Weekly Review. Saab 9-7x. NEVS.

Is he a Saab or is he not one? The 9-7x provides material for discussion, and the opinion usually goes very clearly in one direction. No, they say he's not a Saab. It's a disguised Chevrolet that has been optically trimmed for Saab.

Ignition lock in the center tunnel. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Here, the Americans, measured by the sensitivity of GM, had already bothered with the 9-7x. The ignition switch moved to the center tunnel, there were the typical cup holders and Saab door sills and lettering everywhere.

However you like the 9-7x, there's little to say about its qualities. Because the technology under the Saab-style sheet is considered durable. One is now for sale in Saarbrücken - in a new car condition from a collection, with just 2.600 kilometers mileage not even run in.

A rare and exceptional vehicle for people looking for a tractor with Saab lettering. Because another brand seems out of the question for them, or because they think the 9-7x is good. That should also exist and is hereby officially accepted.

Produces NEVS in Trollhättan?

Our weekly review is compact this time. We are approaching the end of the year, the coming week will be the last one before our Christmas holidays. Moreover, little has happened in recent days, from Saab perspective.

NEVS has been a hot topic in the press, with one thing that fits into a poor news time. In Trollhättan circulated for weeks rumor that NEVS will no longer produce in the stallbacka. We heard it again and again, and also from different sides during our visit in October. The trigger could have been the announced and then canceled hiring of employees in the production after the summer holidays.

The official denial came this week. NEVS wants to produce parts of the underbody and also components for the Chinese market in Trollhättan. The next generation of electric cars will then be produced in parallel in Tianjin and Trollhättan.

And what topics do we have on the blog in the new week? We have put together an exciting and, in my opinion, balanced selection. Among other things, we write about:

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  • Saab 9000. The current market situation.
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4 thoughts on "Weekly Review. Saab 9-7x. NEVS."

  • blank

    would be interesting, but at least nothing for Austria, too high is the car tax for such a vehicle and the consumption is too high. LPG network is also very weak, unfortunately

  • blank

    The 9-7x is probably the best that GM has contributed to SAAB. Sure it's not a real SAAB but a V8 in a Saab dress ... that's fun! The 9-7x is always thirsty, has plenty of space and ingenious acceleration and features that other SAABs did not have when it was released. Its greatest advantage ... .. it always starts, drives and brakes even if a control unit fails, someone drives into you or a wild animal is in the way. In short he is the workhorse for me next to the two AeroDives (9k and 9-5ng) and the cab. Took the 200.000km this week. There are also unsightly things, rust on the bonnet and the tailgate lock and the wheel bearings could be more stable.

    So if you want to drive V8 and stand on Saabdesign, then you are right with the 9-7x!

    • blank

      Can bergsaab only agree. In addition to my other Saab`s also makes the 9-7x really fun.
      And with LPG I need only 9.-Euro on 100km.

  • blank

    So in THT only components for electric cars for China and spare parts for Saab vehicles are produced? No complete cars will still roll out of this location? What a pity.

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