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30 years are a long time. Before 3 decades, automobile production in Trollhättan was still a division of Saab Scania. The 9000 celebrated success, the Talladega Long Run was still fresh. In Trollhättan, an employee sent packages on the journey. Recipient: Saab Germany.

Around 30 years old. Saab Scania service folders

The shipment reached its recipient, but some of these packages were never opened. They outlasted the years, the entry of General Motors, the renaming to Saab Automobile AB. They survived various moves. First from Frankfurt in the Taunus, from the Taunus to Rüsselsheim, then back to Frankfurt. At some point - the GM era was already history and Spyker with Victor Muller was also a thing of the past - I got a call. Because of these packages!

The Saab Scania time capsule

There are companies that have a sensitive feel for the past. The packages were on the journey after more than 3 decades Orio Germany, our supplier for Saab original parts. By now at the latest, her story could have ended and the exploitation threatened. Instead, they picked up the phone and asked if the blog would do the show ...

What is this about? It's about a kind of Saab time capsule from the Saab Scania era. In the packages, Saab are service packs that are at least 30 years or older. They are unused and still original welded in their plastic covers. The material of the folders seems to be genuine leather. They can accommodate Saab 900 or 9000 on-board literature. There is a Saab Scania notepad, as well as a Saab ballpoint pen.

Time did not pass the folders without a trace. After estimated 30 years and countless moves, the blocks have been released from their Papprücken, the refills of the pens have long dried up. What do we do with it? We run Saab archeology and restore the service folders. Our in-house printer cuts and glues the notepads again. And maybe, surely it is not, we find matching new refills for the ballpoint pens. Anyone who wonders why the blog needs a suitable budget will find its answer here.

Anyone beyond Saab might find this somewhat crazy - it is! But it has a background. The Saab Scania service folders should reach their recipients in 2017 after more than 30 years. We will pass it on to the Saab community. The corresponding campaign will go online in February at the latest.

Teaser for the blog future

And because we have now moved from the past to the future, Mark and I have a short teaser for the readers. At the end of the year, Update 2.0 is a major, primarily technical revision. We will go offline for a few days to add more functionality. Among other things, the Saab clubs get access, and Saab COC documents from our historical archive can be requested and requested online from 2017.

There is more to come, because we are working hard on new things in the background. The following update 2.1 will be even more comprehensive. At the end of January, the beta phase of an expanded online offering will be launched, geared entirely to Saab and the lives of aging vehicles. It could improve communication between the Saab community and bring the Saab world closer together.

If it proves itself, then it will accompany us in the long term and support us in having fun with our fantastic vehicles from Trollhättan for years.

Curious; excited? In January we present the project, ask the readers for their opinion and start the beta phase at the end of the month.

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4 thoughts on "Weekly Review. Time capsule. Future."

  • A great SAAB story! Just SAAB! 🙂 Also because of these “little things”, the SAAB blog is important in our fast-passing world.
    Yes, the blog donation was “worth it”! 🙂 🙂

  • Also I still have the folder, was in my 9000 CSE of 1987. Still straighten for leather and looks like new. Unfortunately, I no longer have the 9000!

  • That's funny, my 9000 has exactly the same folder including block and pen.
    By the way, I got a new refill from the local bookstore ... so it still seems to exist 😉

  • In my SAAB 9000 Jg. 86 was one, but in beige elk leather. Very valuable, very exclusive.

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