Pictures from Trollhattan. End and departure.

The airfield Trollhättan Vänersborg. Just now a Saab 340 has landed, the winter sun is shining and everything seems to be the same as always. But that's not it. The pictures from Trollhättan show the last days of a 69 tradition.

A Saab 340 has landed. In the background the work. Now with NEVS lettering.
A Saab 340 has landed. In the background the work. Now with NEVS lettering.

The Saab logos have already disappeared at the factory buildings, only at the northern entrance to the factory is the well-known sign. Since 1947 cars were built here with the Saab brand name. There was an initiative in the city to keep one of the signs and keep it in its original place. This approach, perhaps in conjunction with an information board for visitors, would have been an appropriate way of dealing with the story. But the idea could not prevail.

NEVS shows responsibility

After all, NEVS proves a lot of responsibility, and for one of the logos the continued existence is assured. In the coming days, the Saab sign will be handed over to the museum in a ceremony at the northern driveway. There should be his future location. A good alternative with symbolic power. The industrial development of Trollhättan began at the waterfalls. Turbines and locomotives used to be built on the current museum grounds, and the Saab exhibition is housed in a former production hall. The phasing out of one technology in the city was always connected with breaking into something new. What happened now, Trollhättan experienced several times in the past decades.

After 69 years

What remains for us after 69 years beyond our cars that we like and care for? Which are increasingly expressing automobile individuality? Ultimately it is the hope that it is not over for all time. That it comes again to a departure.

Saab comes as 2017 system supplier back in the auto industry. And at NEVS, there's more than just the right hope to keep thinking behind the brand. Our visit to the R & D center in October showed a lot of new, but also pleasing continuity. In the new models, which are announced for 2019 or 2020, not only visual Saab Erbe is stuck. Together with state-of-the-art technology and new mobility solutions, it could come to a new start. But it's still a long way to go.

What's new at the former Saab factory? The certification process for China is ongoing. The receipt of the license for the Tianjin plant and the start of production of the NEVS electric car will be very important for further development. Let's stay curious.

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  • The dismantling of the signs provides the necessary clarity. NEVS is NEVS and has to show that you can. It is a shame to have a long tradition and the use of the SAAB sign would have helped NEVS for sure.
    However, excellent products sell well under any name, and that's where the challenge for NEVS comes from.

  • Of course, NEVS does not want to scrap the signs and take responsibility for the past. On the other hand, NEVS has also messed up the SAAB future a great deal.
    I already see the honest effort, but NEVS does not make me happy yet!

  • What remains is the memory ... and the z. Currently on the streets SAAB's. The greetings of the SAAB drivers is felt clearly. become less ....
    To NEVS: I stay curious and keep my fingers crossed for the production release of the EL vehicles.
    THANK YOU for this report with the great photos!

  • Wonderful.

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