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The cold, darkness and snow will not keep us from our Saab enthusiasm in January. A Saab is a Nordic car and it is clear who invented the seat heating and headlight cleaning. Even more winter fun than in a Saab, that does not work. Here are our Saab dates January 2017.

Saab Ice Experience. Image: Saab Automobile AB


Stammtisch Münster

We always meet on the first Monday of the month at 19.30 p.m. in the Pizzeria Lido, An der Germania Brauerei 4, 48159 Münster


Stammtisch Cologne-Bonn

We hereby invite all interested Saab drivers to the regulars' table meeting! We always meet on the first Thursday of each month from 19.00 p.m. in the ASADO Restaurant & Bar, Baumschulenweg in 51107 Cologne-Königsforst

The steak restaurant is conveniently located on the A3, exit Königsforst.


SAAB friends Erftkreis

Club evening from 19 pm in the restaurant "Alt Kerpen", Alte Landstrasse 7 in 50171 Kerpen


Stammtisch Stuttgart

We Saab drivers around Stuttgart will meet again: On Friday, January 13th, 2017 from 19:30 p.m., in the Böblinger house brewery Wichtel, Graf-Zeppelin-Platz in 71034 Böblingen

If you feel like it, just drop by. Hopefully there will be no more stress with the weather and no traffic jams on the A8 or A81. My handi: 0172 8502696. Simply ask the operator for “Saab”. Directions are available on the Internet:

And for Saab drivers with seasonal license plates: get off with the S-Bahn line S1 in the direction of Herrenberg at Böblingen-Bahnhof. The new exit to the Böblingen-Sindelfingen airfield is now open. The walk takes about 5 minutes; the S-Bahns run 24 hours on weekends. For the outward journey there is also the S60 line via Renningen, Sindelfingen.


Stammtisch Ostwestfalen Lippe

we meet every second Sunday of the month 15: 00 clock in the restaurant Bartholdskrug, Hellweg 6 in 33813 Oerlinghausen


Stammtisch Osnabrück

Our regulars' table is as usual on the 3rd Monday of the month from 19.00 p.m. “Busch” inn in Atter, Eikesberg 51, 49076 Osnabrück


Stammtisch Rhein-Ruhr

We meet every 3rd TUESDAY of the month in the Hotel & Restaurant “Am Kreuz”, Ernestinenstraße 116, 45141 Essen

We start at 19: 30 clock. For our regulars' table we have a separate room.

As always, we're excited about new faces, whether 96, 99 or 9-3 or even 9-5 II.

All interested parties who are enthusiastic about our brand, whether with or without a Saab, are very welcome. Contact:


Stammtisch SAAB Club Rhein-Main

Our next Stammtisch will be on Saturday, the 21.01.2017

from 18 p.m. in the restaurant: Oberschweinstiege, Oberschweinstiegschneise 00 in 65 Frankfurt.

We ask for short info to 14.01. who wants to be there.

Friendly Saab greetings.


Stammtisch Koblenz

We always meet for the regulars' table on the last Wednesday of the month in 56191 Weitersburg in the Wüstenhof from 19:30 p.m.

Stammtisch Heidelberg / Weinheim

The change with the Karlsruher Saab colleagues has been well recorded, so that we meet in Mannheim every two months on Wednesdays in the last full week at 19: 00 clock in Lindbergh in Mannheim (airport).


Stammtisch BI / OWL

Traditionally, we start the New Year with a Sunday breakfast - and this is how it should be this year,

Our New Year's breakfast takes us to the Wiehengebirge ....

On Sunday, January 29.01.2017th, 10 - at 00:141 a.m. in the Cafe Waldkristall Bergstrasse 32609, 05744 Hüllhorst - Schnathorst Tel .: 4087/XNUMX
who likes to look:

LG Thomas


Stammtisch Rostock

The Stammtisch Rostock has come up with something different for January: billiards!
We meet on Monday, January 30.01th. from 20pm in the “Emipre Pub” in the large Wasserstraße 31/32 in Rostock.


Do you have a regular meeting, a club night, a meeting or a Saab event planned?

We like to publish! Please send your Saab appointment to: appointment (sa)

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    Are there no SAAB Stammtisch south of Karlsruhe?
    Could rather go straight to Sweden.

    • blank

      Hello Klaus

      where do you live because you are looking south from KA? I live 35 m away from KA, in the beautiful Palatinate

    • blank

      Would be interesting for me too ... Karlsruhe is still too far for me
      Freiburg, Lörrach or even Offenburg would be nice

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    HD / Weinheim - Stammtisch
    how can I understand that with the Karlsruhe colleague ... change etc. Is there also a Saab regulars' table in KA? I don't have to drive as far there as to MA u. if, when would be the first meeting (day and date) in MA
    Would like to participate

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    Stammtisch Cologne / Bonn:

    Who can cost-effectively install a new heating pad in my 9-3 leather seat (driver's seat)? The “old one” no longer heats. TEL. 0172-7253181
    Anjo Lehrke Cologne

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    Unfortunately, the regulars' tables are too far away for me. Are there any tips on how to set up a get-together? I would like to meet Saab and Volvo enthusiasts in the Bamberg area ...
    Contact: stam000000 (ätt)

    • blank

      Write a short call and mail it to us. We like to publish it. Among the daily more than 3.000 visitors should also be readers from the Bamberg region.

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      Would be interested too

    • blank

      The “Ölkännla” in Bamberg would be a hot tip! Located on the site of the "screw connection" where my Saab dealer Muckelbauer is.

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