Damn, what a heck! A car for Saab fans?

While I surf through the new releases of the North American International Motorshow and immediately forget 99% of all innovations, my gaze sticks to a vehicle. A damn pretty hatchback. And what a ... It is difficult to classify who the manufacturer might be.

The hatchback is stunningly painted. Picture: Kia

A second look reports Kia. Kia Stinger. A Kia? Seriously now? I haven't had a lot to do with the Korean brand so far. Okay, a good friend is now driving her second Kia, on which she has stuck our “Min riktiga bil är en Saab” sticker. She is satisfied with the brand, which I classify as reliable, solid, but also -sorry- boring. That should be done with boring soon.

Because this hatchback remained in the memory. So much so that the next day I searched the Kia Stinger again on the web - and I still thought the rear end was good. And is the Stinger a car for a Saab fan? The Cardealermagazin from Brexit Island it looks like that. And Kia too. A speaker about the new Kia:

'This is a car for buyers who want something different - the anti-german brigade who used to buy Saabs. Doctors, accountants, architects, people who want individual styling, a larger car and value for money.'

The English have always been big Saab fans. Their country was at times the most important market in Europe for the brand from Trollhättan. And if Englishmen find the stinger good, then there must be something to it.

The stinger is cool. His tail could also adorn a Saab. Or a Maserati. His bonnet is infinitely long advised, the front overhangs are crisp short. The lines are surprisingly clear, more elegant than aggressive. There comes a classic Gran Turismo with space for 5 persons. Under the well-formed hood to be either an 3.3 liter twin-turbo with 365 PS or a 2 liter turbo with 255 PS to be found.

Kia Stinger Design from Frankfurt

The brand is Korean, but the GT is quite German in some ways. The exciting design of the Stinger, created under the supervision of Head of Design Peter Schreyer, was created in Hessen. The design center is not far from the former Saab branch in Frankfurt. Another German, former BMW manager Albert Biermann, is responsible for tuning the chassis. The set-up drives and the fine-tuning took place at the Nürburgring. The Stinger relies on classic rear-wheel drive. That creates tension.

And as traditional as the drive layout of longitudinal engine and rear-wheel drive, it continues inside. The interior is classically restrained. No war of buttons or virtual cockpits. Everything is arranged soothing. And, as far as the pictures allow a judgment, the ensemble creates a valuable impression. The Stinger comes, supposedly at affordable prices, in 4. Quarter 2017 to Europe. It could be an individual alternative for anyone who does not feel like the usual premium labels, or anyone who's after the 10. SUV finally want to drive a nice car again.

An alternative for Saab fans?

In the past there were sophisticated and affordable alternatives from France, Italy and Sweden for individualists. Today and tomorrow they could be from Korea. I have no idea and no prognosis at all whether I could make friends with the Kia brand. But the Stinger, and that damn pretty tail, stayed in my head in the days that followed. I asked the Kia press office for pictures, which I received by return post. Because I wanted to write about this hatchback, which I consider interesting and exciting.

Regardless of the displeasure that some readers will have when I think outside the box again. But guys, it just has to be! These excursions are important, not only because the world keeps turning and there are surprises beyond the boring SUV wave. Also from brands where you don't even want to suspect.

In any case, the Kia Stinger moves to the list of cars that I want to test drive. Simply because I'm into sleek hatchback cars, and because this pretty rear is not out of his mind more than a week later.

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  • I don't understand the enthusiasm ...

    KIA is becoming more and more mainstream. There are already at least six in my street, from the small car to the SUV. I'm the only one here with Swedish vehicles. Unless there is a visitor with a Volvo, but the neighbors KIA, BMW, Audi and Skoda are already in the balance.

    Alfa is more rare (only one) ...

  • great report.

    On this subject, I just noticed a report from BMW:

    When the BMW 4 Gran Coupe came on the market, there were also critical voices to the four-door coupe from Munich: Is there really a market for a vehicle that moves formally and technically quite close to the 3 sedan? Its builders are now calling numbers for the BMW 4 facelift 2017, which should also convince keen critics: since the market launch just over three years ago, almost 400.000 BMW 4er have been sold worldwide, with the Gran Coupe accounting for around 50 percent. Coupe and convertible each account for around 25 percent of sales.

    Although, as expected, sales of the 3 limousine are significantly larger, there is no doubt that there is a sufficiently large market for the BMW 4er Gran Coupe.

    The original layout of SAAB now has a future with other manufacturers. A pity, that could have been different.

  • Crisp short (front) overhangs are not even SAAB. SAAB typical is a larger front overhang and 60% weight on the front axle. Speaking of front, even that is just typical KIA.

  • I've already noticed it - really nice car, if only it weren't for the horrific kia logo ...
    It doesn't come close to the class of the 9-5 NG - that was just timelessly brilliant!

  • I'm now completely unemotional when it comes to new cars, but somehow the burners are yesterday's. As a four-wheel drive with hybrid, ... well, I've had enough SAABe, wait and see.

  • Great looks, powerful engines and rear-wheel drive. What more do you want. If there was not the matter with the brand label. I'm looking forward to test and prices.

  • I too, like most of them, got stuck in the KIA. That's a real ray of hope. So it's still possible to build fancy cars!
    The question is, however, whether he really has a large tailgate and not such a pointless hatchback with a small trunk lid like Jaguar?
    We have no fear of contact with KIA at all. We've been running a small KIA next to our SAAB for 12 years, this is the most easy-care car ever. The quality of many can look something off. The materials are not as chic as they are today, but the bodywork is incredibly strong and torsionally stiff.

  • Well, from behind a Maserati, inside a mish-mash of German manufacturers and overall far too restless and chubby on the outside. The transition from the rear wheel arch to the door does not work at all. Likewise the “air scoops” on the side and on the hood. Does anyone believe that Saab would have ever built something like this?

    • Nope, certainly not. I can not see too much Saab in the car either. Nevertheless, I find the car quite nice, because it is just soothing from the crowd. Hatchback, rear-wheel drive, classic instruments. Can you find where else in this combination?
      Exactly: nowhere. The 5er GT does not count, whose butt is too clumsy.

    • Who knows. Volvo too has been forced away from Scandinavian design. After all, the Kia finally has gimmicks that are somehow related to streamlines, not so arbitrary folds all over the outside hay, with many concave surfaces that have given every car a tubercular appearance.

      will hopefully be a trend. Renault, always happy to be at the forefront of design, this time the overall industry seems to have given no impetus with the new design language.

  • If you take a look at these small and delicate spars (A-pillars) next to the windshield, you never feel safe with this vehicle! We are used to this differently from vehicles “made in Trollhättan”.

    I also find the rear-wheel drive and the bloated internal combustion engines to be disadvantageous - more in the direction of Proleten-BMW.

    You don't have to have it - even if the rear is reasonably good (but the light strip is way too puny).

    • Ever seen the A-pillar of an 901?

  • I also think the design of the Stinger is great. I would never have trusted Kia before. Without a branding it could have been a Tesla or a Fisker ... Very elegant and yet sporty appearance. The last time I had this feeling so spontaneously when the BMW 7 Series E32 appeared ... and that was light years ago. I'm curious to see what the Stinger will look like in real life, what the material looks like and how it drives ... As a supplement for Saabs, it is certainly worth considering and therefore correct, that a Kia can also be an issue here. And the feedback shows the openness of the forum to the rest of the car world besides Saab.

  • Very nice and attractive. Am I glad that my dealer took the house after the death of Saab Kia :).
    Will have a trial book reserve.

    • Me too Kochje. How does saabsunited work? Monique.

  • Uh, what does design have to do with content? Personally, I drive my SAABs not because of the design, but because of the content. What about Kia? Incidentally, there was a car whose second generation could also have been an idea provider. What? The Seat Toledo. Not so powerful, clear, but not so far away. And why an alternative to SAAB? For traders lacking Saab new car -okay, but otherwise? My 9-5 from the last millennium cracks the 400.000 km -na this year and? If something is broken, it will be repaired and rust removed. One just holds the bones out for everyone else. My SAABs stick together and I join them - so what?

    PS Regardless of my opinion, I find the view in the rest of the car world basically very fine.

    • We have freelancers, tradesmen and company car drivers on the blog. Unfortunately, no fleet manager will accept a 5-year-old Saab as a company car at best. As a supplement, not as a replacement, we are looking for alternatives. It is allowed what pleases, and what surprised. Just like the Stinger, who could be an alternative in a very uniform world of company cars.

      • Hello Tom
        The stinger can definitely be an alternative to our Saabs. The time will come when we can no longer or do not want to use our cars every day. Many cars come here for me z. B. Citroen C6, Jaguar XF, Volvo S90, Cadillac CTS and so on. The main thing is not a “mainstream box”. The Stinger is not radically different, but it stands out from the uniformity of the German manufacturers.
        I'm curious about the testdrive.

  • I would never have expected that from Kia. Like well right away and could be an addition to our SÄÄBen.

    The sentence “... who finally want to drive a nice car again after the 10th SUV” appeals to me particularly well!

  • Tom,

    Thank you for this great report. I noticed the vehicle in the press and I am also thrilled. Kia is evolving, the new Tucson is a sales hit for good reasons. Stinger will probably remain a niche vehicle. But imposing and desirable for me. The front could be a bit more discreet and the screen retractable.

    By the way: I think it's great to look over the edge of the plate and make comparisons to our brand. Thank you!

    Greetings from the Erik

  • I've also stumbled across the Stinger (was Rockstar Games committed to choosing a name?). In Detroit, the car was also in a great blue. Alfa Romeo came to mind when I saw it from right behind the car. The aforementioned Mr. Biermann was not “just any” BMW employee, but was head of development at BMW M GmbH for many years. That raises expectations.

  • There must be something in there…. I got stuck with this part last week as well.

  • But now Saab is more than design. It is also useful, etc. If I consider, for example, the optically really successful rear of the Kia, I must immediately think of the Audi A5, including a hatchback vehicle. I've looked at it once, and was extremely disillusioned, when I realized that the idea of ​​the flowback as a combination of elegance and transport benefits there no longer exists, simply because the space above the boot cover and the rear window so flat is that it is no benefit to draw, if you remove the trunk cover. With the 9-3 the trunk grew loosely around 50%.

    The interior may look fancy, but the usual monster center console does not fit in my car. How am I supposed to crawl over there, if I have to? And the windows again create the impression of slits.

    Again for all manufacturers: I am neither a Formula 1 monocoque lover nor like tankers.

    Finally rear-wheel drive. For me, the front-wheel drive principle with transverse engine is more modern and actually has only advantages, except for cavalier starts as a BMW Prolet. Do I now need rear-wheel drive? Nope.

    • It should probably give an AWD variant. That as a supplement to the subject of rear-wheel drive.

  • Yes a Kia, why not. Meanwhile, the top cars, but I see too few individual, the brand is too familiar and does not have the exotic as we are used to from the Saabs. Still, I have to give that I like the tail lights, the new Renault talisman, that has something. I talked to a somewhat unmotivated salesman at the Vienna Autoshow this weekend and learned that in Talisman things are not available that we already take for granted in our 9-3. For us Saab would be alternatives, Volvo, Lexus, Infiniti and also Subaru. With the latter we had already had very good experiences.

    • At least with Subaru we can come up soon. We have Volvo in the planning, but it is unclear if we can realize it.

      • And how about Lexus?

      • I am already aware that in your garage is not only a Saab but also a Lexus
        However, I have absolutely no relation to Lexus, I'm afraid the brand won't be an issue. Sorry ...

      • A pity! Can only report positive. But you can not always make everyone right!

      • That's so. Thank you for your understanding. Maybe it's coincidence and something will happen in the future.

  • Totally successful. The stern is a force. Tom, I'm giving you a few changes to the font and it could be a Saab. There are already several models on the market that use Saab design elements as well as this model is not yet on any other vehicle.
    I will also drive the Kia Probe.
    Incidentally, it is also a good idea to look outside the box, and even if there are connections to our private label.

  • A nice, crisp rear - no question about it. And especially interesting with the rear-wheel drive and certainly not mainstream - in any case. Now the question remains whether this is actually a good Saab alternative. For my part, I don't drive Saab because I'm a mainstream refuser, but actually out of gut instinct. In fact, I personally would have liked the 901 turbo rear-wheel drive - which would certainly have increased the fun factor. At the same time, however, I know that this would have been at the expense of the entire feeling of space, which is certainly part of the fascination. It's hard to say whether a rear-wheel drive long schnauzer with a rear loading hatch gives the feeling that a Saab gives - and it doesn't necessarily need a hatchback. Nice from the outside - but the question really remains, what does it look like when you sit in and drive?
    PS: and please keep it up ...

  • The Stinger also addressed me immediately. The first new release since ages where I drive (or at least try). The stern comes like a cream cut. Would be nice if you could stay tuned.

  • Classic interior design I think so (if I have not mentioned) very good !!!

    But why do many brands (unfortunately also do Mercedes, among others) have to clap these screens so “carelessly” on top of the dashboard, so that it has the impression that the part is just not considered in advance in the design or just something yourself like an iPad mini stuck to the dashboard !?

    • The center arrangement saves you a second version for right-hand drive in the substructure. And that was it with driver-oriented cockpits. Compare older BMWs with today.

      • Oh….
        I did not mean it that way.

        "Center arrangement" I have in the current Saab ( http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=869bed-1484661632.jpg ) and already had a 2002-9 in the old 5's - that's a good thing!

        The only thing that bothers me is what is “on top” and not “integrated” in the center console.
        To me it always looks like “some additional accessory” and not like “included from the start”…. 😉
        In addition, I don't find touchscreens as “close at hand” as something further down there and you have (at least that's how I feel), especially in the evening, sometimes annoying “glare” directly in your view.

      • Exactly my talking! The thing with the attached screens is a visual absurdity for me and therefore a clear no-go. Then I can stick a 100 EUR sat nav on my window. Everyone is imitating Mercedes, unfortunately currently also Audi with the new A5 - while funny enough Mercedes seems to be moving away from it again (E-Class). It's a shame, the Stinger is otherwise quite successful, you have to see it “live”.

        By the way, you can hit me, but I was already very impressed by the Kia Optima when I overtook it in the "first contact" on the highway and I actually had to turn around to look at it ...

  • Hi Tom,

    I also came across the KIA Stinger last Sunday and found the design as very successful as well. Purely visually, the vehicle (lack of Saab replenishment possibilities) is a successful alternative to the otherwise so offered uniformity. The vehicle also comes on the wish list for a test drive. To my knowledge, a diesel for Europe planned.Ob the quality is met, of course, remains to be seen ....

    • I find it exciting that the design for Saab drivers seems interesting and not only me see it that way. Let's see if we get a car for a test drive from Kia. Let's knock

  • Maybe when you buy a Stinger emblem from the Saab?

  • LED light bar like the 9-5 NG? Or something like that ... In any case, a very tasty piece. I would never have associated it with Kia. And is this really coming, Tom?

  • Rear and parts of the front are rather "inspired" by Maserati

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