In the engine press. The long road to the Saab Sonnet III

There are people who can buy their dream car off the shelf. Assuming liquid funds, you go to the dealer of your choice and take whatever you like. It is not that easy for us Saab fans. Sometimes you have to compromise, and often you have to be patient.

Interior of a sonnet III. Image: Saab Automobile AB

But give up? Giving up is not! The story of Thorsten Ziehm, in relevant Saab circles as Ziehmy known, and his passion for sonnet began sometime in the early 90 years. At the Saab dealer of his confidence stood a yellow sonnet III, which unfortunately was then unsalable. For Thorsten the encounter was a decisive experience, because he was immediately impressed by the small, Swedish sports car.

It should take about 15 years before a Saab Sonett III would be in his garage. In 2006 the time had come. In Denmark, a non-roadworthy, but well-preserved copy was for sale. A California import, not tinkered, all parts available, but not in use for 12 years. Ziehmy drove north with a Saab friend from Hamburg - and headed for a great adventure.

The restoration of the Saab Sonnet III

That the sonnet was the wrong color, and that the wrong engine was under the hood, all these are just minor details on the edge that can not stop a true Saab enthusiast. A lasting over many years restoration history began, which should come with a lot of Saab Spirit and perseverance to a good end.

The sonnet changed color and engine over the years, and from a good base became a beautiful and very rare Saab. The complete story of Ziehmy and his sonnet III is also an issue for the print media and brings our brand into the German motor press. In today's edition of the Engine classic Thorsten tells the story of a long restoration. A reason to take a break at the newsstand during lunch break or after work.

Images of the Sonnet III can be seen as an appetizer here on the blog. More pictures of a life with the Saab brand and many vehicles can be found on Ziehmys Homepage.

6 thoughts on "In the engine press. The long road to the Saab Sonnet III"

  • Hello Gotz! It was good to give the 95er off, even though I still hate him !!!
    Is a great SAAB in a beautiful combination.
    How far is this “project” actually? 😉

  • Hello Ziehmy, your sonnet has turned out really beautiful! The interior of our Hamburg house and yard saddler Guido M. is particularly successful in sporty black. Good combination with the new exterior color, you could never get excited about the “swimming pool blue”… .. I'll send Jens in DK tomorrow a motor classic. Please consider by buying the Sonett you could “hang” your Swiss 95 7-seater on me ... .. after you had charged the Sonett, Jens gave me an original roof rack for a station wagon.
    On the return trip you argued that it would be a sign now I have to buy the 95 ... which I then did, phew. A wise decision from you, so you could take care of your sonnet!
    Nice that a Saab project was finished…. And visit Jens in the summer ... with the thunderbird! Always have a good trip.

  • A great box!
    It is really worthwhile to also look through the pictures on Ziehmys homepage!

    A really avant-garde Sweden mobile. The design of the seats alone - great!

    The rims, the front end, the rear, and many, many details. You can hardly get enough of it.

    It is completely secondary (but still cool) that the power-to-weight ratio of this small flounder flea can still keep up with a large number of currently offered models ...

    I wish the owner many nice trips with the little gem.

  • The SAAB looks great!
    Congratulations, the work was worth it.

  • I also got the magazine today. Very good and interesting post. Courage and stamina are already to admire, but the result is a force. Great that such a great car is received.
    PS Another note for all Saab fans. We saw the film "A MAN NAMENS OVE" yesterday. The book itself was great, but the film surpasses it. Incidentally, from the Saab 92 to the 9.3 Facelift Sport-Combi, many Saabs can be seen and OVE is a Saab fan through and through. The film is available on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.

  • Congratulations on the successful completion of the restoration. But there is no Saab Sonnet III .. Even the constant repetition of the female form does not make it “correct”.

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