Outlook for 2017 - from Saab's point of view.

I don't like looking back at the year. In times when there is little news, they recycle what has already been heard somewhere and at some point. And often there are topics that you don't want to go into further. Because of this, there was no review of 2016, and we start with an outlook on what is to come.

Better days. Muller, Jonsson and Muller's new company car. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Our first look, as befits a Scandinavian brand's blog, goes to Sweden. More precisely, to Vänersborg, where the curtain will open on January 24th on the last big act of the Saab drama.

Muller and Jonsson in court

6 years after the end of car production in Trollhättan, leading managers of Saab Automobile AB are being quoted in court. It is about the charge of tax evasion and white-collar crime. The indictment is not undisputed in Sweden; Initial allegations became relative in the course of the investigation.

The dramatic events surrounding Saab will once again move into the public eye. Exciting details that have not yet been known could come up and we will keep an eye on the course of the proceedings.

The last day of the negotiation is for the 29. March fixed. That's coincidence or not. The day 2011 stopped the tapes. A judgment is expected in May or June 2017.

Since this fateful 29. In March, Stallbacka's production will be permanently shut down, except for some short-term interruptions. The plant has a new owner who moved in before 5 years, and we had many hopes that have not been fulfilled (yet).

NEVS and the China model

In fact, in August, 2016 200 wanted to hire new production staff, put the press shop into operation, and produce bodies for the NEVS EV. Nothing came of it, as we know. The plans were changed in coordination with the Chinese administration, in Tianjin a completely new factory is created instead of just one assembly facility. At the end of the year 2017 or beginning 2018, NEVS wants to start production, then with more than 12 months delay.

However, the expensive licenses for the sale of the NEVS electric car and the operation of the new factory are still missing today. Without licenses, no production, no electric car, and no business model.

The long wait for licenses is not unusual. Volvo also had months in waiting until the release came. However, that has been some time, and in the past 12 months, a lot has changed fundamentally in China.

The licenses are important for NEVS

For new entrants, access to the market is becoming more and more difficult, and licenses are being granted with restraint. The administration in Beijing is increasingly placing emphasis on sustainable development and promoting national providers. Manufacturers must disclose their planning for sales, customer relationships, training of technicians and personnel, and sustainability to final disposal.

The stricter rules on foreign exchange management were extended into autumn 2017, and Beijing only supports a small, very manageable number of manufacturers of electric cars.

The big, lucrative party in China, which was accompanied by the electric car boom 2016, is on the decline. Excessive government subsidies will be cut back on 2017 year after year, and 2020 will not give any rewards for buying an electric car.

Who comes too late, not only missed the best, but also the generous subsidies. For 170.000 pre-ordered vehicles, which will come late to the market, one can only speculate on the impact on the business model.

Saab Festvial 2017 and IntSaab in Germany

The Saab annual outlook would not be complete without the two big festivals that lie ahead. The international event will take place in Trollhättan from June 9th to 11th Saab Festival instead of. The home of Saab is always worth a trip, no matter how long the journey is.

In the past years there was always a pre tour via Kiel - Gothenburg to Trollhättan. Around 50 vehicles, the number of participants is limited, who make their way together over the Inlandsvägen. There will probably be a pre-tour this year too, the signs are not bad. The final decision is still pending, more on that in the next few days on the blog.

Two months after the Saab Festival, the IntSaab 2017, The International Saab Festival takes place every year in a different country, hosts are always the national clubs. This year is the 1. German Saab Club proud host for the fans. The big meeting takes place at the trotting track in Dinslaken.

Two great Saab events in 2017 that should be included in your schedule. There is also a lot going on on the blog. Not everything that has been custom will last. But other, new things will come. A new feature will go online tomorrow and we will put our idea up for discussion.

7 thoughts on "Outlook for 2017 - from Saab's point of view."

  • I hope to make it to Trollhättan this year, but June is always a bit difficult, so we have plenty of time to travel from Vienna.
    Is it enough for Dinslaken to register 2-3 weeks in advance or do you have to do that already?

  • If NEVS did not get the license, they could also bring the vehicles to the European market. Or am I just too simplistic?

    • It's not that easy. The NEVS EV is consistently designed for China as a vehicle in rental cars and taxi operation. In addition, NEVS sees China as an opportunity to quickly come to numbers and profitability. In Europe, as a completely unknown brand, there would probably be few chances, the expected quantities would be too low and the yield too low.

  • I still think that NEVS can not make it to the market.
    Maybe we will experience how our brand SAAB sees the light of day again

  • If I look at the real existing flood of new manufacturers, most recently Faraday Future, then you could howl. Even Fisker is back. Everything is present, all advertise and are on shows. Only at NEVS you can not see anything. is already sad.

  • I will do my best to be present at both meetings. THT is always worth a visit and Dinslaken is so close to Belgium.
    Binn also curious what the court verdict will be. Do not you just hope that those two who have made so much effort to save Saab now have to face it, yes, who actually fostered that, but not the government of Sweden?

  • We would be very happy about a pre-tour to Sweden, together with other SAAB fans! We are waiting for news!

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