The Saab 900 Talladega Challenge 1996

We had written a lot about the Talladega Long Run that year. Ten years later we have neglected the challenge. Before 10 will be history, we will quickly put a video about the Talladega Challenge on the blog.

Saab 900 Talladega Challenge 1996
Saab 900 Talladega Challenge 1996

In the long run, the durability of the turbo engines was in the foreground. Saab was then in attack mode and attacked with the 9000 the upper class. Then, 10 years later, the situation had turned completely.

The reputation of the 1993 900 II, which had come onto the market, was ruined permanently, the challenge was to rehabilitate it. And while 1986 only Saab employees on the steering wheel turned, were allowed a decade later, in addition to the Rally legends Erik Carlsson and Simo Lampinen and journalists in the cockpit.

The 900 II. A free dowry for GM

The problems with the 900 were self-caused. In principle, the Swedes did everything right with the 900. Almost at least ... The development in several stages had been going on since 1985, the concept was ready before the Americans got involved. With intelligent, Saab-typical ideas such as the Blackpanel, Safeseat and Sentronic.

The drama came from the plan to adapt the concept to an Opel platform under time pressure. The trolls in the hills behind the plant are said to have laughed out loud about it days later. Putting an almost finished product on someone else's floor pan seemed to solve the problem of the missing platform for Saab. A basically finished car as a free dowry to get started - that, in turn, was what the accountants in Detroit found excellent.

What followed were misjudgments, misunderstandings, and the suspicion that something was coming together that would not fit together. The result: a task force at the plant that withdrew capacities from other projects. The resulting delayed market launch of the 9-5, the ruined reputation of an actually very good and innovative car, and additional costs of unknown amounts.

At some point, the story of Saab's most dramatic car comes out in detail on the blog. Today the video has to be enough. More than 10 minutes old Saab TV, which unfortunately was not always so good.

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  • I have yet to save mine.
    However, an 2.0i

  • I once had such a silver 900 II with a black rear spoiler. However, this was already 9-3. Not a bad car until another one drove me in the back and pushed me into the car in front ...

    Although in the middle of it, the SAAB looked best after that. But a total economic loss is actually a total economic loss.

  • Very nice video, Tom! Thanks to the blog for that. At 11: 00min I had to smile; there the unforgettable Carlsson said in his address to the team: “Hope to see you again in the future ..” - Well, with the worse-worse B2x5 engines, they wisely didn’t attempt to record again in 2006….

  • That's true !!

  • There is simply nothing to add ......

  • It's the best blog in the world anyway!

  • Tom, everything is fine ... ;-).

  • But that's good news! Every rescued 900 II deserves great recognition for the conservation of a threatened species!
    Unfortunately, 2016 had a lot of good topics that did not make it to release for a variety of reasons. This is regrettable, but not to change. 2017 can only get better. We work on it

  • Hello Gerd, I heard about your rescue operation 2 days ago and I'm curious what you can say about it ... good luck :-)!

  • Hi Tom,
    Since you've just got the curve, I had been wondering for some time.

    Because of the occasion I “saved” a silver 902 Talladega Turbo,
    But more on that later.

    Best regards and a nice 4. Advent.

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