Saab and dawn in amethyst violet

Dear Readers, As so often, we move our vehicles in the cold season. Thanks to heated seats and very good heating. I find it all the more beautiful when nature reflects our mood.

Amethyst violet in the morning light

The 9000er is in my opinion the best example. No matter how cold he runs.

And timeless good things, please us. Even if it's such a trivial thing as the color of the car in the sky. Not black, not blue - but in between - amethyst violet. Even if frost covers it.

My 9k Anniversary is as timeless as the dawn. I often notice this at the eyes of other road users. That's why dear Saab driver. Enjoy the winter too! Have a good time!

One thought on "Saab and dawn in amethyst violet"

  • Beautiful pictures! And a text that speaks to me as a very new 9000er driver from the soul ... even if my CC this winter probably for the first time in his car life may take a break ...

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