Deutschland GmbH, our supplier for Saab original parts, has also signaled their support. Managing Director Jan Philipp Schuhmacher visited the Saab booth this week and held initial talks with the board. The Saab world is working together to ensure that international visitors have a wonderful time with their brand.

Saab 9-5 Friction Tester

Saab and aviation are directly linked. Originally, the friction testers were built by a specialist department of the Saab Automobile Division. Later, the Swedish provider Sarsys took over the production. Saab friction testers are in use in many countries around the world.

For sale. Saab 9-5 Friction Tester.
For sale. Saab 9-5 Friction Tester.

In Cologne, a Saab 9-5 Friction Tester is for sale. From the pictures in a very good and well-kept condition, with a few kilometers on the speedometer. The price is set accordingly.

Anyone who neglected to order a friction tester for their private airfield in the summer and is now in trouble with the winter flight movements will find the solution here. Even those who are still desperately looking for an extroverted Christmas present for their spouse could collect points with an individual surprise.

Our planned contributions for the new week promise a lot of variety. Among other things, we write about:

  • End and departure. Pictures from Trollhattan.
  • The return of the fat. We test the BAIC BJ40 with Saab engine.
  • Block donation 2017. What is the donation status?

and much more. And of course, it's all about Saab.

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  • blank

    Thanks to the link to the ad, I now roughly know how a fiction tester works ...

    ... but have no idea what I or another Otto should do with it? The proverbial fifth wheel on the car is as superfluous as a goiter.

    It would be nice if he stayed in service for many years and kept the SAAB flag on the airport slopes.

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