He's hanging by the stream. Calix engine preheating for Saab.

The days are dark, cold and uncomfortable. Good if you can get in a preheated Saab. Even better if you do something good for the environment in addition to the comfort gain and at the same time spare the technology.

on the Saab 9000. The 9-5 NG Bio Power has them in production.

The Calix engine pre-heating is a very Swedish story. No sooner has the first snow fallen than the vehicles are hanging on the stream all over the country. They are discovered in garages, carports and even with improvised extension cords in parking bays. The Stromerei makes sense. By preheating the morning cold start the horror is taken. Engine and fluids are already at ground temperature before starting, the emissions of pollutants are dramatically reduced, and wear and tear is reduced. A contribution to more environmental sustainability.

Calix engine preheater: more comfort, less pollution

We have and have had Calix engine heaters in almost all of our Saabs for years. Starting with the 9000, the Anna Project, which currently accompanies me in the winter. The 2006er 9-5 I BioPower had them in production, the 9-5 II as well. And we have retrofitted them for the 9-3 II.

The experience gained over many years as a long-term test is only positive. The engine starts noticeably easier, even in the coldest of temperatures, and the interior reaches temperature more quickly. The automatic air conditioning often hums to itself at the start and blows a first warm breeze on the window. In addition to the safety gain through free windows, the time until the interior is pleasantly warm and the engine has reached its operating temperature is reduced.

Swedish accessories for Swedish cars

I'm a fan of the Calix engine preheating - because I like simple and effective things. Typical Swedish, or typical Saab. In principle, a small heating element is hidden behind the engine preheater, which can be installed in many places in a location provided in the engine block. The basic module can optionally be upgraded with a timer or a charging function for the battery.

Orio, our supplier for Original Saab spare partsThe Calix has engine warm-up in the program, and it's Swedish recommendation for the cold season. A plus in safety, additional comfort, as well as protection of the environment and technology. All this speaks in favor.

The kit for the Saab 9-3 MY 1998 to 2003 and Saab 9-5 MY 1998 to 2010 is available for 130,90 € (135,00 CHF) from your Saab authorized partner. The order number is the 32026240. With the exception of the 3.0 TID, it is only available for 4 cylinders.

The engine preheater is also available for 4 € (9 CHF) for all 3 cylinders of the Saab 2003-130,90 II generation from MY 135,00. Order number is the 32026242. The assembly time in the Saab workshop is specified with 1.5 to 2 hours.

The reference is about the authorized partner in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland possible.

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  • Thanks for pointing out the 1,9 TID, but I have not been able to get the Calix RE 340 anywhere! Does somebody has any idea? Otherwise I'll try it right now in Finland.

  • The engine preheater has to my knowledge 500 W performance and
    should be turned on about 1,5 hours before the take off
    be, but at least one hour.

    It costs every winter morning 0,5 to 0,75 Kw / h electricity
    or the corresponding cent amounts, saves in return but also again

    The user guide for 9-5 BioPower states that it is up to + 15 ° C
    would be positive in the balance and only senseless at temperatures above.

  • Thanks Tom, I found one at PPS in Dordrecht, Holland.

  • I have installed the competitor product from DEFA. As already described. Great idea. However, with me (ie with my 9K) long lead times are necessary for the preheating effect. And it must not be too warm, because otherwise the SAAB begins after a few kilometers to buck and rub and almost stops, I suspect that somehow the mixture preparation Polka is dancing because the cooling water is already too warm and somewhere a sensor or slider reports , ey, can not be, is still too early. In the thing as such a great article, please more of it. Maybe an article about the original sound system of the 9K ???
    Greetings from Wiesbaden.

  • I would say saved. Unfortunately that was the case with Crombrille.

  • So makes sense at temperatures around the freezing point or colder sense. But then totally. Unfortunately, no idea what it costs electricity, because you would need an extra meter and who has that?

  • Interesting . What is the net about such a day at the web? And from what outside temperatures do you go to the grid?

  • Calix Re340 and MKMS1525 Saab 9-5 1,9TID

  • Since 40 years I drive SAAB with engine preheating (in Finland not only engine-friendly but motor-preserving at -40 degrees). Yes and now I have an 9 5 with 1,9 TID and there is no engine preheat for it! Or can someone help me?
    Incidentally, also my first SAAB that only has two taillights - progress through regression?

  • Isn't 32026242 for the B284?

  • Dear Kochje, each Saab partner can order the cables individually. Should not be a problem. If so, then please send me a short email. Thank you!

  • Tom, Can you tell me where to get a cable? I already have this equipment in my 9 5 NG Biopower but do not know where to buy a cable.

  • Sure, of course! And then man already has an EL-SAAB!
    (once again ahead of its time ... 🙂)

  • We had planned the article at an earlier time. Unfortunately there were delays. The right time to retrofit is always known today.

  • Thank you Dirk for the supplement! A cheaper alternative to the heater does not exist.

  • Do you just stand in the city to a charging station?

  • It's even nicer to pair it with a cab warmer from Calix. The devices can be easily connected to each other. About on-board computer you can then set the exact time before use. We build this regularly for our customers. You have then very cheap heater! I am Dutch and I apologize for mistakes in my language!

  • Uiii ... I wish something like that for the last few days every now and then for my “ship” ... .. it's pretty fresh when I get in there in the morning (despite the garage) .... 😉

    And on short journeys in the city, I often get out earlier than the heating has really gotten up to speed…. 🙁

  • If the article had arrived BEFORE the beginning of the winter, you could have benefited even more.

  • None of my neighbors ever did me a favor! I have to admit that I am disappointed ...

  • would not be bad for our TID, which needs just now forever, until it reaches actual operating temperature, but unfortunately we can not put a cable to our carport, otherwise we would have already bought the part.

  • The good experiences can only be confirmed! And the neighbors ask again and again whether the electric drives

  • I can only confirm the good experiences.
    Forget the cable these days, you realize how huge the benefits actually.

    Especially if you get in the morning to several, the breath condenses on the cold slices and you want to slap yourself for the blind flight, which of course is not, because you need both hands to wipe and drive.

    You have actually preheated free slices from the first meter.

  • Preheated engine is the reason why I start the parking heater on 93SC even in summer. Since I can not put a power connection to the parking, remained only the hour and is worth every penny. The engine will thank you.

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