Saab teams on the AvD Histo Monte 2017

The blog team had their fingers crossed ... and it helped! Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer are on the Histo Monte with their Saab 99 again this year. The team had its premiere at the AvD Rallye, which takes place on historical paths, last year.

Ready for Histo Monte 2017, Saab 99 from Team Wagenheimer.

2017 launches the Rally in Frankfurt on the grounds of Klassikstadt. Then the journey goes in the direction of the Black Forest, over the French Jura massif and the Maritime Alps to Monaco. The start is on February 7th, and on the 11th the rally train and the participants in the Principality will take part in the French Riviera awaits.

The participants themselves transport spare parts and snow chains in their vehicles. It's like the old days when Erik Carlsson was on the road with his Saab - and won. In the years 1962 and 1963 the legendary brand from Trollhättan triumphed and took the victory against vehicles with much more motor vehicles.

Two Saab teams on the Histo Monte 2017

Erik Carlsson, who is no longer with us, was able to tell exciting stories from motorsport time. Of replacement engines that were in the trunk. Or defective gearboxes that he and his mechanic repaired on the roadside. The journey on its own axis, without an additional service vehicle, was often long and exhausting, the return trip maybe even more. Because Carlsson transported the craziest prices to Trollhättan. Like the television he won on a rally in Hessen, and then had to go to Sweden.

The 99 will be launching to Monaco in a very cool livery based on Per Eklund's 1982 rally car. And the Saab team of Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer not only keeps the brand flag in the wind. Marqardt Eichhorn and David Hable start in the Saab 96 V4, giving two Saab teams variety in the field.

Orio Germany, our supplier of original Saab spare parts, wants to support the Saab 99 team and will be there as a sponsor. And it gets even better: Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer have promised us a daily update with pictures and impressions from the AvD Histo Monte 2017.

Even though the rally will be on both sides' historic paths and if they will give it their all. For the Saab community, which can be even closer, a short statement should be possible every night. We are looking forward to it!

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    Dear Robert, dear Gerd, Good luck to you Roman and Christiane!

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    I'm looking forward to it !! Have fun the drivers and success !! 8)

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    Great, we keep our fingers crossed and wait for info ....

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    Great! As you can see the classic potential of the brand! I am already looking forward to the reports

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