Saab 9000. The current market situation.

In the last few months we have repeatedly written about the origin of the first big Saab. Its creation, innovations, the long production time. The 9000 had told us a lot about the Saab brand and its most exciting years.

Cockpit Saab 9000 CSE Anniversary Features 1998.

The last part of the series is about the current market situation. Surprisingly many 9k, more than expected, have survived the years. A Saab 9000 can still be considered suitable for everyday use today. He is, if you like classic, Scandinavian sheet metal, an unproblematic entry into the classic and young-timer world.

Of course, one notices, in direct comparison with modern vehicles, that the years have not left the Saab without a trace. Its operation requires a little more power and attention, its driving dynamics correspond to the 90er years. The 9000 compensates with a large, bright interior, an almost feudal space and flexibility without end. It slows down our everyday automotive life in a wonderful way. The handling of the 9000 arouses the Swedes in us. Serenity becomes a habit, pushing and turf is for the others.

The 9000 has become increasingly rare on our roads in recent years. He is out of everyday life, and thus out of the used car business and is developing more and more into a classic. It can even happen that strangers in the parking lot storm towards you just to talk about the Saab. That never happened at 9000 before, or almost never. By now you should be prepared for it.

The market situation

Anyone who wanted to drive a Saab 9000 was offered conditions like in paradise for many years. There were plenty of vehicles on offer that were well-kept and checked in first-hand. Lovingly cared for by mostly older men, real garage gold with hand washing and everything that goes with it. The prices were more than cheap, and those who had a little patience could choose the color and engine.

Those days are over now. In Germany there are currently 3 to 4 dozen vehicles on offer. Two thirds of these are consumer vehicles that no one can warm to. They are too old for the typical used car buyer, too bad for fans. Prices start at a few hundred euros, and buying them as a restoration object is almost never worth it.

It didn't look much better this year in the mid-range price range from € 3.500 to € 5.000. Readers on the blog searched, but did not always find the right car. Either the price and performance were incompatible or the seller's assessment of the condition was too optimistic. Some readers bought an early 9-5 as an alternative instead. Others are patient and are still looking.

Good and cheap at the same time is over with the 9000. Quality demands its price, and you notice that in the current price development. A few years ago, the sound limit for a really good 9k was around € 6.000. The first vehicles are now scratching the € 10.000 mark. However, this requires history, originality and a very good condition.

The alternatives

The buying behavior of the Saab community hardly differs from fans of other brands. We are looking for, in the original condition, the powerful aeros, anniversaries and the last year of construction. There is a substantial discount for normal CS or CSE. This is understandable - but also boring.

Because there is still a lot to discover beyond the usual loot scheme. Vehicles in the iconic interior colors of the late 80s, the rare intermediate models in the transition to the CS, or good and inexpensive CC as vacuum cleaners. These vehicles are the real individualists, and even today you can get them in good condition for little money.

The sustainability

Anyone who is considering driving the 9000 through everyday life should prefer the CS to a CC. With the second edition of the 9000, the supply of spare parts is better, passive safety is higher, and the engines with the Trionic are more contemporary.

Buying a 9000 is a smart decision. The word “loss of value” can be deleted from your vocabulary, because the 9k is already behind it. In the 80s and 90s, journalists repeatedly suspected Saab of delivering Mercedes quality. Back then, the people of Stuttgart stood for solidity, and the rumors have come true. The technology is indestructible with normal maintenance, wear parts are available. Well-stocked Saab partners, with an eye for the classic and youngtimer business, have what Orio can no longer deliver.

5 years ago I published a purchase advice on the blog on “Fast Sweden from the upper class". With restrictions, it is still up to date. You could add sustainability today. At that time, I had not yet used the word in connection with Saab. Already today, and it is one of our future topics.

Anyone who bought a Saab 80 in the 90s and 9000s made a conscious decision to buy a very expensive, extravagant vehicle - a technology pioneer and pioneer of turbo technology in the then upper class. At that time, you could not have imagined that it also had so much sustainability in it. It couldn't be better!

The 9000 will also be with us in 2017. Our Anna project is in winter operation and we report how the 9000 does in the cold season. There are also parts 1-3 of our Saab 9000 saga for reading:

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12 thoughts on "Saab 9000. The current market situation."

  • Thanks for the great article about the 9k.
    However, I have to say that the curve over the offer was not always the same this year. I tracked the market situation of the 9k this week every week because I wanted a second myself.
    At the beginning of the year there were up to 60 copies on the net. Pretty many in different condition. Then spring came and suddenly many of them got together with some 9000ers. May, June, July was nothing more going on.
    But then in the late summer many good ones turned up. Partly top motorized and very different years of construction. The price went down almost all. I then found my anny I wanted in my color amethyst violet. And I struck as the price, the thought did not let go- main thing away with the vehicle.
    For many, the TÜV went out even with the really good motorized and many vendors probably needed over the winter ne empty garage. In September, 80 copies were online. As it got colder, the stock went down dramatically as described by Tom.
    Since the end of October, the population has hardly changed at all. Unfortunately there are many “cucumbers”. And the good few became expensive overnight. I think that there will only be more choice again in spring. Some will have disappeared into garages because the owners were sorry to throw them away.
    For me, the 9k is now in daily use. He is challenged, but also maintained. And after 20 years, there's still a lot of rattling.
    And many are interested. In everyday life.
    He is n special Saab, because the mileage with good care is almost irrelevant.

  • What does the community say that the Saab 9000 is the only Saab that does not have the ignition in the center console? That's the only thing I do not like about the 9000, otherwise I like it very much

    • You can live with it, no problem

  • I have only recently become the proud owner of a 9k. After I was able to enjoy driving the Saab in the 900 CV in summer, the desire to drive Saab in winter was just too big. Unfortunately, after a few days I realized that the “winter saab” is actually much too good for that… ..Otherwise I can only confirm your words, a dream to drive this car! The bright, noble interior (leather, heated seats, wood, cruise control), the great all-round view, the cleansing in everyday life, the great seats, the large trunk, etc. And I “only” have a 9k 2.0i CSE Bjh.97.

    Saabige greetings!

  • Great to read!

    Only with the driving dynamics qualities I would not have presented so succinctly. With the 2.3T marked SAAB at that time the top and is still very loose driving dynamic midfield *.

    Still weaker new cars are offered - even weaker than the SAAB-sucker.

    Unless a young Swede has provided for over 300 PS and more than 500 Nm under the hood. That too should be the case. Then the 9000 continues in the lead.

  • Recently talked about it, the 9000 market is dead.
    Either used cucumbers up to 1000 € or top models from 10000 €.

    • The middle class is still there. This market segment is quite illiquid: there is little demand and little supply. But at least there is no disproportion between the market participants; it only takes a while for them to come together.
      In this price range I sold my Veronica this summer - for the non-readers of my blog: a 9000 CC turbo with 320.000km, a car that was damaged by the way. On the other hand, it is very rust-free and has a complete maintenance history that is not only proven by checkbooks. Took two years to find a buyer, but it made a fair profit for that.

      So there are still very usable cars in the mid four-digit price range at 900 and 9000. Then you just have to say goodbye to the search for paper form, which is unfortunately far too often found - and look at every car to separate the wheat from the chaff. Then the cart has 300.000 or 400.000 km ... So what? If the thing has little to no rust, drives well and, ideally, also brings a bulging folder with workshop bills, then that is definitely the better buy compared to a neglected short-distance cucumber with half the mileage.
      Prospective buyers, write this finally behind your ears: The KilometerZAHL is completely irrelevant! The important thing is HOW the kilometer came about.

  • Hey and what about the CD? : /

    • Please postpone it to the pre-Christmas stress. Of course, the CD belongs to the list of individualists. He's underrated but worth much more than just thinking.

      By the way, as a small reparation, we are digitizing old Saab footage on the CD. Go online sometime in the next quarter.

  • 9k are still rattle-free even after 20 or 30 years! SAAB quality at its finest!

  • Hello Tom…. Again a few nice lines about the 9000 ……… when I made up my mind a few weeks ago to finally try the other Swedish brand and ran straight into the hands of a 9000 AERO, I had no idea how much Saab drivers put their heart and soul into this brand ...... thanks for that !!

    • I'm glad to read! Welcome to Saab!

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