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The blog is changing ... actually it has been doing so since its inception. From the original idea of ​​reporting on a small, charismatic manufacturer, to the crisis blog and further to reporting on classic cars, classics and enthusiasts.

Saab Marketplace

It has to be like this. Because standing still would not be an alternative for a brand that actually no longer exists, that is still alive and is constantly reinventing and developing itself. And because things change and we feel at the pulse of the scene every day, we change too.

One of the questions that constantly concern us is: what do readers and the community actually need? A regular dose of Saab, that's for sure. But maybe more. The focus changes on the way to becoming a lover brand. Those who drive Saab are doing it more and more out of pure conviction. Because it fits into life, because you don't feel like going to other cars. Because driving Saab has style. Or because old cars are not only an expression of individuality, but increasingly also of sustainability.

Many readers own more than one Saab. Two or three vehicles are almost the norm, upwards everything is open and everything is possible. Anyone who maintains an aging vehicle fleet also needs spare parts that may no longer be available as new parts. Or he has spare parts in his garage or basement for cars that he hasn't owned for a long time.

And when a Saab driver in Berchtesgaden is looking for a part for his classic that slumbers in a Flensburg garage, then the question is how you can bring both together.

Saab Marketplace. The advertising platform for Saab drivers.

And this is exactly where our idea of Saab Marketplace Project at. A new advertising platform that we deliberately kept simple, exclusively for Saab and our readers only. Saab parts and vehicles can be offered or searched there.

The project is now open for private ads and applications. It is currently completely free and requires only registration in the members area. The data is stored securely on our own German server and will not be forwarded or used for advertising purposes.

Today we start the beta phase during which the ads are manually unlocked by us. Currently 4 images are available as upload, later there will be more. The ads run for 30 days and can be extended or deleted via the member account.

And because we don't have any experience with projects of this kind, we ask for your forbearance if the test phase does not go without any problems.

The rules for the Saab Marketplace are simple:

  • Only Saab ads, because we are to 100% Saab
  • Exclusively private ads, no commercial listings
  • Keep the etiquette and pay attention to a realistic description of the offer

An opening for commercial ads, with the exception of the blog supporters, whom we will invite after completion of the test phase, is not planned at the moment.

What do our readers think about it?

The opinions would interest us. Every day we have more than 3.000 visitors on this site, and we think the blog could be an optimal place for the Saab Marketplace. And we are considering adding more categories.

How about a “free” category? For example, for brochures that you have twice and that you want to know in good and interested hands? Or other small or larger Saab things that you no longer need and that simply take up space?

The discussion is open! Mark and I are looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

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  • Hello Tom, Hello Mark,
    Another great idea, regardless of the fact of already existing marketplaces. I hope for a respectful treatment of the SAAB community among themselves, with interesting contacts and a well-maintained exchange. With the mother of all marketplaces in San José and her free ad section, it's just exhausting and sobering. Thank you to you.

  • Moin blog!

    I fail trying to post an ad. More precisely, when trying to register myself. Then I land on a Danish site whose "join now" button is not linked to a link ...
    Chrome version 55.0.2883.87, if it helps.

  • A great idea!

    Also like the new design of the blog. I had not given of me yet, but so much mustard must be!

  • I think it's a good idea, thank you very much for your commitment! I recently heard about a freelance Saab partner who is going out of business and simply had to give all spare parts collected over 15 years to the recycler because nobody wanted the stuff. Something like that is simply not allowed, maybe you can help prevent such examples from setting a precedent ...

    • Who was that?
      And yes, people need to know that parts are left over. If nobody knows that there are tons of spare parts left, nobody can come to pick them up.

      Regarding marketplace:
      In the US, I find the separation between all sorts of ads on the free ad market (eg craigslist as a counterpart to ebay-kleinanzeigen) and offers more of enthusiasts (eg on very pleasant.
      Again and again there are cars that do not have to be sold, but are gladly given away for a certain price. In my opinion, something like that gets lost too much on mobile, eBay classifieds, etc., and the suspicion often arises: "Well, if it still hasn't been sold after that time, there must be something bad about it".
      I see the closeness between lover and lover at saabnet or a marketplace here - there is less skepticism, and so is the bias.

      In addition, the marketplace here also offers the opportunity to reach people who have not specifically searched and who would not have been reached on and other platforms - here as an ad in the sidebar or through “Oh, I'll have a look purely what kind of nice SAAB there is “is something different, because the opportunity can lead to falling in love.

      When I feel like I'm putting some ads in and trying to push the early 9000 a bit more.

      • This is KK-Autotechnik in Neustadt

  • I also find another (!) Saab marketplace superfluous and waste in terms of resources such as money, material, nerves - both on your side and on the side of the readers.
    If you are looking for parts, you will find them on ebay, ebay classifieds of all kinds of car recyclers and private individuals.
    If the contact of Saabianer to Saabianer in such transactions is important, will find in the two German-speaking Saab forums.

    What, in my opinion - and only one voice speaks here - would be more important:

    + List of parts that are no longer available (eg Wischwasserbehälter 9000er)
    + List of sources of supply apart from our "standard suppliers", whereby consideration should or even must be taken into account of the blog's sponsors.
    + List of other helpful Saab sites (there are some in the USA - I just discovered an inspection hatch for the oil strainer on the bottom of the oil pan - but also from other regions of the world)

    In short:
    The idea is really good, but such a marketplace already exists!

    • I think it's great that some commentators are worried about the resources now. But seriously, the forums are aimed at the group of self-propelled guns and do not have the spread like the blog. If you do not screw yourself, drive modern SAABs, or have them screwed, you can hardly miss them.
      From the parts market on the blog, which is a kind of figurehead for the brand, we can all benefit. We just have to use the opportunity. In addition, Tomm and Mark have proven that they not only tackle things but also keep developing things. I look forward to it

  • I see this idea as positive throughout, with potential for the entire community. In this way, a trustworthy platform for a functioning market with realistic prices including trustworthy trade or exchange etc. can be created. I'm curious…. 

  • To pass on the thought of SAABians to SAABians / SAABine is already tempting ... If the blog still benefits financially from it, the thing is round in my eyes. 🙂
    At the end of 2017 we are all smarter, if it was worth it!

  • Very good idea.
    Since the funding of the blog was always an issue, I would make the following suggestion: 5% of all sales proceeds are based on trust in the blog. Then there is certainly a little something together and %% really do not hurt anyone.

  • That's a very good idea. Because I think there are some (inkl.mich) which Saab Automobile and Saab parts only want to sell to fans, of which these are appreciated and not simply resold.

  • Great idea. In addition to cars or spare parts if necessary, there is certainly also a lively exchange in Saab brochures. I own many things in multiple copies and I would like to make a real Saab fan happy or help to complete his collection.

  • I think I'll put the stuffed animal in it. The blog was not without influence in the purchase; maybe it helps a second time with the mediation.

    • The good stuffed animal ... I remember. If we can help ensure that it falls into good hands, I would be delighted!

      • It's already advertised on mobile un dclassic trader. The price there is of course a completely absurd “trade fair price” with plenty of room for negotiation. For a blog reader, I would be very satisfied with a black zero - so a discount equivalent to an average rancid 9000 would be in there ... 🙂

  • I think the idea is great! Precisely because it is so obvious. Thank you & good luck!

  • I have also been a reader of the forum for a long time and find the idea good in itself. But I wonder if an extension or link to a Scandinavian marketplace could not be a solution.

  • Very good idea, I'm curious!

  • I think personally superfluous. Is like an ebay classifieds copy. Bind resources with you. I still keep your fingers crossed for your idea and a person is not representative

    • The Ebay ... question was at the very beginning of the project. We are of course not reinventing an advertising portal, there are many offers. But we are of the opinion that in the course of the coming weeks we will be able to better recognize the needs of our readers and respond to them than other, large portals can.

      • You definitely do a lot of pioneering work for the community and for that reason alone, I wish you that it brings the expected success.

  • Great idea! Strongly agree with the statement by Franks Troll!

  • That's an excellent idea !!!

  • The idea is great! I think that SÄÄBe best passes on in the community. It would be important to me that my SAAB comes into good hands, as well as that I buy an honest and well-kept SAAB from someone who cares about the brand like me.

    • I see that as well !!!

    • that's how it should be ... in good hands ...

  • I've been waiting for the marketplace idea for a long time. I wouldn't even mind if you had to pay a "little something" for advertisements. That would be appropriate and, at least for the (co) financing of the blog, much better than collecting donations. A marketplace would also serve the price transparency for whole Saabs, accessories and spare parts. I wish you success!

    • A small contribution, possibly for ads in the vehicle sector, would of course be an option to ensure sustainable financing. A good idea that we like to take up and weigh up.

  • I think the idea with the marketplace is very good, provided that it remains with private offers and searches ……… as a Saab newcomer, I notice that the appealing car can sometimes be found in "demanding" prices and therefore it should be for a businessman usual aspect of maximum profit orientation play only a minor role here!

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